Oxford man accused of stealing car, returning it while drunk

NORWAY — An Oxford man is accused of stealing a woman's car from a parking lot while drunk then returning it, according to a police affidavit.

Oxford County Jail photo

Toby Boutilier

Toby A. Boutilier, 36, of Cheryl Lane, was arrested March 12 on counts of aggravated operating under the influence, operating after revocation and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

According to a report by Officer Robert Federico II of the Norway Police Department, a woman left her Toyota Rav4 running in front of the Norway Children's Center and was told someone had driven off with it. When she went outside, she saw the car speed back into the lot. Boutilier got out, the report said, and told the woman he was drunk and asked her not to call the police.

He then took off on foot down Lynn Street. According to a witness statement, Boutilier left a mason jar in the passenger seat of the vehicle.

Federico was told Boutilier was hiding behind a vacant building on Mill Street. He found Boutilier who told him, “I stole a car but I brought it back,” according to the report. Asked why he took the car, Boutilier replied, “I'm just drunk,” the report said.

Federico wrote that he also found a kit with a spoon and hypodermic needle in Boutilier's backpack.

He was transported to the Oxford County Jail in Paris, where he refused to take a Breathalyzer test. However, he told Federico multiple times that he was drunk, and said that since he brought the car back, “he should be let go with a warning,” the report said.

Boutilier was released on $100 cash bail on March 15. He is scheduled for arraignment in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris on May 7.


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ERNEST LABBE's picture

Whe need

Whe need more drunk driving laws. Evidently we don't have enough yet this is the second repeat OYI offender story today and I'm only half way through the paper.

ERNEST LABBE's picture


Correction second OUI.


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