R. Acheson: Better to have a gun

Nothing could be more heartbreaking than the shooting of innocent children and heroic teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that occurred too recently.

Of course, no one can miss the point that the incident was also perfect propaganda for the gun snatchers in this increasingly socialist America, guided by that Marxist-in-chief in the White House.

Regardless of the statistics that prove that where citizens are armed, there are fewer crimes, the leftist traitors to the Second Amendment are trying to convince the public that the presence of guns is the cause of all shootings.

Under their reasoning, baseball bats and cars should be abolished because both can kill people.

Did Cain use a handgun on Abel? Should rocks, therefore, be abolished, too?

The cause of shootings is clearly this nation's state of being a sinful and fallen people — not the weapons chosen. Magazines such as “The New American” have also run articles demonstrating the connection with psychiatric/psychotropic drugs with every case of school shootings.

We should never forget Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s reply when he was asked why the Japanese did not attack California’s coast after the Pearl Harbor attack. Yamamoto replied, “in America there is a gun behind every blade of grass.”

Is it so hard to get the point that it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it?

Legislators must not be stampeded into using a tragedy to promote an agenda which would emasculate the public.

Robert Acheson, Dixfield

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

View this video of an

View this video of an instance of police abuse in Maine. Then ask yourself whether we want to give up our guns.

http%3A%2F%2Farmstrongandgetty.iheart.com%2Fcc common%2Fnews%2Fsections%2Fnewsarticle.html%3Ffeed%3D104707%26article%3D11161151

Jason Theriault's picture

Perfect Example

Your misquote is the perfect example of what is wrong with your argument. It the type of simple minded argument that seems to be rampant these days. The talking heads on various programs take a figure out of context, and then everyone watching at home quotes it verbatim without ANY research at all.

If there was armed people at the Sandy Hook school, this tragedy might have been averted. However, the additional guns out there may cause as many crimes as they prevent. How many simple assaults might turn deadly? How many more children might find a carelessly unattended gun? I’m sorry, but to me, recreating the Wild West doesn’t seem like the way to ensure less gun crime.

 's picture

Alrighty then

Nobody make eye contact with Mr. Acheson.....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

“We should never forget

“We should never forget Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s reply when he was asked why the Japanese did not attack California’s coast after the Pearl Harbor attack. Yamamoto replied, “in America there is a gun behind every blade of grass.””

The following quote is misattributed to Admiral Yamamoto.

Noel Foss's picture

That's correct.

Much like the "sleeping giant" quote (actually from the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!), there's no evidence Yamamoto ever actually said this. It may accurately reflect or summarize his opinion on a ground conflict with the United States, but in all likelihood it's a fabrication with no clear source.

 's picture


Lookout! Obama is going to unionize Acorn, and they're COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!!!

AL PELLETIER's picture

Rocks, cars and bats?

If the Sandy Hook nut would have had these three weapons instead of an AR-15 with 30 round clips do you think 26 would have died in less then 10 minutes?
Perfect propaganda and Marxist-in-chief? A little over the top there Robert (don't you think)?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

How about a tactical (9-shot)

How about a tactical (9-shot) shotgun with 00-buck, where each shot carries about 10 balls – 9*10 = 90 projectiles. In fact, the

shooting may have been more deadly if a shoot-gun was used.

AL PELLETIER's picture

How about

a bazooka a mortar launcher and a fire thrower, one in every school----happy now?

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You are such an emotional

You are such an emotional individual – kind of like a pendulum – a drama queen.

 's picture

"My cold, dead hands"

isn't emotional? Heston is the biggest drama queen of them all.

AL PELLETIER's picture

Good point Woody.

I'm glad I'm an emotional drama queen instead of a cold, heartless pile of rocks. Makes me feel---well, human.

 's picture

Hang on to that feeling.

It may never come again.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Rabbits act on feelings. Al

Rabbits act on feelings. Al though humans have and exhibit feelings, we are the only species that can separate logic from emotion. That said, some humans are better at it than others are.

Now go nibble on your carrot.

 's picture

I guess if you have nothing...

intelligent to say you call people names. Have a nice day.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Again, what name did I call

Again, what name did I call whom?


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