R. Macdonald: Shame on the Sun Journal

As mayor of the city of Lewiston, I will not stand silently by while the Sun Journal insinuates that Lewiston and its teachers are not providing excellent education for all students (editorial, "Lewiston best served by redistricting," Feb. 22).

Our schools’ staff consists of extraordinary teachers who provide the same level of education in every neighborhood elementary school. Our dedicated teachers work beyond their scheduled hours planning lessons, correcting papers and pondering how best to deal with troubled students. They also spend their lunches discussing problem students with other staff members.

Lewiston is a city of neighborhood schools. The education received by the Somali population is outstanding. In fact, the Somali population has a higher graduation rate as a group than the yearly Lewiston graduation rate. One could reach the conclusion that without these students, Lewiston’s yearly graduation rate would be lower. After graduation, many go on to first-rate colleges and excel.

Shortly thereafter, a front page story appeared in the Sun Journal ("Lewiston inmates far outpace city's share of county jail costs," Feb. 24) followed by an editorial ("Let's stop bickering over county's cost," Feb. 27) criticizing Lewiston’s behavior regarding the dispatch center and implied that the city was acting childishly on the issue.

Absent was the fact that Auburn's city leaders share Lewiston leaders' view and, at one point, suggested seeking legal action. For years, Lewiston has argued for one center which would encompass the entire county. This has been continually rejected by many of Androscoggin County’s towns.

Robert E. Macdonald, Mayor of Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously Mayor MacDonald has never heard the saying:

"Never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel” - ....still yet in the age of the Internet.

Kill 'em with kindness, Mayor; they won't know what you're up to - even if it is a 'Figurehead' position.

Andrew Jones's picture

Controversy sells newspapers,

Controversy sells newspapers, mayor.

RONALD RIML's picture

So when ISN'T there controversy in Lewiston??

Auburn's been doing a good job of selling papers itself, Andrew.


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