Accident snarls traffic near Longley Bridge in Lewiston

Scott Taylor/Sun Journal

A shredded planter and bits of wood are all that left of the tree that stood on the western side of Main Street across from Lisbon Street after an accident Monday morning. Alfred Libby, 85, of Auburn, said he was hit by another vehicle near Middle Street and was sent careening down the road, hitting the tree before coming to rest in front of the parking lot for Pedro O'Hara's restaurant.

LEWISTON — A Middle Street accident Monday morning sent an Auburn man and his Jeep on a wild 900-foot ride down Main Street, bouncing into trees and snow banks along the way.

Scott Taylor/Sun Journal

Lewiston police and fire departments have responded to a two-car accident at 134 Main St., near the Longley Bridge, on Monday morning. Alfred Libby, 85, of Auburn, said his blue 2006 Jeep was hit by another vehicle near Middle Street and was sent careening down the road, driving up on the sidewalk and hitting a tree before coming to rest in front of the parking lot for Pedro O'Hara's restaurant.

Alfred Libby, 85, of Auburn, said he was driving south on Main Street just after 10 a.m. Monday when he collided with another vehicle turning at the Middle Street intersection.

"First thing I knew, she cut right in front of me," Libby said. "I couldn't stop. I was hoping I'd  hit something to slow me down."

Libby's blue 2006 Jeep continued down Main Street, hitting a tree near the Lisbon Street intersection and carrying it with him. His vehicle finally came to rest after another 200 feet and smashed into a snow bank alongside the parking lot for Pedro O'Hara's at 134 Main St.

"I finally hit that snow bank and pulled my emergency brake," he said. "It was a wild ride. I tell you right now, I'm feeling it through my shoulders."

The driver of the second vehicle, a gold four-door gold Ford, declined to be identified. The car was registered to Claire Grover, 47, of Livermore Falls.

Police said there no reported injuries in the accident, although both cars were seriously damaged.

Witnesses said it could have been much worse.

"I'm just glad I wasn't on the sidewalk when it happened," said Shenna Albert, 39, of Lewiston. "He came right down the sidewalk, and I thought he was going to hit the building, and no sooner than that did he hit the tree and go back into traffic. I could have sworn he was going right into the canal."

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What was wrong with this mans brakes???? I use them everytime I drive....they are put in the vehicle to stop them...sounds like he may need to give up the license...or be tested to renew his license...

 's picture

just so u know he was trying

just so u know he was trying to stop but didnt have time when the girl just drove out infront of him and cut him off... I know what went down cuz I was right there and after the impact of his jeep hitting her car he lost his brakes completely he tried to use his e brake but they wouldnt work... dont judge someone unless u seen what happened infront of ur own eyes...



It's that pedal right next to the gas!! you know the one, the one you use when you need to stop the car or truck. I dont think all elderly drivers should be taken off the street, however upon an accident such as this where the signs show a drivers test is in order.

 's picture

facts that are not stated in the article on the accident

ok it says it was only a 2 car accident but it was really a 3 car accident... the jeep, the gold ford, and a green truck were all involved in this accident...the gold car cut the jeep off and got hit then the gold car hit a green truck sitting at the light... sun journal needs to tell the story how it went and not forget anyone involved


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