LePage says he never interfered with unemployment claims process

AUBURN — Gov. Paul LePage brushed off allegations Tuesday that he pressured unemployment claims appeals examiners last month in an effort to skew their decisions in favor of business owners.

Daryn Slover/Sun Journal

Gov. Paul LePage

LePage, who had just met with students at Fairview Elementary School's Maine French Heritage Language Program, told reporters repeatedly that “nobody” was pressured by him at a March 21 luncheon at the Blaine House.

LePage said Tuesday he'd received “hundreds” of complaints about the unemployment claims process, calling it a “one-sided system.”

Published reports have shown that the U.S. Department of Labor finds Maine's unemployment appeals hearing examiners are rated above the national average for equitable hearings. Having been an employer in Maine, LePage said he was surprised to learn that.

He attacked David Webbert, president of the Maine Employment Lawyers Association, who last week called for an “immediate investigation” into the governor and “other high-level officials for violations of federal laws requiring the impartial and prompt administration of unemployment insurance benefits.”

“Attorney Webbert, he's pulling the wool over Maine people's eyes” LePage said Tuesday, speaking publicly for the first time since the allegations surfaced two weeks ago.

“I think Webbert made it up," LePage said.

A Sun Journal investigation cited sources in an April 11 report that LePage had called hearing officers at the Division of Administrative Hearings at the Maine Department of Labor to a mandatory meeting at the governor's mansion where he scolded them for finding too many unemployment-benefit appeals cases in favor of workers. They were told they were doing their jobs poorly. Afterward, they said they felt abused, harassed and bullied by the governor, according to the newspaper's sources.

LePage said Tuesday that Webbert must be fabricating the allegations because none of the hearing officers has stepped forward and spoken publicly.

“If he's got witnesses, bring 'em forward,” LePage said, “because anonymous letters in my book go in the trash can.”

In a phone call last week with Seth Harris, acting secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, LePage said they spoke only about “fairness and “equity,” not partisan politics.

Harris “said there was no investigation,” only routine auditing, LePage said.

When told of LePage's comments, Webbert told the Sun Journal on Tuesday that emails released last week under the Freedom of Access Act by state officials “provide strong evidence of unlawful interference with their job duties as impartial judges of unemployment cases. I have confirmed directly with the U.S. Department of Labor that it is investigating what happened at the March 21 meeting.”

An email to Webbert from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General said his complaint had been forwarded within that department to the Office of Labor Racketeering and Fraud Investigations.

LePage said Tuesday his meeting with the examiners was “friendly” and “cordial.”

He said the roughly eight examiners “had agreed they were gonna work with their supervisors, look at the ambiguity in the laws and send it over to our office. We would put a governor's bill upstairs and try to get the ambiguity out of the law."

LePage said he didn't understand how characterization of the luncheon became “negative and nasty.”

He said he “learned a lot from some of the folks that work in unemployment. I understand some of the dilemmas they face when they deal with employer (and) employees. I said, 'Let's work together and find ways to make it easier for you.' That was the whole meeting.”

LePage said Tuesday he had named co-chairmen of a blue ribbon commission charged with reviewing Maine's Unemployment Compensation System.

“The goal of the commission is to ensure Maine’s unemployment insurance system provides benefits for workers who are rightly entitled to them, while ensuring businesses are not charged when they appropriately let employees go,” according to a news release from the governor's office late Tuesday. “Additionally, the commission will review the rules and laws governing the system to assure Mainers they are consistently applied.”

The commission will include representatives of employers and employees, LePage said.

Co-chairman Daniel Wathen served for two decades on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, half of that time as chief justice. George Jabar, a Waterville lawyer, serves as a commissioner in Kennebec County government.


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CRYSTAL WARD's picture

Boss leads by example

Gov.LePage is the "boss "of the executive branch --- most people say the boss leads by example and the example set by Gov. Lepage is Yelling, Hollaring, Bullying, pressuring and an admitted liar-- some people say he is just fine because he is "plain spoken". Well, his managers followed his example and see nothing wrong just like him. -- where there is smoke there is often fire .

Kim Waite's picture

Pure and simple...

....the guv'nah is an assclown.

