Market owner fights back against armed robber

BAR HARBOR — The owner of the Town Hill Market is cut and bruised but otherwise unharmed after wrestling with and subduing a man who entered the store with a gun Wednesday morning and demanded money.

Bill Trotter/Bangor Daily News

Town Hill Market

Richard Simis said two shots were fired from the would-be robber’s pistol during the struggle but that no one got shot.

The incident happened around 5:45 a.m. Wednesday as Simis was about to open the market. The business owner said he had turned on the store’s ovens and lights when the man came through the back door wearing a mask, hooded sweatshirt and duct tape over his shoes and hands. The man demanded money but when he looked away for a split second, Simis grabbed him and they struggled over the pistol.

Simis was able to wrestle the man out the back door and subdue him in the parking lot before flagging down a passing motorist, who called police. The would-be robber is now in jail and facing multiple charges.

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This was a dangerous act on

This was a dangerous act on the store owner's part, but if more people reacted this way there would be less temptation for these lawless individuals to act as they do. Unfortunately if the perpetrator had been injured in the scuffle the store owner would have been sued and possibly charged by the police for causing the injury. Such is the sad state of society these days.

Bob Berry's picture


Couldn't have said it better. Thank God that no one was seriously injured. But the police cannot be everywhere. I applaud the man's bravery and I'm happy it worked out.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Market owner fights back against armed robber

Bill ? Weds HST ? 10:30
a) pass more stringent gun laws , and ,
b) install video cameras ,
c) do not move to Sanford FL ,
hire trained guard dogs, licence all gun owners in ME like you do marriages , dogs , drivers , doctors , nurses teacher and just everything E L S E up they'ya • 
just suggestions . ./s Steve and ohana HI us of a


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