Driver injured in Auburn rollover

Auburn rollover
Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Peter Karwowski of Brunswick tells Auburn firefighters how he was traveling down outer Minot Avenue in the right-hand lane, going 35 mph,when two cars sped past him, sending up sheets of snow and water that sprayed onto his windshield, temporarily blinding him. His vehicle veered into the snowbank and hit a utility pole before flipping over. He crawled out on his own and refused medical help. "I'm pretty sure my nose is broken." he said before heading to a nearby restaurant for a drink and a steak while he figured out what to do next.

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Peter Denby's picture


Blood on his face and he states he has a broken nose. He's injured!

 's picture


That dude is hardcore.

Jason Theriault's picture


My nose is broken, I got blood on my face, but it aint nothing a steak and a beer won't fix.

Noel Foss's picture


Maybe HE'S the Stig...

Noel Foss's picture

nope, scratch that.

The Stig wouldn't have rolled it.

Jason Theriault's picture

Stig has had accidents too

Heck, Black Stig died on an aircraft carrier, Green Stig sucumbbed to co2 poisoning, and White Stig has spun out cars like the Koenigsegg CCX.

Point is, STig would have walked to get a Steak and a pint....That is if he eats. Some say he drink petrol.....


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