F. Wing: Obama's media lapdogs

First of all, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I would like to think that I am from the common sense party.

I am embarrassed at what journalism has gotten to be. The mainstream media are so far into President Obama's pocket they should pick the lint out of their teeth. Instead of asking him softball questions such as "How is the family?"or "How is the dog?" they should be asking him some serious questions, maybe about the economy or what the United States was doing in Benghazi to begin with?

Maybe it is a matter of national security but saying that is better than saying nothing and just hoping the story will go away.

The mainstream media avoid serious questions like the plague. That is not journalism; in fact, it is no better than the state-run media in communist countries.

Frederick Wing, Lewiston

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Jason Theriault's picture

Maybe they don't ask about Benghazi....

Because it's not a story? Despite the "fair and balanced" coverage of Fox, Benghazi isn't going to be some sort of Watergate scandal. And to be fair, Fox has lost it's credibility with the majority of the American public, which is why no one buys your take on Benghazi. After harping on stupid things like Obama's birth certificate and whatnot, most people have tuned Fox and the Republicans out.

Don't take my word for it - the Washington post is reporting that the GOP's approval is at a 20 year low.


In closing - you may not be a registered republican, but name the last democrat you voted for?

Bob Woodbury's picture

If we believe what you say...

...on what media would we find out what the mainstream media is doing?

The fringe media is where

Never mind the fringe media are more biased than the "msm" is alleged to be, have no credible sources, and they have a greater tendency to leave out the facts that are invonvenient to their narrative...

It also entertains me to see the talking heads on Fox News ranting and traving about the evils of the mainstream media. Um, does this mean they are admitting they're not really a news channel? Because when you are the most watched (alleged) news source on TV, how does that make you NOT "mainstream?"


It's really entertaining ...

... to hear yet another liberal anatomy-kisser admit that he watches FNC all day - further testimony that everything else is in the tank for BHO and, well, boring.

bob is correct

You have no clue who I am or what I do. I am emphatically not a liberal and don't even have FNC on my dish lineup. I don't know you so i won't call you a tea party anatomy kisser who believes everything you hear from your dear leaders Rush and Michelle Bachman and the Fox "news" commentators. I want to, but i won't because it would be unfair to say of someone I only know as a name on a newspaper site. What I know of fox is clips I see on other shows, with talking heads blathering as described. I am a moderate who used to be more conservative, but has been disillusioned by what the GOP has become in the last 20 and most particularly in the last ten years. The far left has no more appeal but they are far less offensive in their willful ignorance than the Right has become.


Fair enough, Wayne.

I apologize for lumping you with the other left-knee-jerkers here. Just to complete the catechism, I am not a Republican, nor a member of the Tea Party, although I believe they make more sense than the GOP, which makes far more sense than the DNC. I freely admit to watching FNC from 4-5pm M-F for Cavuto's financial stuff - and other times very infrequently, but often enough to understand that their "shows" are centered around a host who reports "news" and invites guests to "debate" said news. A couple of points.

First, FNC is the one and only cable channel with a bias toward the right, except for a couple of very minor players on the extreme "fringe". They compete, and win their time slots, against CNN, MSNBC and others, all with a bias to the left - even against the dinosaur networks with teleprompter news at 6 and 6:30pm.

Second, FNC shows routinely have representatives from the other side. Does the name Juan Williams ring a bell? He recently admitted that he was glad to be booted from NPR where the leftist intolerance ran rampant. On MSNBC a "debate" consists of a group of libs all saying approximately the same thing, perhaps with a RINO now and then to show how even handed they are, and this is trumpeted as "fair and balanced".

What I'm saying is, Wayne, there are talking heads everywhere. It's rather biased to point out only those few on the right, voices shouting in the wilderness.

I was responding to the view stated in the letter...

...not entering into an analysis of the biases of the various "news" channels. For the record: MSNBC is no more credible a news source than FNC, because of the intended bias.

Frankly, I have to laugh when someone complains about the alleged inherent liberal bias of the media (print as well as broadcast), and then cite FNC, WSJ, and Brietbart as their sources for this information. No news source that wears its politics on its sleeve -- be it FNC, MSNBC, Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos -- can be considered a credible source without corroboration from a non-partisan source.

Bob Woodbury's picture

When in doubt...

...be aggressiver and call people you don't know names. Really cool.



Wow, if someone with your views is embarrassed to call himself a Republican, the GOP is even deader than I thought. I suppose you would consider yourself a Libertarian. Well,Libertarians can spout a lot of rhetoric about their absolute opinions but they cannot govern. You put 10 of them in a room and all you get is an argument. When the Republican party finally succeeds in throwing out the Libertarians that have taken over their party, then we will have a chance at a functioning government again. Until then, we will be looking at government shut down every two months. As for the press, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are part of the media. Like the rest of the media they make their money by getting people wound up. The truth is out there but you won't find it if you keep looking for low hanging fruit.

RONALD RIML's picture

Like the grilling Dubya got

on the march to Iraq????

What grilling?? D'ja want Freedom Fries with that order of Jingoism???

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Cut her some slack; she's

Cut her some slack; she's right. Short of catching the anointed one in a closet with a dead woman or a live boy, he is the media's darling and will be for the rest of his presidency.

Mark Wrenn's picture


Benghazi, seriously?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Never heard of it, huh?

Never heard of it, huh?

Mark Wrenn's picture


Is that the one where the failed presidential candidate pranced around for the cameras demanding more info instead of attending the hearing he claimed was so important?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No, it's the one where the

No, it's the one where the sitting president of the United States failed to do his job, once again.

Bob Woodbury's picture

With your attitude...

...you'll lose the next election as well.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I'll lose the election? If

I'll lose the election? If you're saying that in reference to my being a republican, you know less about what you're talking about than I ever realized. Let me be clear, as your president likes to say, I'm no republican nor have I ever been one. I am a conservative, though, and would prefer to help people out rather than have to feed them for life.


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