Bill to ban small fishing sinkers would help loons

AUGUSTA (AP) — A public hearing is being held this week on a proposed law that would outlaw small lead sinkers and jigs.

Democratic Sen. Anne Haskell of Portland is sponsoring a bill that would prohibit the sale or use of lead sinkers or jigs weighing 1 ounce or less or measuring 2 ½ inches or less in length.

Haskell says the change will reduce loon mortality in the state. Maine Audubon says nearly one-third of dead loons collected since 1987 died from ingesting lead sinker and lead-headed jigs.

A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Augusta.

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 's picture

I thought...

...this was part of the law that banned lead shot in shotgun shells passed years ago.

Thomas Hamilton's picture


It's about time. This problem has been well documented for several years.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Thomas I guess

the person who disagreed with you must of induced some of that lead contamination to not realize lead kills, contaminates and damages the brain and other organs.


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