RSU 73 budget set; new assistant principal named

LIVERMOREFALLS — The RSU 73 board on Thursday signed the warrant for the proposed 2013-14 operating budget of $18.58 million and set the first of two public votes for its adoption.

Eileen M. Adams

Newly hired assistant principal/athletic director for Spruce Mountain High School in Jay, Lee Hixon of Auburn. He was chosen from a field of 30 applicants.

They also appointed Lee Hixon of Auburn as the new assistant principal/athletic director for Spruce Mountain High School.

The proposed budget is about $10,000 less than the 2012-13 spending plan.

Much of the money that won’t be spent on the maintenance and operation of Spruce Mountain High School South Campus in Livermore Falls has been funneled into broader and more varied student opportunities and toward preventing a substantial increase in school taxes because of obligations the state has assigned to the school districts.

The first budget vote will be held at 6 p.m., April 9, in the cafeteria of Spruce Mountain Middle School in a district-wide, town meeting-style format. The final figure that results from that vote will be validated, or rejected, at a referendum from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 23, at the Livermore and Livermore Falls town offices, and at the Jay Community Building.

If residents approve the proposed budget, taxes on a home valued at $100,000 in Jay will decline by about 5 percent, to $756.94; for that same home in Livermore, taxes would rise by about 6 percent, to $992.53; and for Livermore Falls, taxes would go up by about 8 percent to $992.60.

Superintendent Robert Wall said the variance in school taxes among the district’s member towns is attributed to decreased or increased valuation. State valuation increased in Livermore and Livermore Falls and declined in Jay.

New assistant principal/AD

Hixon is the current athletic director at St. Dominic Academy in Auburn where he has held that position or dean of students for 12 years. Prior to that, he taught physical education and health at Auburn Middle School for 13 years. He is a graduate of the University of Maine at Presque Isle.

Hixon joins newly appointed Principal Thomas J. Plourde, who began his duties earlier this month.

When classes begin for the 2013-14 school year, all secondary students from the south and north campuses will attend classes at a renovated north campus in Jay.

Wall said Hixon’s salary and contract had not yet been determined. He is scheduled to begin his new job on July 1.

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ERIC RODZEN's picture

Ken Perry for School board

I nominate Ken Perry for school board since he has all the answers. Everyone write him in next election, because you know he will not take out papers. It's a lot easier to stay home and complain about it all.

Ken Perry's picture


At least I would not lie like the current leaders!! And staying home , you might as well as the current leaders have led us over the cliff anyway. And I had asked the "chairwoman" all about the items I have ever commented on, and was lied too or misled so its a moot point. KMA have a nice day. :) And no I would not take out papers to be part of all the deceit and BS that is currently in there I say what I think and I mean what I say so that alone would not let me "fit in" with the "group"

ERIC RODZEN's picture

8% increase - yeah we can handle that!

Please people come to the meeting and help me knock this thing down. I cannot afford an 8% increase in my taxes because they want to spend the savings of consolidation for "broader and more varied student opportunities". Tighten the belt Mr. Superintendent. Cut the waste. Act like a business or a homeowner and cut spending to fit income. Don't just think you have an endless supply of money from the local tax payer!

I do have to apologize to my wife and the school board. I know they have worked hard to keep the increase down, but I think they have the wool pulled over their eyes by the Superintendent and his admin team.

There are stories every day in the paper of other districts making tough choices and cutting positions due to the funding issues and the way the state is forcing costs back to the local share. We need to do the same!

Who is with me on April 9?

Ken Perry's picture


The School Board has accepted the proposed budget from the Administration/Union, and has chose to just put it to the voters. If they had done what we the people elected them to do they could not have had "the wool pulled over their eyes" correct?
They had the ability to refuse the budget and make it show reductions, but chose not too. They have already included in the proposed budget raises etc that now they will tell us the taxpayers we have to honor due to contractual obligations. The only money that can be cut from the budget now would be nonessential money which would directly come from the students, not the staff payroll. This School Board has failed terribly to represent the people in this district plain and simple. They have dropped the ball thru out the entire consolidation process right from the beginning.
Have they not already negotiated raises for this budget?
Have they not already hired new staff?
How can anyone believe what you suggest about the Board working hard when they are just letting it slide thru to let the voters decide? If that is the case then they just gave up? The vote will slide thru as it always does and the taxpayers and students will be left in the cold. Also wait until next year, isn't that when the BIG increase will really kick in? Anyone ever planning on selling their home in Livermore falls might just as well forget about it due to the insanely high property taxes and this we have our School Board to thank for.

Ken Perry's picture


When are the people in these Towns going to wake up???
We closed two Schools and our TAXES ARE GOING UP? Teachers pays going up, staff levels increase.
Teachers stand there and say "trust us" what a joke, we did trust you, we trusted you to Educate our children, you FAILED (remember the Federal Grant Money for such LOW SCORES) , we trusted you again with the BS you spewed about how great consolidation would be, (then our kids would not fit altogether because no one actually took the time to figure that out.) hence the New Addition being built but oohhh you did not forget to "equalize your pay and benefits tho..
These lies that have been told to the Public should not be tolerated, this School Board should be recalled and if it was Legal Tarred and Feathered!
Oh, I am sure the "vote" will pass because the Union and staff will get on their "calling tree" and have all staff and family there to vote for their budget. But I for one hope that the PUBLIC is smart enough to finally figure out that this School Board and District do not have the Public's or Students best interest in mind.
So if 8% increase in Livermore falls taxes is considered low then how much are we saving with "Much of the money that won’t be spent on the maintenance and operation of Spruce Mountain High School South Campus in Livermore Falls has been funneled into broader and more varied student opportunities and toward preventing a substantial increase in school taxes" the part "funneled" could you please tell us how much and exactly what this is being spent on???
It makes me wonder how these folks can look at their neighbors and smile or maybe they are not smiling probably just smirking.


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