Epstein quits EL high school committee, says call for new school 'DOA'

AUBURN — A member of an ad hoc committee charged with making a recommendation on whether to build a new high school resigned this week, saying the committee's decision to tout a new school rather than a renovation was “dead on arrival.”

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Elliott Epstein, pictured here at a March 28 meeting, has resigned from the New High School Steering Committee following the committee's vote to recommend building a new Edward Little High School. Epstein is opposed, saying the community cannot afford to pay for a new school, and called the plan "dead on arrival."

Elliott Epstein resigned Tuesday from the New High School Steering Committee following its 10-5 vote March 21.

He had spoken publicly against building a new high school on the grounds that the community could not afford it. He voted for the less expensive option of a major renovation at Edward Little High School, estimated to cost about $50 million. A new school is estimated to cost $62 million.

“A few committee members approached me and asked me to stay,” Epstein said. He slept on it, and decided to resign. “I couldn't see how I could expend time and effort, not to mention my own credibility, helping to plan and design precisely the kind of new building I've been advocating against.”

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Catherine Pressey's picture

Gosh Mr. Epstein

“I couldn't see how I could expend time and effort, not to mention my own credibility, credibility, as far as I know you have none. As a lawyer you fell short on doing the job hired for. You did not know how to cross T's and dot i's. They should be happy your gone, you could not see the forest for the trees. When a person hired you to represent them they were "dead on arrival" Ask me? Sad man.

David Pinkham's picture

Not in my lifetime

I agree that Mr. Epstein could probably use some Metamucil, but who couldn't? They've been talking about doing something about EL since my kids enrolled in the system. Now those A and B students, totally unprepared for college, have mountains of education debt and no job opportunities.

My taxes have increased 400% over 25 years. In that same time frame the city has grabbed 10% of my property to widen roads and install curbs, without compensation.

If a new high school is ever approved on the backs of local property taxpayers, I will sell out and move.

Get out of the bricks and mortar business and into the education business. Run classes year round. Streamline the curriculum. Get rid of the "required attendance" model and employ a "goals achievement" path to graduation. Partner with the University for distance education opportunities. Take advantage of the MOOC free course offerings for motivated students: http://www.mooc-list.com/

Get out of the behavior modification business and remove attention-seekers from the system. The world needs cab-drivers, too.

Get sports programs out of the schools. The Return On Investment is just not there.

Think, people. This is what I pay you for.

 's picture

No surprise

In earlier articles, he struck me as very confrontational. He didn't get his way, so now he's storming off the playground. How immature; you can either be part of the solution, or part of the problem.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Would the Committee have been

Would the Committee have been better served by Mr. Epstein staying on and being a dissenting voice at every turn?


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