Police: Dispatchers didn't call trooper to accident

Inexperienced dispatchers appear to be the weak link in a chain of communications that broke down Tuesday after a 6-year-old boy was fatally struck by his father's plow truck in his driveway in Greene.

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State police weren't alerted to the fatal accident until more than two hours after a 911 call came in to the Androscoggin County Sheriff's Department dispatch center in Auburn.

Maine State Police Lt. Walter Grzyb said Friday that dispatchers at Androscoggin County seeking Maine State Police barracks in Gray are supposed to call dispatchers at the Consolidated Emergency Communications Bureau at the Department of Public Safety for Gray.

Androscoggin dispatch center called those dispatchers for Gray at 6:48 a.m. on Tuesday and again two minutes later to convey information about the Greene accident. The dispatcher who took the first call apparently asked whether a trooper was needed at the scene.

“They're not requesting one,” was the response that apparently led the Gray dispatcher to think a trooper wasn't needed, Grzyb said.

According to Clifford Wells, director of the Consolidated Emergency Communications Bureau, the Androscoggin County dispatcher answered: “No, we just want to give you a heads-up.”

“That's why no law enforcement was sent immediately on the first call,” Wells said.

The second call the Androscoggin County dispatcher made to Gray was an update to say that an ambulance was on scene and to give the medical status of the boy. It was received by a different dispatcher.

Under those circumstances, a dispatcher in Gray would normally send an available trooper to the incident, Grzyb said.

Wells said both dispatchers in Gray who took the calls from Androscoggin County that day were new on the job.

Asked if they hadn't been inexperienced, would they have dispatched a trooper to the accident scene, Wells responded, “I would say, yes, probably a more experienced individual probably would have done that.”


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David Marsters's picture


I feel the dispatcher did right, the accident happened on private property. Local police or Sherriff would be the ones called. It is a terrible accident and the father will not be the same for a long time coming. Pray for the family and may the little boy R.I.P.


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