RSU 73 board recommends an $18M budget

LIVERMORE FALLS — The RSU 73 board Tuesday night recommended an $18,579,946 budget for 2013-14.

The amount is $9,657 less than this year.

The board will vote on the budget recommendation at their meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 28, at the Central Office on Cedar Street.

Superintendent Robert Wall explained that a significant amount to operate Spruce Mountain High School in Livermore Falls was not cut from the proposed budget, even though most of the school will be closed at the end of this school year.

“That money went to investment in regular instruction” for 2013-14, he said. “What we saved went into the academic program.”

Among the approved changes from the original proposed budget are:

* Adding back a high school art teacher position. The high schools in Livermore Falls and Jay have each had an art teacher and a proposal had been made to eliminate one of those positions because all high school students will be in Jay starting in the next school year.

* Retaining a single bus run for all students. However, five part-time bus monitors will be hired, an additional bus will be leased, more educational technician hours were added for bus run coverage, and money was included to provide training for drivers and bus monitors.

* Eliminating the previously grant-funded positions for two high school reading teachers.

* Retaining two previously grant-funded educational technician positions for helping guide the remedial reading program.

* Including a shared middle school secretarial position.

Board Chairwoman Denise Rodzen said the warrant for budget will be signed on Thursday. Voters in Livermore Falls, Livermore and Jay will vote on it at 6 p.m. April 9 at Spruce Mountain Middle School in Jay. That approved amount will go before voters in town referendums April 23.

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Ken Perry's picture


Well seems like they just cannot tell the truth. They promised it would save money, be better etc etc.
So we hire more staff, and now we need bus monitors?? I had no idea that our students are that unruly and uncontrollable. The pay equalization amount is not mentioned, I for one am totally disgusted with the School Board, We have a DECLINING student enrollment, we have a DECLINING population in our towns and we have an aging population for tax payers.
We are CLOSING two Schools and we are hiring more staff and the total budget is only dropping less then 10K, so all that money has been absorbed as PAY RAISES I hope the folks that voted for this and who voted for the School Board are happy, they are getting just what they deserve...

Ellen Levesque's picture

So much for the consolidation

So much for the consolidation saving money for the taxpayers. Instead of reducing the budget they just folded the money that could have been saved, back into the total to spend as they see fit.


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