Two arrested on robbery charges after pot deal goes wrong

GREENBUSH — A 19-year-old Greenbush man and a 17-year-old man from the Washington County township of Brookton were arrest Friday night on robbery charges after they alleged robbed a juvenile male of his marijuana, cellphone and cash.

Arrested were Andrew Kozerow of Greenbush and a juvenile whose name was withheld because of his age, Trooper Christopher Hashey of the Maine State Police said late Friday night.

Hashey said that Kozerow was taken to Penobscot County Jail, where he remained Friday night. It was not yet clear if the juvenile would be released to his parents or if he would be taken to Mountainview Youth Development Center in Charleston.

Hashey said that the robbery took place about 7:30 p.m. on French Settlement Road in Milford.

Hashey said that Kozerow was driving an SUV when he picked up the victim, from whom he was supposedly going to purchase marijuana. He then picked up the juvenile suspect, who got into the vehicle’s back seat.

The juvenile suspect allegedly put a rope around the victim’s neck and then he and Kozerow relieved him of his marijuana, cellphone and $50 cash and left him at the roadside.

The victim then walked home and reported what had occurred to his father, who called the police, Hashey said.

The two suspects were arrested at Kozerow’s residence on East Ridge Road in Greenbush, the trooper said.

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FRANK EARLEY's picture

Why does this story stike me as odd?????????

A young kid, apparently saving his money for future college tuition, heads out for a night of drug dealing. He meets an older guy, gets into his truck, and anticipates a lucrative transaction. At some point the older guy stops and picks up another young guy, who enters the back seat. Anyone who has ever seen even one episode of the "Soprano's", knows you don't deal drugs with a stranger sitting in the back seat. As it turns out, the kid gets rolled, and does what every kid does when he has his lunch, I mean, Drug proceeds stolen. He runs home and informs his parents. The parents, being upstanding members of the community, proceed to inform the local constabulary. Here's where I'm starting to get a little confused. Are the parents concerned about the two bad guy's, with jr's money, pot and cell phone? Or are they trying to somehow teach jr a twisted lesson. " Never deal drugs to strangers", or "Stay out of strange vehicles while dealing drugs. Either way, I just can't get over the casual approach we have with little jr. selling drugs. Sure go out and arrest the bad guys, but was jr arrested as well? The whole thing is weird, I've never known a druggie who gets robbed, to go home to mommy and daddy. Maybe it's a "Twilight Zone" version of "Leave it to Beaver". Most likely I'm just getting old and I missed something along the way.....

Steve  Dosh's picture

l o l , Frank ? 4:20 " Uh ,

l o l , Frank ? 4:20 " Uh , what dude ? Get a job ? What for ?
No honor among thieves
hth , Steve

Noel Foss's picture


"Whoa man...what's with all the hostility, dude? This rope around my neck's really harshing my mellow, man"


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