Rumford board to consider regionalization meeting with Mexico, sewer pipe-lining bids

RUMFORD — Selectmen will take another whack at regionalization by convening a special board meeting in the near future with their counterparts in Mexico.

Scheduling that meeting is one of the agenda items the board is to decide at its meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 4, in Rumford Falls Auditorium.

Among the other new business items are requests to approve a sewer main cured-in-place pipe lining-rehabilitation bid and to approve an agreement with the state transportation department to transport construction equipment.

Two bids were received at the town office to rehabilitate about 5,000 feet of pipe in the Prospect Avenue area. They are: $182,276 by Layne Inliner LLC of Fairfield and $169,076 by Insituform Technologies LLC of Chesterfield, Mo.

Town Manager Carlo Puiia said Wednesday that the bid specs were for 4,246 feet of 12-inch diameter pipe and 654 feet of 8-inch diameter pipe.

The Maine Department of Transportation is seeking a municipal permit from Rumford to allow its contractor to transport construction equipment, such as backhoes and bulldozers that exceed legal limits, over Rumford roads. 

The equipment will be used to reconstruct 9.13 miles of Route 232 between Woodstock and Martin Memorial Bridge over the Androscoggin River in Rumford.

An executive session will also be held for labor negotiations with fire Chief Bob Chase.

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Where will it go?

Mrs. Lovejoy takes credit for developing a meeting with Mexico. She also can't understand why past boards never persude it and should have. Well, how many of those boards did you sit yourself Mrs. Lovejoy? One Board did make the attempt. But it went south because 2 of those selectboard members who are serving on the present Board Mr. Buccina and Mr. Adley had a change of heart when it took place and didn't want any part of it. A good effort destroyed because there needed to be unity, Not descention. And thank you Mr. Saisi for your comments that were stated then denied by said Mrs. Lovejoy. She back peddles alot. She likes to spend alot in everyone of her terms on the Board. She has help get this town in the situation it is in with her deep pockets. The citizens must step up for reform. The entire River Valley should be sitting down together and discssing consolidation. Unions have destroyed Rumford along with over spending Department heads and their scare tactics. Rumford voters have to say "NO" at the polls on all money issues. But wait, will the Finance Committe make the cuts necessary to bring our mil rate down so the mill can continue to stay open? Time will tell.


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