Are you Claire Voyant?

I'll bet you knew we were going to post this query. You knew because it happens from time to time. You get a sense — or a dream or an outright psychic flash — of things that are to come.

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You won't catch us mocking you. Some of our best friends swear they have psychic abilities, and some 40 percent of Americans believe in it. Men, women, old people, young people.

Who among us hasn't had at least one brush with unexplainable prognostication? We want to hear about your psychic gift, whether it was a one-time occurrence or a lifelong ability.

You're going to tell us your stories. We can feel it. Send your stories to Mark (not Mia) LaFlamme at

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Are you Claire Voyant?

Mark, 13.04.08 12:45 hst ?
i yam ?  And i read minds . i am p s y c h o t i c •
i mean to say , if you are our psychic friend , ( Dionne Warwick ) , how come you aren't calling us up on the phone ?
You might might be a sledneck if the U F O hotline limits you to two calls per week
^^ You can " quote " me on that ^^   /s Dr. Dosh , HI *<;-Q~


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