Maine lawmaker suggests traffic ticket discounts

AUGUSTA (AP) — A Maine state lawmaker wants to give a 10 percent discount to people who pay their speeding tickets promptly.

Pittston Democratic Rep. Tim Marks says his bill will provide incentive for people to pay without contesting their tickets, reducing the amount of overtime paid to police for going to court and lowering court costs.

The retired state trooper told the Kennebec Journal it's not fair that those who admit their mistake and pay ticket quickly often pay more than people who contest their fines in court.

Mary Ann Lynch, government and media counsel for the state courts, told the Legislature's Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday that a 10 percent discount would cost the state more than $1 million per year. She says 80 percent of tickets are uncontested.

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ticket discounts

This is a good idea in some ways. Problem is, though, some people are in a much better position to pay their tickets. I would like to see some way to "pay" for the crime that didn't involve money. Give a lecture at a school for instance.


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