Newcastle residents fight efforts to raze house

NEWCASTLE (AP) — Some residents of Newcastle are fighting plans to tear down what they say may be the oldest house in Lincoln County.

The house is said to date to 1730, but has been vacant for two years.

The new owner wants to tear it down and start over.

Neighbor Mic Lebel told WCSH-TV the house is an important part of their local history and should be saved. Lebel says some neighbors are talking about raising money to move the house and restore it.

Real estate agent Bob Whear said the house is rotted underneath and in bad shape. Whear said the new owner wants to use the old beams and boards to make the new house.

There is also concern that construction will disturb a nearby eagle's nest.

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Robert McQueeney's picture


This house has been vacant for 2 years, and none of the locals thought to buy it so they could keep it in whatever state of repair or disrepair it was in?

Someone bought the house, it's his to do with as he sees fit. It was his money that paid for it. How would you like someone telling you what to do with your house? If you wanted it preserved, you should have bought it yourself to make sure it would happen.


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