H. Dow: Comprehend the full scope of options

The Edward Little High School Steering Committee has done great work that is to be commended. The documentation available online is thorough and well organized. The current recommendation for the City Council will be to build a new high school on the existing EL property.

But wait. Doesn’t it stand to reason that when in the research phase of a $60-plus million community investment, it is also the opportune time to assess the needs of all existing infrastructure supporting our city’s education, from a financial aspect as well as an education delivery standpoint?

Tom Kendall raises some very compelling and forward-thinking concepts around how Auburn might look at a comprehensive approach to building the infrastructure to support all of our children having equal access to standardized educational models, receiving their K-12 education within campus style walls built to bring our community together.

Do I see value in several small community schools within one city?

Yes I do.

Do I see greater value still in building comprehensive public schools that support progressive educational models suited to meet and exceed the needs of all our teachers and students?


Furthermore, Auburn’s education system is one of the single most important pillars of strategic economic development.

We owe it to our children and to every taxpayer in Auburn to fully comprehend the full scope of options and make decisions rooted in strong aspirations and a commitment to the future of Auburn.

Hillary Dow, Auburn

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MARK GRAVEL's picture

This sounds like a pitch form

This sounds like a pitch form a corporate marketer. It is all in the execution Hillary. How will Auburn measure whether or not its actions produce the expect results?

Moreover, what do you do when you measure short?

It is all in the execution, not the vision.


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