Maine gas prices fall again

AUGUSTA (AP) — Gas prices in Maine are down more than two cents per gallon, yet remain well above the national average.

Price-monitoring website reports Monday that the average retail cost of a gallon of gas in Maine has dropped to $3.74 in the past week, a full dime above the national average.

Maine prices are now nearly 12 cents per gallon lower than at the same time last year, and about 10 cents per gallon lower than a month ago.

A company analyst says prices are dropping at a time of year when prices normally rise.

The Maine prices are based on a survey of more than 1,200 gas stations statewide.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

When will they get it right????????????

It seems that every week or so, we read that the price of gas has dropped a dime or five cents. Of course with a statement like that, it would be safe to say, that gas is ten cents or five cents per gallon cheaper than a week ago. Then we get to the "National Average" per gallon. It always seems the price, no matter how far down it drops, is always significantly higher than the "National Average". Why exactly is that? How do we rate with the rest of New England? and are they still debating that fifteen percent ethanol gas?
This is getting to be the time of year the prices rise due to the switch in gasoline mixes. Why is it that they can't somehow come up with a fuel mix that will work year round?
I've always suspected this annual price spike due to switching from winter blend to summer blend, and "visa-versa, was just a ploy to boost the profit margin. Now that I've just bought the biggest gas hog imaginable, that requires 91% octain or higher, I'm paying attention more to prices. Now all you "Environmentalist's" don't jump all over me, I can only drive a few thousand miles a year, so I can get away with an environmentally unfriendly vehicle, If I'm going to be disabled, I'm doing it in style, besides I only bought it to pull the boat.
Why can't they come up with a year round blend that would serve all of New England? I feel it would save money during "Spring" and "Fall", as well as lower the prices from the refinery due to not having to re-fit the place twice a year.
I don't want to hear how it's all Obama's fault, he may not be perfect, but he's far from being the culprit in this one.................

John Clement's picture

OH thank you obama, it's only

OH thank you obama, it's only double what it was under the evil George Bush. and thank you for the extra people on food stamps and the 16% total unemployment and the millions of jobs lost.

Tony Morin's picture

Holy fun with numbers Batman!

Is that some of the no spin stuff you folks talk about? I see you're a big U6 guy. That's cool bro. But I think you forgot to mention that your "unemployment" rate includes employed people. Easy mistake. You also forgot to mention number of jobs gained. You must have been in a hurry. You should write a fantasy novel! "Unemployment was 16% and there were gold dust fairies and unicorns!"


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