Catherine Pressey's picture

LePage Maybe:

Kind of person??? story someone in my family told, when she saw this man for the first time running for Gov. she said hey I think that is the guy that got me in trouble at the sub shop I worked. This big guy came into the shop ordered a meatball sub and went and ate 90% or the darn thing and came back a complained that there was something wrong with it. ( the business had a policy to give the customer another sub if they did not like the first one and or it had something wrong.) Well this person said to this man, that looked much like our now Governor, do you think you would have known there was something wrong with it before you ate most of it. Well this person said do you know who I am, the worker said I let my supervisor handle this. And did so. But this man told the worker that they would loose there job. Well the supervisor told this worker that that guy is friends with the owners of the business and he is high up in Mardens. Hum! sounds like a match. Well the worker got called into the managers office the next day, and before the worker could be fired, the worker gave notice. The manager said he was glad because he was told to fire the worker. All because a fat man, did not want to pay for a second sub. And used the rules to get fatter. And because he was a friend of the owners he got his way. Now maybe it was our Gov. Maybe not. But sad to take the only job away from a kid, just because he wanted to push his weight around. Business begets business. The hell with the worker and their needs. Yes! Mean a spoiled and rotten people in the world.

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage says he never interfered with unemployment claims process

Hmmm Weds 18:20 hst ?
. .Never say never ? 
/s Steve

 's picture


So hes at it again.Makes statements to bully and degrade people,then swears he ''didn't say that''. Will he ever learn or is he just too in love with himself to get it.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

He just doesn't get it............

I wonder if Paul LePage will read this story. If he does, will he see what is wrong, what his actions have done? Does Paul LePage understand that you can't just weigh in on a matter regarding impartial judgements, being made by subordinates under him? Does he realize that the minute he REQUIRED the hearing officers to be in attendance, he was influencing the unbiased decisions they will make. This has nothing at all to do with what was said or even how it was said. This is about indicating, he wanted a particular outcome. Before the door was closed, before a word was spoken, the hearing officers just attending, are being influenced.
If LePage was under the impression that his State was producing abnormal results, he should have done what 49 other Governors would have done. address this through the normal channels. Not use intimidation to fix the problem. Which, I'm afraid, is the method of choice, used by the Governor.
Now he needs to admit he screwed up, then do what ever is necessary to fix what is broke. That is something which will take an awful long time, if it can be fixed at all............

 's picture

LePage says...

"“If he's got witnesses, bring 'em forward,” LePage said, “because anonymous letters in my book go in the trash can.”

Who complained about the mural, governor?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

LePage Knew

and his BS flew...anonymous letter, had teeth and a name...

He was just keeping is non union contractor/campaign contributor in the shadows.

Steve Lovejoy's picture

Some unanswered questions here

This is yet another story that divides cleanly on party lines. I'm not a fan of the governor. But there some unanswered questions in this story. The governor didn't ask them to attend, he demanded it. Not necessarily a good start. In addition, the commissioner he appointed was there as well as the one board member he appointed. What I haven't heard was what about the other members of the board that he didn't appoint. Were they invited and chose not to attend? If so, shame on them. If they were not invited, which it appears might be the case, why? If they weren't it would appear to me to be a clear attempt by the governor to influence the hearing officers and bully them. Can anyone tell me if they were - or were not - asked to attend this meeting?

Good Judgement or Damage Control?

Good judgment would have said a closed door meeting with no audio or video recording on a sensitive subject as labor relations is a bad idea. Easily a few documented examples of his concerns could have been distributed, a recorded discussion of the governor using the document to explain why they are concerns, followed by a question and answer period. No news story, no controversy, no wasting time defending against accusations that could have been easily averted.

If this were an isolated incident, it could easily be cast aside. However, there is a two year pattern of controversial situations which would have been mitigated by a more effective use of time in preparation rather than the greater time spent in damage control. Effective leaders surround themselves with a good team, whose job is to research and advise, both strategically and tactically. Did the governor’s team do their “homework” or not in advising the governor, did the governor listen or not – we’ll never know.

Less time spent on damage control results in more time spent on job creation, education concerns and other areas which will benefit the citizens of Maine. Why the governor and his advisors have yet to grasp basic time-management and communication skills are two very troubling questions.

