Police ID Biddeford man fatally shot Tuesday morning

BIDDEFORD — A man previously wounded in a drug-related shooting was found shot to death early Tuesday inside a rental car in Biddeford, state police said.

The body of Charles Raybine was found inside the car parked at the Parish Place apartments near downtown after the shooting was reported around 12:45 a.m., state police spokesman Steve McCausland said. The Biddeford man's death was being investigated as a homicide.

McCausland wouldn't say if a weapon had been found or discuss a possible motive.

"We're still in the early hours of this investigation, and there's a lot of information that's been compiled," he said. "At this point it's too early to get into specifics until we're farther along with this case."

Raybine, 47, had a lengthy criminal record, McCausland said, and had to undergo surgery after being shot four times in 2003 in Old Orchard Beach in a shooting that police at the time called drug-related.

In that shooting, Raybine told police he was shot after he and two friends went to another house to collect money owed them. Police said the man who allegedly shot Raybine was arrested on drug charges.

The rental car in which Raybine's body was found was taken to a state police garage for examination and an autopsy was expected to be completed later in the day, McCausland said.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Police ID Biddeford man fatally shot Tuesday morning

all 09:50 am ish hst hump day
Just doing their jobs , the police and the Fourth Estate Thank God we have them all , Dex :) /s Dr. Dosh , HI def : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Estate

Dexter Voter's picture

News reporting

I find it very hard to believe, that the news media was making such a big fuss this morning about this shooting. It is a sad thing but to have reporters saying that it happenened next to a school and the students hadto be sent right into the building. Was very misleading and biased. If this shooting happened at 12:45 am why wasn't this reported.Instead they report a shooting happened next to a school and police were still investigating. When will the news media start reporting the news without trying to add to the story to make it seem more dangerous. Any time a gun is involved the news media automaticaly wants to put children in danger. This was a shooting in the middle of the night when children should of been in bed and the shooted was not after them.


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