'Taste of the dirty South' opening in Lewiston

LEWISTON — So, you've been hankering for crawdads and alligator tail. And how many times have you bemoaned the fact that you never get greeted at a restaurant by a woman with giant blond hair and sparkling red lips?

Mama Savannah Georgia

We feel your pain, but the wait is over. A new restaurant named Mama's Cabaret is opening next week and the owners promise: "There is nothing like this in the entire state of Maine."

So far, we're tempted to believe them. The write-up goes like this:

"This Southern-based restaurant/lounge is a taste of the dirty South, a li'l bit of old New Orleans, Florida and Georgia here in Maine, featuring exotic foods such as crawdads, alligator tail, steak tips and sooooo much more."

And it's not just food. It's a cabaret, you know, so it has a little of everything. Comedy, musical performers, karaoke (you've got to have that; it's practically a law), game nights, movie nights and drag shows.

"The new venue is gay and straight friendly," declares the press release. "It's a cabaret, everyone is welcome seven days a week."

The club will offer a VIP booth where a person will have a private bartender and get star treatment for the night.

They call it "a must-see place" and they're kicking it off with a bang. Next Friday night, The Lady Chablis of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" fame will be on hand. Also, hip-hop artist Troy Michael, who also happens to be the current Mr. USA, according to the release.

Not to mention the entertainment right at the door.

"You are greeted by an amazing, famous, talented and hysterical queen named 'Mama' Savanah Georgia," the news release promises. "Her comic flare will leave you laughing all night. She welcomes you with a warm, smoothing smile. Her BIG blond hair, long luscious lashes and red sparkling lips keep you in her spell.

"Somewhere every day life is a cabaret."

On Thursday, a small crew was inside the building getting the place ready for the April 19 opening. Mama was there, although not in full drag. Her gowns and wigs hung on hooks over the bar. Framed photos were going up on the walls, pictures of celebrities who support the lifestyle and the club. With one week to go, Mama's Cabaret was almost ready.

The new digs are at 16 Park St., near the corner of Park and Main in Lewiston. The building is owned by Dennis Anderson and has been home to a revolving door of clubs. They include Yesterday's Magic, Club Adrenaline and Altera at Club Karma.

The building is occupied by the club Rondevu. Mama said the Cabaret is an extension of that business and stressed that there is no other business like it in Maine.

Mama knows. Mama and her people have researched it carefully. Now they just have to wait for the days to go by so they can invite people inside.

"We can't wait," Mama said.

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 's picture

There are more of us

There are more of us looking forward to this than you know! Good food, good fun, and open and honest people? Why would anyone NOT think that Lewiston/Auburn needs that? This will be a nice change from the seedy hole in the walls that Lewiston is known for.

Randall Pond's picture

The First Time

They are Loud and Rowdy the Residents of Oak Park Senior Living will complain repeatedly about the noise and the place will be shut down by the police. The Building should be torn down or bought by the owners of the old folks home and expanded for them for apartments.

A Drag Bar isn't going to fly in a tired little town like Lewiston. Maybe in Boston, Providence or New York, but definitely not in Lewiston, Maine.

David Marsters's picture


I think she is beautiful!!!!!!!! Only in Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ya got that right, Dave. The

Ya got that right, Dave. The place will be gone in 18 months.


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