Sabattus selectmen take no action on firearms proposal

SABATTUS — Selectmen defeated a new gun proposal Tuesday evening after rejecting a similar proposal in March that would have required gun ownership by all residents.

David Marsters, the man who proposed a town gun ordinance modeled after one in Kennesaw, Ga., was back before the Board of Selectmen with a reworded proposal that merely encouraged residents to own firearms and ammunition.

Marsters, who claimed he did not initially intend to mirror the Kennesaw ordinance, which required gun ownership for heads of households, said he preferred a more pro-Second Amendment statement.

The new proposal stated, "The Town of Sabattus shall pass no ordinance or policy restricting the residents from the lawful right to bear arms; a right protected by the Second Amendment to our U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Maine." The proposal went on to state that the town would encourage all residents to own guns and ammunition.

Sabattus police Chief Anthony Ward remained opposed to any such proposal, viewing it as a symbolic gesture and redundant in view of protections already guaranteed by the Constitution.

Ward said such an ordinance would "muddy the waters" and make people question whether they were required to go out and buys guns.

Retired Lt. Col. Amedeo Lauria told selectmen he supported the basis of the proposal. "The Second Amendment is under attack." Lauria said the last provision of the proposal was a "sticking point," and people should be given a chance to unite in support of the Second Amendment.

Citing his 30 years of defending the Constitution in the U.S. Army, Lauria viewed the proposal as a way of sending the message: "Our rights will not be infringed upon." He spoke of what he saw as the gradual erosion of rights in this country and said, "I take great offense at the chipping, chipping away of rights."

A request for a motion to approve the language of the proposal yielded no response, effectively ending the debate.

Undaunted, Lauria listened to his and Marsters' options: rewording the proposal once more or gathering 202 signatures to get the ordinance on either the June or November ballot.

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Mary  Marsters's picture

Sabbatus Guns


Amedeo Lauria's picture


...another personal attack...and against my age this time...very nice and civil.

I won't begin to defend my interest in my country and my town to anyone at anytime.

This is the standard challenge...if you don't like it move...I respond in kind to you as well.

I like it just fine here in Sabattus and yes the US Constitution and its defense interests me. I guess to great angst among some folks here.

My comments amongst yourselves.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Here is REAL Common Sense

You see Col. this man on those families and children at Aurora and Newtown would like your support

Gerard --

“I just don't want to die.” That’s what my sister Zina said when she asked a judge for a restraining order against her disturbed and abusive husband.

The order was granted, and her husband was legally prohibited from buying a gun. But he bought one anyway -- by going online and purchasing a gun from a private seller with no background check.

He used that gun to shoot seven people, killing three, including my sister Zina.

Please watch a short video I made to share Zina’s story with my members of Congress, then join me in Demanding Action to end gun violence.

I’m an NRA member, and I enjoy shooting guns. I support the Second Amendment, but I also support common sense gun laws -- especially laws that require background checks for all gun sales.

Background checks would have saved my sister’s life, and they wouldn't have interfered with anyone’s gun rights. 92% of Americans agree with me, including 76% of my fellow NRA members.
You see Col. ----This is real, this is what you should be having is a RESPONSIBLE concern and conversation for and not about a BS ordinance.

Get a life

I would think these old retired men would want to travel to Florida instead of trying to change things in Sabattus. Don't they have hobbies they could get interested in besides guns on the brain?? This would be funny if I didn't live in Sabattus only fear is that they will start a club and invite all their retired "gun nut" friends to shoot up the town as their way of protest...they need to have something constructive to do, like volunteer their time helping those less fortunate..

Mary  Marsters's picture

Sabattus guns

Linda, Your comment shows how ignorant you are regarding what President Obama is trying to do. I guess you don't know what is going on in the world. It's called "Denial" or if I don't believe it isn't happening I want to live in my world with my head in the clouds.
These two men are fighting for the community. You mock them!! That's what people do when they are ignorant. I hope that you are laughing all the way to the gas chambers when they come for you.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Your own words: shows how ignorant you are

I hope that you are laughing all the way to the gas chambers when they come for you. ????????

It's called "Denial" or if I don't believe it isn't happening??????

It is actually called paranoia and unstable thinking and that needs medical attention....

You should seek some help, ASAP

David Marsters's picture

Get a life

I have a life Ms. Linda. Are you afraid of change, well change is coming. Watch the news and see what is going on in this country, and being destroyed by our leaders. There are plenty of gun clubs already, we don't have to start a new one. I already volunteer for many things. Yup, me and the LTC are going to shoot up the town, get real will you.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

My goodness Jerry calm down...

you take great offense to my exercise of my rights to petition, freedom of speech and support of the 2nd Amendment. Which other of my rights would you like to take away?

