F. Lee Bailey seeks law license in Maine

PORTLAND (AP) — F. Lee Bailey has gone before Maine's highest court in effort to get a license to practice law in the state.

The celebrity lawyer, whose high-profile clients have included O.J. Simpson and Patty Hearst, asked a Supreme Judicial Court judge Thursday to overturn the state Board of Bar Examiners decision denying him a license.

The 79-year-old Bailey passed the Maine bar last winter. He was previously licensed in Massachusetts and Florida but was disbarred in those states for mishandling $6 million worth of stock for a client.

Bailey, who has lived in Yarmouth since 2010, told The Portland Press Herald he was disillusioned about the profession until he moved to Maine. He said he has plenty to offer and is in good physical and mental shape.

The judge did not immediately rule.

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TOM FOURNIER's picture

F. Lee Bailey should be able

F. Lee Bailey should be able to practice law in Maine. Any misconduct that may or may not have occurred in other states well over a decade ago is now ancient history and he should be given a fresh start. The man is still as sharp as a whistle. He passed the Maine Bar exam and is obviously highly qualified to continue practicing law. I think the Board of Bar Examiners majority was being just plain arrogant by stating that he was “unrepentant” of any prior misconduct. Why should he repent when he believed he didn’t engage in any misconduct? That shows good character. After all, he could have just apologized and I’m sure he would have been admitted to the Maine bar with no problem. He demonstrated that he possesses integrity and honesty to practice law in Maine, and he’s ready, willing and able to do so. I hope the judge will have the common sense and common decency to overturn the misguided denial so Mr. Bailey will be permitted a license to practice law in Maine.

David Marsters's picture

F. Lee Bailey

You are still at it cuz!!!!!!!! Sit back and retire. You stole made enough money, like auntie Esther Jordan.


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