E. Brakey: Tax credit for luxury item

I am disappointed in my state senator, John Cleveland, for co-sponsoring the $1,000 tax credit for electric cars. As recently as November, Cleveland campaigned against “tax cuts for the rich,” but now he is pushing to give tax credits to buyers of $40,000 electric cars.

Whatever pipe dreams they think up in Augusta, the truth is that an electric car is a luxury that is out of reach for most low- to middle-income Mainers. The tax credit will not benefit any of them. It will, instead, shift the tax burden onto those low-income Mainers who are already most vulnerable, making their situation more difficult.

In difficult economic times, when many Mainers are working extra hours just to put a roof over their heads, why does Cleveland think taxpayer money should be wasted on subsidies for electric cars?

I am disappointed in my senator on that issue. In one breath, he argues against “tax cuts for the rich.” In his next breath, he argues in favor of passing “tax credits for the rich.”

Perhaps that is the best people can expect from politicians, but I had hoped for better from him.

Eric Brakey, New Gloucester

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Environmentalists want us to

Environmentalists want us to believe that electric cars are good for the environment and are the wave of the future. Of course, their thinking seems to emanate from the premise that the electricity with which to operate these electric cars comes from lightning that's been captured in bottles. Isn't most of the electricity produced in this country the product of oil and coal fired plants? If so, would that not make electric cars nothing more than another government fueled hypocrisy?

Steve Crouse's picture

In Maine, at least, the

In Maine, at least, the majority of electric production is from natural gas.

The little known secret that GM and the green industry neglects to tell is that at temps lower than 32 degrees F, Chevy Volt's range is between 20 and 30 miles.
Add battery explosions and fires similar to the beleagured Boing Dreamliner along with disposal costs and battery replacement costs, and this little experiment truly IS a rich man's toy.

Steve Crouse's picture

Eric is exactly right.

The Democrat majority spends their time on foolish goals such as this and the "emergency" St. Paddy's day alcohol bill while castigating our Governor for trying to follow the constitution by paying our bills.
Electric cars are, in this climate and at this time, nothing but playthings for the well to do.

It's a sad state of affairs that, hopefully, a more informed electorate will rectify in the future.

 's picture

John Cleveland has always

John Cleveland has always been the type who is not afraid to spend OPM. (other peoples money)


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