I understand our Constitution, read it, defended it, and taught it. Those are my credentials. I am also a student of history; don't intend to repeat any of the bad parts

Your comments remind me of the old Soviet Union when they labeled those who didn't agree with them as crazy and locked them up in Siberia.

As I have said on many occasions, when some folks can't defend their points, they revert to ad hominem attacks.

You left our state as did our friend from Hawaii; if all this bothers you both so much, why don't you move back, pay your Maine taxes, and get vote here in the state of Maine.

David Marsters's picture


Deo, This man Jerry from Minnesota was probably forced to leave Maine as a union thug!!!!!!!!!!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Perfect Example, why you should not have any weapons...

Keep it up Dave, I mean your gun, since you prove to me and others that these are the very reasons you do not deserve to carry a permit or a weapon, or trying to make up BS ordinances, with your attempts of pushing the envelope to get a reaction just so you can shot somebody. You see Dave you are the thug for wanting to intimidate people, but here is some good news I don't get intimidated, since I have dealt with your kind before.

David Marsters's picture

Keep it up

I have dealt with people like you also, and you don't intimidate me either. I suggest you take a "blue pill" and relax. Have a great weekend. Write to me when you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Not quite

I left and returned having to testify against some corrupt, evil, real bad CT, NY, NON union contractors. You know how justice works right copper....But will be glad to stop by this fall to demonstrate just how much of a thug you really think I am....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I live where and when I want, in the USA

I also, still own property in Maine for years and have family there, in Sabattus and Lewiston and in other parts of the state and pay taxes there too....I also take pride in knowing what is going on in my home state of over 150 years of roots...I might just have more invested into that state than probably you, especially more than the retired cop of Mass.

When I hear or see a bunch of yahoos trying to press their personal agenda onto the public it becomes a great concern that those like yourself have a fear of nonsensical matters and press it upon sensible grownups, you are the cancer that wants to spread a disease of fear.

You may have a right to protest your beliefs but so do I and others, since it is a free country. I wore the uniform as you to allow that freedom of speech that you call hominem attacks.

The rolling stone gathers no moss, that is your attempt of grabbing at nothing.

Mary  Marsters's picture

Rolling stone

If you listen to news, if you have a tv, check Nelson Ga. They passed their ordinance the same night that we tried. Selectmen there voted 5-0 for passage. Look it up and maybe you will understand a little better, if you can, with that pea brain.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Your brain matches your husbands

I am very aware of GA and the two towns that passed ordinances. You see I keep up on current news DAILY. Such as your husbands ill will to create a name for himself for personal attention of a brainless agenda. Now having a brother that lives there in GA also shows, which I have witnessed being there also, the backward thinking of those rednecks and in a state that allows you to marry your own first cousin makes a large statement on mentality. If you followed the news as well you would also see the other assine things they do in that state.

Now having said that if you love GA so much, move there, its warm, at least the people in the state of Maine aren't as paranoid and backward thinking as some of those from Mass.

Have a great day....

Mary  Marsters's picture

Sabattus guns

Thank you for your compliment that my husband and I think alike. David is a very smart man.

Have you ever heard what you accuse someone of you are pointing 10 fingers back at yourself!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Reality Check

Retired Lt. Col. Amedeo Lauria told selectmen he supported the basis of the proposal. "The Second Amendment is under attack." Lauria said the last provision of the proposal was a "sticking point," and people should be given a chance to unite in support of the Second Amendment.

Again blowing smoke...the 2nd Amendment is here to stay and is not be being denied, but the states whack jobs are trying to make hay out of it.

Even the Col. knows from serving that adjustments and improvements are a reality in life. 30 % of the Nation are gun whack jobs, the other responsible adults in the room want common sense alternatives and adjustments to what hasn't worked for years.

The only thing they fear is fear itself.

Besides the reality is IF, which they won't! IF this government really did wanted those guns, they have the manpower and the technology to do it and if he wants to take on the MILITARY as he knows it, Good LUCK...

Any purchase of guns, and mainly ammo, is documented from the sellers to the credit card records. They know where you live and how much you have.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Two Hayseeds

Now a retired cop and a retired Lt. Col. wanted an ordinance that has no teeth...that cannot be enforced....check their meds...

A blind squirrel can find a nut once in that lucky squirrel can find in Sabattus two of them by the same tree...


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