Five more people get papers for Peru positions

PERU — Town Clerk Vera Parent said Tuesday that three people have taken out nomination papers for a three-year seat on the Board of Selectmen, and two people have taken out papers for a three-year position of board secretary.

The deadline for filing nomination papers for these two positions is Friday, April 26. The election will be held Tuesday, June 11.

Meanwhile, another election is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, to fill four vacant selectmen's seats. A total of eight candidates have filed papers for the four positions. They are:

* Wayne Moore, Larry Snowman, Danny Wing and John Witherell for the two, 26-month terms.

* Lee Merrill and Kevin Taylor for a 14-month term.

* Tammy Ferland and James Pulsifer for a two-month term.

Polls for the April 9 election will be open from noon to 6 p.m. at the Town Office.

The two elections were scheduled after voters recalled Selectmen Edward Ferland, Dickie Powell, Tim Holland and Kathy Hussey from office on March 4. Selectman Laurieann Milligan was the only selectman who was not recalled.

The effort to remove the board members began after Hussey refused to leave her board seat or board secretarial position after voters passed an ordinance in November 2012 that said town employees could not simultaneously hold positions on the Board of Selectmen or Finance Committee.

The Maine Municipal Association advised selectmen last year that Hussey could finish her current term.

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Five more people get papers for Peru positions

Maria 13.03.26 20:25 hst ?
¿ Tres años ? ¿ Se hablan Español ? Una pregunta , solamenté . ƒirmado , Steve Dosh y familia

Tammy Ferland's picture

MMA advised otherwise

On April 24, 2012, the Town Clerk sent an email to MMA asking "should we have a clause/activation period on when this [ordinance] would be enforced considering our present situation with having 2 employees on the Board of Selectmen". On April 26, 2012, Amanda Meader at MMA sent a response email to the Clerk stating the following: "Yes, the ordinance should include language which prevents this ordinance from applying to the two Selectpersons who are also town employees. When do the terms of these two Board members end? When do you expect to take this ordinance to town meeting? If you need help drafting appropriate language I will need answers to those two questions. The language should be fairly easy to put together. You just need to make it clear that the ordinance does not apply to anyone serving on the Select Board or Finance Committee at the time of ordinance adoption."

MMA advised the Board to put in the language to make it clear that the current employee could stay on but that language was never added into the ordinance. Therefore, the employee who refused to leave her seat should not have been allowed to "finish her current term".


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