Bob White's picture


I wonder what you clowns will say when they find no wrong doing? The problem is that some people are in positions (ceo's, governors, bosses people like that) that often have to make tough unpopular choices and have to do things that offend people but they need to be done. If you have run a business you know this. The state of Maine has been run a certain way for many years and guess what its broken one example the hospital debt and don't kid yourself it was way before he got to town. I'm thankful that we have a guy that has a get it done attitude right the ship point of view. Maybe sometimes his way of getting it done may offend people but he gets his point across. Of course your going to have unhappy people the people that have been doing things a certain way all this time(doesn't mean its been right). I say to the people that might have been offended grow up a bit maybe you should listen maybe you can learn something and make it a better place. One last thing if I didn't like something my boss said and it bothered me real bad I would just get another job.

Catherine Pressey's picture


Offended and you are the one that with each comment need to grow up. Terms like you people and Quotes LIke"“I wonder what you clowns will say when they find no wrong doing?
I say to the people that might have been offended grow up a bit maybe you should listen maybe you can learn something and make it a better place. One last thing if I didn't like something my boss said and it bothered me real bad I would just get another job.”
I don't like what Gov. LePage is all about, and what he says and shows his upbringing, so since he works for we the people and we do not like what he is doing and saying, maybe he should get another job as you said. Mr. White, each time I read anything your comment on or others comments you are the most insulting unhappy person, you just do your best to bring others down, trying to climb that hill to the top where you seem to think you belong. Good luck and keep working hard, biggest clown we here in Maine have seen this year was not at the circus. Only the one mean spirited bully for Governor the God LePage. Try being nice in your comments and stop pointing the fingers at others, take a gooooood look in that mirror.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Just Wondering

What are you going to do when they find out that you and him are wrong? Will that mean you get to keep your Clown suit much longer and parade on your grounds of what IF's?

Maybe sometimes his way of getting it done may offend people but he gets his point across.

Had you known this hack as I did growing up in my home town, walking the streets as the loser he was and still is a drunk, punk and bully....

Bob White's picture

Unless you have facts you

Unless you have facts you shouldn't be making such statements I'm sure their are people that might say the same of you.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Better than you can imagine

Pauline tried and raised his butt and my mom was her best close friend for 15 years. I worked with her real son for 2 years. My brother was out at their camp at Tacoma Lake for years.

I grew up in Lewiston with LePage walking the streets and him being in some of the same bars I went to.

So buddy boy, put that in your pipe and smoke it....

Bob White's picture

Jerry first of all I am a

Jerry first of all I am a hard working American man not a boy second I want to make sure you don't kid yourself your not my buddy and thirdly I have never smoked a pipe or anything in my life. Its funny how if someone has a different opinion then you how you respond back with childness and insults. Probably like when you were young if you want to hang with the big kids you need to be a bit tougher and not run home crying.


Gee Bob White..after reading all the comments on this story and all your comments, this one seems to be the "pot calling the kettle black". I do believe that growing up with someone and knowing them for many years is proof enough that he just might know what he is talking about. It is a well known fact that our Gov. is a loser and his way of running out state is not Kosher, after all, this isn't Mardens!! I also want to point out that your punctuation is lacking in your responses, and makes it difficult to read. Maybe taking classes would help your cause if your are trying to put a point across...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Manhood, or just a complainer

Never questioned your working as American man, or how hard you have worked since I too can relate to being in the same shoes as yourself as a very hard worker, now 57 and retired. As far as a buddy, never happen since I have no wants or needs to having a Repub as even as close as an acquaintance, relative or blood related. Same as my own flesh and blood brother that is not allowed in my life or home ever, as long as he remains a repub. I prefer repubs as prone, cold and blue.

I cried once at 8 when we moved from Greene, now Packard Rd, owned by my family, off Merrill Hill Rd to Lewiston in 1961,where I was slammed to the ground on my new bike all because of my last name from another French bully. My old man, who was physically beaten and whipped by his old man, gave me the ultimatum, if I wanted to cry come back home for it or beat the crap out of the bully. I did beat the hell out of the kid much bigger than me, since I was a small kid and no buddy or man has ever put his hands on me since. Those that tried years later, have the stitches, broken jaw and cracked skulls to prove it. I was defensive and learned and trained how to defend myself, not being the attacker and if you can't take the heat, then step back, you might get burned.

That is how I can recognize and met the bullies like LePage and I was always ready and prepared for him and his kind to try and take a shot at me.

You must mean the same insults that you throw out there about libs, the president, or other posters, name calling like clowns...Please you should smell what you shovel and throw at others. I dug that manure on the farm in Greene out the barn at 5, 6 and 7, and I still can smell what you shovel...

