Report: Oil use down in Maine

AUGUSTA (AP) — A state Energy Office report says Maine residents have decreased their oil use by 26 percent since 2007.

The report, required by state law, also finds oil consumption is down in the commercial sector by 20 percent, and in the industrial sector by a significant 40 percent, since 2007. Those reductions, which result from current policies and market conditions, will enable the state to meet its 2030 goal of a 30 percent reduction without additional actions.

But meeting the long term target of a 50 percent reduction by 2050 will prove much more challenging. Energy Office Director Patrick Woodcock says that despite a significant decline in oil consumption, Mainers will still spend more on oil to heat their homes than any other state in the country.

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The important question here

The important question here is ---- WHY?---. Did Mainers simply chose to lower the heat in their homes, was it due t warmer winters, was it due to a switch to other fuels such as natural gas, wood etc, or was it due to better insulation, the use of more energy efficient heating systems etc. ? A breakdown of major reasons for the change would be appreciated.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Do what I and many

Do what I and many others have done. Get a wood pellet stove and save a ton of cash as well as not burning oil.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


As long as those users of burning are smart enough to get the chimney cleaned, with proper use, before they have a fire and lose it all.


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