Hearing to be held for eastern Maine wind

AURORA — Maine environmental regulators will hear what the public has to say about a proposed 18-turbine wind farm in Hancock County.

The Department of Environmental Protection will hold a public meeting on First Wind's Hancock Wind proposal on Thursday. Several DEP representatives and noise and visual consultants who were involved with the agency's review will attend.

First Wind wants to begin construction this year on the 54-megawatt wind power generation facility on Schoppe Ridge and an unnamed ridge, with an operations and maintenance building in Aurora. In addition to the 512-foot tall turbines, the project includes two 344-foot meteorological towers.

Power from the facility would flow to an expanded substation at the company's nearby 19-turbine Bull Hill Wind Project in Eastbrook.

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Hart Daley's picture

A Boston State of Mind - and Waste of Time

It is readily apparent that the public hearing process is a complete waste of time and an insult to the citizens of this great State of Maine. The DEP listens to the public comment, then they make a ruling on whether to accept the permit application. However, if they REFUSE the permit based on scenic impact etc., the BEP steps in like "big brother" and over rules their decision, making the public hearing a mute issue. I am sure the BEP's decisions are based upon individual financial or professional gain and the welfare of Maine people is the furthest thing from their decision making process.

It won't be long if the BEP and wind industries have it their way that our beautiful mountainous skyline will be transformed into a skyline taller than that of Boston or New York. (60 story John Hancock Skyscraper - 790 feet). They have buildings that are 600 to 1000 feet tall, so if you put a dozen or more 500 foot turbines on top of a majestic 1500 - 2000 foot mountain you will see nothing but an enormous man-made metal barbed wire cage surrounding the mountainous towns of Maine. Good bye rural tranquil scenic Maine...good bye tourism industry...hello big city lights.

Robert McQueeney's picture

MOre info would be nice. This

MOre info would be nice. This article states the power would flow into an expanded substation. But where is the power slated for? Spruce Mountain in Woodstock, has all it's power slated for Connecticut and Mass. Initially, it looks like Woodstock is being green, but what is really happening is the green credits are going out of state.

What's the whole story with this Hancock county wind farm?


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