LePage upset by delayed federal notifications

AUGUSTA — Gov. Paul LePage said the news media and Democratic politicians sometimes get notification of federal decisions before the state does.

In his weekly radio address, LePage cited examples in which others were told first of decisions on the Electronic Benefits Transfer nutrition program and labor issues. LePage has written to President Barack Obama's administration asking it to communicate with state government before telling others of government decisions.

LePage says he's not disturbed that the press received letters, but rather that his office had not received them first. He says the federal government must observe protocol and common courtesy.

In the Democratic response, Sen. Troy Jackson of Allagash. says budget cuts alone can't solve Maine's fiscal problems. He says the LePage budget adopted last year includes an unfunded $400 million tax cut that mostly benefits the wealthy.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

As for the last paragraph............

I think the point Mr. Jackson was making is that there are real issues in the state which need to be addressed. How or when Paul LePage gets his mail is of little concern to the average person. I honestly feel he is notified just as soon as everyone else, the information was right there. Unfortunately LePage most likely vetoed it before he realized what it was. People like him are predictable. VETO first, consider the consequences later.....

Mark Elliott's picture

Am I the only one that thinks

Am I the only one that thinks that last paragraph took a dramatic turn from the rest of the story?

Jason Theriault's picture

I agree

It was like they got a different question.

 's picture

slow mail in Governor's office

Has anyone else noticed that the Governor's office seems to get their mail after everyone else? He is always saying that he didn't receive notification before someone else. I wonder why.


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