Woman charged with assault on two others

FARMINGTON — A Wilton woman faces charges of aggravated assault after two other women were hit with a stick of wood, according to police.

Submitted Photo

Bethany Lovejoy

During a gathering at a Clover Mill Road residence in Farmington on Sunday night, Bethany K. Lovejoy, 24, and a victim started discussing an ongoing  harassment issue between the two of them, said Farmington police Secretary Rachel Heseltine.

The discussion escalated. Lovejoy is accused of picking up a stick and hitting the woman on the head. Another woman tried to intervene and stop it. Lovejoy is accused of hitting her with the stick.

Both victims received head wounds and other bruises. One was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital by NorthStar Ambulance; the other went to the hospital by private car, Heseltine said.

Police were called to the home at 10:52 p.m. for a fight in progress with several people involved. No other injuries or arrests were made.

Officer Stephen Gould arrested Lovejoy on two counts of aggravated assault and on a warrant charge for an unpaid fine.

Sgt. Michael Adcock and Officer William Tanner also responded to the home.


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Rowan White's picture

I cannot stomach these people

I cannot stomach these people who smile in such a smarmy manner in their mugshot photos. WHY?! It isn't remotely cute, funny, or endearing!

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

It depends on the situation.

It depends on the situation. If I got arrested doing something I believed to be righteous, I'm not going to hang my head in shame and look sad so some nazi with badge and handcuffs can get some perverted sense of satisfaction. Look them in the eyes and smile as if to say "one day the roles are going to be reversed and I'll sizzle you like bacon piggie"


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