Jason Theriault's picture

Things to never get at Mardens:

Things to never get at Mardens:
1. Food
2. Electronics
3. Governors

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Things never to put in the

Things never to put in the White House
1. Marxists
3. Community Organizers

Kim Waite's picture

Things that always wreck America:

Having fascist capitalist corporatist right wing Koch Brother pool boys in the White House! Always detrimental to the sanctity of our nation! Leaves us in a financial mess too. Very sad. Let's hope America doesn't make the same mistake again like it did from January 2001-January 2009!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

With everything that's going

With everything that's going wrong in the country and the best you can put on the table is the Koch Brothers?

Kim Waite's picture


The Koch Brothers are always in the loop now! Pay attention.

Good one..

I agree 100%..



When the nasty kid does it on the playground, it's called bullying. When the nasty kid in the Blaine House does it, it's called "plain speaking."

No matter how many spoilers the REpublicans enter in the governor's race, Mainers must respond by returning LePage to Mardens as defective goods.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If we can put up with 8 years

If we can put up with 8 years of oBAMa, I guess you all will just have to put up with 8 years of LePage. Goes around, comes around.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Hopefully LePage will Just

take a long walk of that pier. He is not going to get re-elected, those that were fooled by him, many of witch have a different view of whom he is. When he goes out that door I hope the door hits him in the butt: What goes up may come down with a bang, problem with bullies they think they are invincible. LePage is worse that that, hatred is all over his face.

Catherine Pressey's picture

That is never going:

to happen he is out, he is done, if nothing else he is going to give himself a darn heart attack. Darn bully mean spirit. Only 8 years he is going to get is in jail if he keep up the good work, and messes with the Feds. It is called a Racketeer. Like the Don's in big time city families.

 's picture


I'll give you a dollar if that happens Pirate.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Man, you think pirates come

Man, you think pirates come cheap, don't you? A buck won't even begin to cover the paperwork.
I don't know, Tony. I think as a country we've gone past the ability to come up with people who run for office who are truly qualified, or that everybody or most people like. Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote, circa 1830, "I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run". How true that is.
I am by no means a LePage lover, but who knows, maybe Cutler might have made a better governor. Hard to tell how things will go anymore, unless they actually happen.


Did you misstype..

It's President Obama.

What you did to his name is childish at best. I expected better from you. Furthermore your comment makes no sense at all.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He has no respect

None, for the office, for the leader of the country, for the President of the Country of the Brave and the Free...no respect for the leader of the free world. Unless it is of his party....

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

If your post is directed

If your post is directed towards me, you are often inaccurate and this post is no exception. I have a great deal of respect for the office of the Presidency. We've been blessed with some great presidents, some good ones and a handful of turkeys. It is the current occupant of the office for whom I have no respect, not the office itself. I won't waste my time citing POTUS' failures as 'leader' of this country because you already know what they are, but are in denial. I have no party, by the way. The three greatest American presidents in my lifetime have been FDR, JFK, and Reagan. You will note that two were democrats. You and I are not that far apart in our beliefs. We just don't agree on anything.

Bob White's picture

I bet that if we looked back

I bet that if we looked back when George W was the president you were spreading your brand of hatred kind like your doing with the governor.... Interesting. They name streets after people like you One Ways

Catherine Pressey's picture

There you go insults

You canna make a sane comment that does not attack the persons, person. Way out of line for the one that is always saying others should grow up. Clown my Anti Fannie. You seem to hold the key to hatred. Mr. White.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Its who you know

Did you know LePage, did you know his adoptive mom or dad? Did you or friends deal with him at Mardens'? Well skippy some of us had the privilege. So unless you have anything to convince us of his behavior or his growing up in Lewiston, that is different from our observation and working personally alongside with one of his adoptive siblings, you best stick your thumb back in your mouth and suck on it.

President Bush was not my favorite and history will put him in the place and scale he needs to be, but being that I wore the uniform and had to have Nixon and Reagan as my commander in chief I still had respect for the man and the office.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


President Ford, he was Tricky Dicks' replacement.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

No less nonsensical than your

No less nonsensical than your constant whining sessions about LePage. When your president earns my respect, he'll get it. Keep up your high expectations of my posts. You never know when a really good one comes along.
I see you're from Wilton. There used to be a Town Manager up there who's first name was Peter (probably still is) but I can't for the life of me remember his last name. Do you know it?

