Maine Sports Hall of Fame to induct William S. Cohen

WATERVILLE — Bangor native William S. Cohen, secretary of defense in the Cabinet of former President Bill Clinton, is among 10 new members who will be inducted by the Maine Sports Hall of Fame at its 38th annual banquet at the Augusta Civic Center on May 5.

Richard L. Whitmore, President of the Maine Sports Hall of Fame said, “This is a most significant induction for our organization. The life and career of secretary Cohen are a heartening testimonial to hard work, competitiveness and capability. The secretary has graciously accepted the honor. We are delighted to add his name to the impressive list of men and women who comprise one of the most outstanding Hall of Fame induction rosters anywhere.”

As a legendary athlete in basketball and baseball at Bangor High School, Cohen was an All-State selection in basketball and a standout pitcher for the Rams.

At Bowdoin College, Cohen continued his basketball career. He was team captain, an All-State Series selection and among the outstanding college players of the era.

He graduated from Bowdoin in 1962.

The signature move for Cohen was his quick release two-hand set shot that confounded opponents at each level.

Always a scholar, Cohen earned a Juris Doctor degree at the Boston University School of Law in 1965. He then launched a storied political career, starting with election as Mayor of Bangor.

He was a three-term congressman, three-term senator and secretary of defense under Clinton.

Among the many honors related to his service is the “TEDDY” award presented by the NCAA to leaders who have excelled in all aspects of their lives at the highest level. Five U.S. presidents have received this prestigious distinction.

Also, Cohen was named to the Silver Anniversary Five of the National Association of Basketball Coaches in 1987 with John Havlicek, Billy Packer, Terry Dischinger and Dave DeBusscherre.

The 2013 induction ceremony and banquet will begin at noon.Tickets are available from the Maine Sports Hall of Fame website at or by calling Kelly Pinney at 207-680-6914.

In addition to Cohen, other members of the induction class include Douglas Brown, MD, Rickey Craven, Paula Doughty, Gary Fifield, Skip Robinson, Bob Russo, Paul Vachon, Manchester Wheeler and John Wolfgram.

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 's picture

Sure wish...

...I could afford a ticket.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You can afford it, you just

You can afford it, you just have a clearer picture than most, of what your priorities are.

Jason Theriault's picture

He's a traitor to Maine.

His firm lead the effort to close BNAS and transfer the air wings to FL. As far as I'm concerned, he no son of Maine.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hey, on a lighter note,

Hey, on a lighter note, what's your take on Welker going to the Broncos?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Perhaps you, as I, didn't

Perhaps you, as I, didn't realize that verbal stunt flying was a sport.


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