UMF 150th anniversary celebration to include town, state

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

From left, Farmington selectmen Chairman Ryan Morgan, Town Manager Richard Davis, secretary Linda Grant and Selectman Jessica Berry listen Tuesday to UMF President Kathryn Foster, not pictured, request permission to hand UMF 150th anniversary banners on town lights posts. A sample banner, right, is held by Jennifer Eriksen of Alumni Relations at the university.

FARMINGTON — As the birthplace of higher learning in the state, the University of Maine at Farmington plans to extend its 150th anniversary celebration into the community and across the state.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

University of Maine at Farmington's President Kathryn Foster sought board approval Tuesday to hang banners for UMF's yearlong 150th anniversary celebration. From left are Foster, Selectmen Dennis Pike, Andrew Hufnagel, Board Chair Ryan Morgan and Selectman Jessica Berry.

The celebration will start in September and last an entire year, UMF President Kathryn Foster told selectmen Tuesday.

The school was chartered in 1863 and began in 1864 as the first institution of higher learning in Maine, she said. A Charter Day celebration is planned Oct. 9 and includes the governor, the Maine congressional delegation, local legislators, school and town officials.

"We're expecting many visitors throughout the year," Foster said. Activities are planned at the campus and in the town.

Foster and Jennifer Eriksen from UMF Alumni Relations brought a sample banner to show the board and sought permission to hang them on light posts.

"It's a work in progress," Foster said of the banner.

The board unanimously agreed to the request, although the decorative downtown lights are the only ones for which they could give permission.

They also appointed Town Manager Richard Davis to act as a liaison between the university and the town to help facilitate the celebration. Selectman Jessica Berry is already involved in the university's celebration committee and will work with Davis.

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James St. Pierre's picture

Many Maine institutions of higher learning founded before UMF

Bowdoin College, 1794
Colby College, 1813
Bangor Theological Seminary, 1814
Westbook College, 1831 (merged with UNE)
Ricker College, 1848 (defunct)
Bates College, 1855

Rick Denison's picture

First college?

I think the story should say "first PUBLIC institution of higher learning in Maine," shouldn't it? While UMF'S longevity is impressive, Bowdoin was founded in 1794, Colby in 1813 and Bates in 1955.

Rick Denison's picture

Bates date

That should be 1855 for Bates.


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