Catherine Pressey's picture

Respect your president:

Simply because he is our President, you do not have to like the way he looks/ or his views, still when and if you pledge allegiance to the flag, he is included. That is if Poison is a loyal citizen. Otherwise maybe you could just move of shore. I support all my Presidents Republicans or Democrats and I am the later for the most part. When I vote I vote the way I see it, maybe my guy does not win. I honor the fact that in this nation someone must loose, and win. We all have to stand behind or by the side of our President. Period. Now LePage is a whole different issue. Part of me wants deeply to be able to respect him for where he is. I canna do it. Each time he opens his mouth a places his foot in it. Right in are faces, sad man sad day., for Maine.

 's picture


He said....because anonymous letters in my book go in the trash can. Wasn't it an anonymous letter that started the Mural issue?

RONALD RIML's picture

He's obviously very discrimination about his 'anonymous'


What a baldfaced liar. And a stupid one who 'outs' himself.........

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

What's he lying about? How do

What's he lying about? How do you know for sure that he's lying?

RONALD RIML's picture

Obviously about his disregarding 'anonymous communications'

His reaction to the 'reported anonymous complaint' concerning the mural certainly put the 'lie' to that claim. It is right there in Court Record.

When will you ever learn to quit defending that pathological liar, Pirate???

United States Court of Appeals For the First Circuit, Opinion No. 12-1472

"On January 5, 2011, Paul LePage was sworn in as Governor of Maine. One of his advisors, John Butera, had visited the MDOL waiting room before January of 2011 on business and considered the mural to be overwhelming, pro-labor, and anti-business. On February 28, 2011, the Office of the Governor received an anonymous letter complaining that the mural was "propaganda" meant to further the union movement and asking Governor LePage to take the mural down. The governor's press secretary, Adrienne Bennett, also stated that several unnamed business officials had complained about the mural."

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Probably when the BHO regime

Probably when the BHO regime stops lying to us.

RONALD RIML's picture

The Obama Admin are Amateurs compared to Bush/Cheney

Pirate - You wouldn't recognize the truth if it hit you in the azz with a snow-shovel.......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Just about the time I begin

Just about the time I begin to believe there's hope for you, you show up with a case of Kool-Aid in your trunk.
You don't suppose those WMD's they're finding in Syria could be related to those that Sadam sent there during those six months prior to our invasion of Iraq, do you?
On a lighter note, how does Congress, their aides and their families being exempted from the Affordable Care Act, aka obamacare, make you feel?
You sure got it right about the obama administration being amateurs. Every day is amateur night with that bunch.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Jumping around:

I do not like the possibility of Congress and their aides getting exempted. But this kind of thing goes on in all the top government braches. They are all for themselves, not for the people, or instead of the Affordable Care Act we would have a free Medical care instead. Oh but the Doctors have clout, and money is clout and Congress has money. Until We the people stand up and say why does a President get a lifetime pension and senators and congressmen too! Cut out those pensions, and we would be in the black again. Well Maybe. lol

Kim Waite's picture

LOL Paul St. Jean

You think the "wmd that Saddam had" (you know....the ones Bush lied about to get us an expensive war against a country that did not attack us?) would be used in Syria today and not during the time America had boots on the ground in Iraq? Oh funny! Sounds a bit farfetched, but then again, the Red Koolaid is being rampantly drunk these days! Have you considered some rehab for your Red Koolaid addiction?

RONALD RIML's picture

So just WHO are Syria's Allies, Pirate????

Have any idea??? Try Iran and Russia. Not that either one of those have ever had WMD's, eh???

And you tell us Obama hasn't a clue??? Sheesh!!!!

You're the original 'Ted Mack' - you are......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Be nice. Anger and name

Be nice. Anger and name calling do not become you. Ted Mack?? Man, you are old. I'll bet you remember Lawrence Welk, Spike Jones and Kay Keyser.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're the one who brings up "Amateur Hours"

So I figured Ted was a buddy of yours......

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ted's show was probably the

Ted's show was probably the genesis for American Idol, although the Gong Show was more entertaining than both.

RONALD RIML's picture

Do you remember Kate Smith?? - "God Bless America"

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

A great lady.

A great lady.

Kim Waite's picture

You lying to yourself about what the president is doing

is not FACT. Nice try though! You're hilarious! How many more like you are listening to the president with your fingers in your ears so you can say he didn't say this & that etc?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

It's obvious he's made a

It's obvious he's made a believer out of you. No accounting for taste.

