Hannaford drops off large donation to Good Shepherd Food Bank

Hannaford Supermarkets on Tuesday donated food and money to the Good Shepherd Food-Bank in Auburn, the result of the Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger campaign during the holiday season. The 36,000-pound delivery included more than 7,000 boxes of pasta, 7,800 bottles of pasta sauce and 12,000 cans of vegetables. In total, the food bank will be able to provide 112,000 meals to Maine families. Hannaford also donated $20,500 in cash to the food bank. In all, Hannaford is contributing $994,674 in products and cash to food banks and food pantries in five states, including $242,576 in Maine. The retailer donated more than 2.8 million pounds of food to the food bank in 2012, while the food bank distributed 13 million pounds of food to families in need that year. From left are Bob Hatem, director of operations for Hannaford district 3; Kristen Miale, president of the food bank; Randy Hoyt, Lewiston Hannaford store manager; and Sam Michaud, vice president of operations at the food bank.

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 's picture

Hannaford Donation

While his is a great thing to happen, why is it that only people living in Auburn benefit from this?
If you live in Auburn, you are allowed to go once a week to the food bank. The people living in Lewiston have a food bank also, but they are only allowed once a month..So what is up with that?
When Good Shephard was located in Lewiston, I believe that people from Auburn were allowed to get food. I find this very discriminatory as well as territorial. I thought we were trying to combine Lewiston/Auburn as the twin cities.

Gary Grenier's picture

This is great!

Kudos to Hannaford for helping out!

Janice, the caption says they gave nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of cash and goods throughout Maine. This picture only represents a donation to Auburn.

I agree, however, that it's a shame that the Good Shepherd Food Banks in different cities dole it out differently, if that's the case.


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