House votes to raise Maine motor vehicle fees

AUGUSTA — Maine motorists could pay higher vehicle registration fees if a bill that's received final House passage becomes law.

The House voted 89-57 on Tuesday to allow an increase in the motor vehicle licensing and registration service fees collected and retained by municipalities. The renewal of a license or registration would increase from $3 to $5, and the allowable service fee for a new license or registration would increase from $4 to $6. The bill awaits final Senate action.

The bill's sponsor, Democratic Rep. Alan Casavant, said the measure would give cities and towns the choice to increase fees by a couple of dollars to cover the basic costs of registering and re-registering cars.

Casavant, who also is mayor of Biddeford, said cash-strapped municipalities now are unable to cover the cost of that basic duty and proposed budget cuts would only make those circumstances worse.

Republicans criticized the majority Democrats for the proposed increases, saying they are "raiding the pockets of hardworking Mainers to the tune of $3 million."

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Don't fix it, we can spend more later.

Republicans criticized the majority Democrats for the proposed increases, saying they are "raiding the pockets of hardworking Mainers to the tune of $3 million."

Typical, always complaining about paying their fair share to have a better functioning city, town or state. They would rather keep it broken instead of fixing it before it cost 10 times more later to overhaul it.

But they are always the first to complain when things are not running properly or falling apart. Repubs prefer a dime to fix a problem which would cost a real buck to keep a machine from choking out, stalling and dying.

David Marsters's picture

Increase of fees

Sounds like you are Mr Obama. Get more money from the poor working people.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You are confused

You must be confused,its the Repubs that want to take money away from Medicare and Social Security from the working class, to give more for Defense for the contractors. To privatize all of it for the repubs to buy up, profit and really rip off all the people on all parties.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Yes it's hard, but......

Ya, two bucks isn't a lot, but I like how fast the Republicans deflect any blame. From my tow truck driving years, I learned, at the scene of an accident, the person yelling the loudest is usually the guilty party..........

Jason Theriault's picture

It's hard

It's kinda hard to get worked up over $2


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