Kim Waite's picture

And you support

the bottom-feeders of the right wing heretic party! Your taste is disgusting!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Do you really want to go

Do you really want to go there?

Kim Waite's picture

Yes, by all means LET'S GO THERE!

Who thinks they own every single solitary uterus in the country at the moment? Oh that's right! You bottom-feeders of the right wing, THAT'S WHO! Who thinks they are spreading truth about President Obama, but yet, are caught in lie after lie but refuse to believe the truth because you all see with your hands over your eyes so you can see you never saw such evidence????? Oh that's right! The Bottom Feeder Party again! Who is saying that Saddam waited until after he was hanged to make sure his "wmd" were used in Syria to prove the Bottom Feeders correct? Care to guess?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Have you ever considered

Have you ever considered investing in a bit of anger management? Typical liberal. You can't have a civil conversation without resorting to name calling and emotion driven vitriol. The only thing you've expressed with any degree of clarity is that you hate republicans. Nice. I don't like them much, either.

Kim Waite's picture

I'm not angry.

You're angry that I'm pointing out your stupidity however! Hey, you're the one who thinks "Saddam's wmd" is finally being used over in Syria....a decade after not finding any in Iraq! See?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Thanks for making my point.

Thanks for making my point. if I'm stupid, Heaven knows what that makes you.

Kim Waite's picture

That would make me

smarter than you, Bottom Feeder!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Name calling twit.

Name calling twit.

Kim Waite's picture


...you right wingers act so tough online most days but any name calling and you act like Sarah Palin The Victim! Oh please. You haven't shown a shred of proof that the wmd that you say are from Iraq are being used in Syria yet! Show us the proof!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Go badger someone else. I've

Go badger someone else. I've wasted enough time with you.

RONALD RIML's picture

"Badger Balm" - Apply when 'Badgered'

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hahaha....I could think of a

Hahaha....I could think of a few good places to put some of that.

Catherine Pressey's picture

You tell them:

I thought this odd, in the story how Our God LePage would throw it out. Yep! And I thought of the mural too! Agree with you Ronald Riml.

Bob White's picture

You shouldn't talk about our

You shouldn't talk about our President even if you don't like the guy you should respect the office.

 's picture

Reminds me of your president Ron.

Haven't seen him deliver one speech without giving us a big tale.

Bob White's picture

You shouldn't talk about our

You shouldn't talk about our President even if you don't like the guy you should respect the office.

 's picture

I was talking about the man.

I will always respect the office of the President. But I cannot and will not respect someone who doesn't respect the office he holds. Your president has done nothing to earn my respect as a man, let alone earning my respect as President and Commander in Chief.

Kim Waite's picture

I bet you respected George W.

who lied our nation into a war, huh? Pathetic!

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Campaigner in Chief is more

Campaigner in Chief is more like it, David. He's been campaigning since '08 and hasn't stopped. Meanwhile, the country's on the road to perdition, we're being killed and maimed left and right by terrorists and wackjobs with guns, we have 4 dead unavenged Americans in Benghazi, we have an incompetent (or crooked) Attorney General, and POTUS' biggest priority is making sure that low information voters get free cell phones. It's enough to gag a maggot.

RONALD RIML's picture

Can't reason with 'Whack-Jobs"

1. "we're being killed and maimed left and right by terrorists and wackjobs with guns."

- And Republicans fight Gun-Control to their last breath; though 10,000 Americans are killed by guns every years, and another 20,000 kill themselves with guns.

2. we have 4 dead unavenged Americans in Benghazi.

- That's 2,992 less unavenged American deaths than occurred on 9/11/01; when we were attacked by 15 Saudis, 1 Egyptian, 1 Lebanese, and 2 from the United Arab Emirates. Since then we have waged war both on Iraq and Afghanistan, the governments of neither country having had anything to do with the attack.

- We have spent over $1.43 Trillion on these two wars, with no taxes being raised to fight them, and the Republican party resisting any attempt to raise taxes to pay for these wars..

3. we have an incompetent (or crooked) Attorney General

- Really? Anywhere near the incompetence and corruption of Bush/Cheney who catapulted us into these wars? This after they failed to take heed of warnings presented?

4. POTUS' biggest priority is making sure that low information voters get free cell phones.

Obviously False. Low Information Voters vote Republican.


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