Lewiston man finds knife in son's birthday cake

LEWISTON — A Lewiston man says he's considering legal action after finding a knife in the store-bought cake he bought for his son's 2nd birthday party.


Nathan Bibeau says as the family was slicing into the Elmo birthday cake bought at the Auburn Walmart, someone spotted a small metal paring knife.

Bibeau said he was "pretty disappointed," and called Walmart immediately.

Walmart apologized and offered a refund, Bibeau said. A corporate spokeswoman said the knife incident "should not have happened," and the retailer was eliminating use of the knives at store bakeries nationwide.

But Bibeau says the damage was done: His son's birthday party was ruined.

Meanwhile, the court of public opinion on Friday was hard at work. On Facebook, several people lambasted Bibeau for considering legal action.

"Society," wrote a Livermore Falls woman, "is so incredibly sue happy in today's world."

But Bibeau quickly pointed out that a lawsuit was not his first priority.

"Sue happy and money hungry?" he said on Friday. "I think not. Upset the fact it happened? Of course. No knife should be in a child's cake whether someone got hurt or not. This is a child's cake we are speaking of. Not an adult's."

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Really now...what is there to sue over??? so a knife fell in most likely by accident and was baked into the cake...take the refund and stop whining cause most kids don't cut into their own cakes...if they do then what are the adults doing at this party??? I doubt this would ruin a party...what a baby..

Steve  Dosh's picture

Lewiston man finds knife in son's birthday cake

Nathan ? ƒlyday 10 am ish HST •
This reads like a good Stephen King novel already :)
Were you in jail at the time ?
Consider it a gift •
" Gift " means ' poison ' in German
l o l. .What do you think of this story ?
we like it . . H ß son . .

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Why was the party

Why was the party ruined? Did the 2 year old spot the knife and throw a tantrum when it wasn't given to him?

I am by no means a fan of Walmart and their employment practices, however no one was cut, or injured in any way. Give it up accidents happen. Life goes on.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The kid's two years old, and

The kid's two years old, and probably doesn't know a knife from a pacifier. By the time he's 4, he'll have absolutely no recollection of his second year birthday 'party from hell'.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

No harm No foul

Really, two years old and his party was foiled...just like the unknown person that might of accidentally dropped it into the batter mixer or the knife was sitting n the pan. What really matters is that party goers were not hurt and the cake or money was replaced.

Now shopping at Walmart is the lager offense, since they underpay employees and make sure that this employees don't work enough hours to obtain health care benefits or overtime and are forced to live off of the governments teats.

The only foul here is the shopper buying at Walmart instead of purchasing the cake at a mom and pop store to keep the monies there at home for their community instead of some low paying corporate shareholders pocket....shame on him...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You may not like them, but

You may not like them, but Walmart provides something that this desert surrounded by an oasis known as Lewiston-Auburn desperately needs, and that is, JOBS. Good, bad, or indifferent, they provide people with steady pay checks. They may not be the best jobs, and the benefits may suck or be non-existent, but they are jobs. In an area where companies are either shutting down or leaving left and right, jobs, any jobs, are a valuable commodity. The parking lots are always full; somebody must think they're o.k.


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