G. Haskell: The tax and spend crowd in Augusta

This is to expand on the letter by Eric Brakey (March 3) regarding Maine Sen. John Cleveland co-sponsoring a bill to give state tax credits to buyers of electric cars.

The gasoline tax, dedicated to road construction and repair, already does not cover the actual costs. Why should the state subsidize hybrids and electrics that will use and abuse the roads as much as any other vehicle, but not pay a fair share of the dedicated tax?

According to information on the Web by Huffington Post, two states, Washington and Virginia, have voted to add an annual tax/fee to these vehicles to make up the difference.

By returning the tax-and-spend crowd to Augusta is going to go right back to dishing out money, hand over fist, and continue to break the bank.

Gary Haskell, Auburn

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Amedeo Lauria's picture

Oh come on Gary...

these cars cost in the high five and low six figures.

Do you expect buyers to shoulder the cost of saving America from Global Warming...wait...Climate Change...wait...what do liberals call it now.

Keep electing these folks, I can't wait to start paying by the mile to drive my car...wait I already do...it's called a gas tax!

Oh, but they do mean, BY THE MILE! After all, how will they keep the revenue flow up if cars get 50+ miles to gallon; that equals less gasoline taxes in the coffers.

We will soon all be indentured servants to our public sector; wait we already have reached that level.

Heaven help us all!

Jason Theriault's picture

Ummm, I'm confused.

You're mad at the "tax-and-spend crowd", but you're mad that the taxes on hybrids are too low.
Are you not advocating increasing taxes to then spend on roads?

Not that I disagree, but you should have said environmental lobby or make some remark about tree huggers.


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