Gov. Paul LePage signs bill that protects IDs on concealed gun permits

AUGUSTA — A bill to keep under wraps the names and other identifying information about people with concealed-handgun permits will be signed into law, Gov. Paul LePage said Friday.

The bill was approved Thursday on lopsided votes in the state House and Senate. LePage himself has such a permit.

Rep. Corey Wilson, R-Augusta, submitted the legislation after a suburban New York City newspaper's publication in December, following the Newtown, Conn., school massacre, of an interactive map with the names and addresses of thousands of permit holders. The Journal News piece pulled the information from its website after receiving complaints and threats.

That prompted the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine to recommend legislation to ensure the confidentiality of names, addresses and other personal information about concealed-weapons permit holders.

The issue was pushed to the forefront in Maine in February after the Bangor Daily News made a state Freedom of Access Act request for information on concealed weapons permits issued by the state.

The News' action caused an uproar among Maine gun owners and legislators, who worried that such requests would violate the privacy of law-abiding gun owners. The newspaper said it never intended to publicize personally identifying information about the gun owners.

The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Corey Wilson of Augusta was scaled back to allow aggregate information about permit holders to be released, but no personally identifying information. Wilson was relieved by word the governor would sign the measure.

"It was a long and sometimes contentious road, but ultimately, I think we crafted a very reasonable and effective bill that will provide concealed handgun permit holders with the privacy and safety that they deserve," Wilson said in a statement.

The bill was enacted days before the end of a legislatively endorsed moratorium on the release of concealed handgun information.

Opponents of the bill said that there was no evidence anyone had been hurt by Maine's open concealed weapons records, and that closing them would weaken Maine Freedom of Access law.

Submitted photo

Gov. Paul LePage signs L.D. 345, which seals the identities of gun owners who have concealed weapon permits. At the signing is David Trahan, left, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, Jeff Weinstein, Maine Gun Owners’ Association, Rep. Lisa Villa, Assistant House Republican Leader Alexander Willette, Rep. Corey Wilson, Jeff Zimba, Master Maine Guide, LePage, Rep. Thomas Tyler, Sen. Gary Plummer, Rep. Jethro Pease, Assistant House Democratic Leader Jeff McCabe, and Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Troy Jackson.

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Thomas Hamilton's picture


Freedom of information to public records has just been diminished.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Maybe now we can get over this........

It's time to get over this waste of time. Why is it that Republicans seem to be able to get anything that will ultimately affect them personally, pushed right to the front of the line, for the ceremonial vote, and Governors signature. If only they could find the compassion to do the same with bill's that go toward the health and safety of the poor, sick, and disabled. While we're at it, how about the unemployed? No the Republicans decided to put their complete backing into what they considered the most pressing issues of the day. Among them whether or not someone knows if your a "Concealed Weapons Carrier". OK, now that this farce is put to bed, can we get on with some real issues? The people of this State are hurting, It's time to start putting people ahead of politicians, we're the ones who pay your salaries...............

Steve  Dosh's picture

Gov. Paul LePage signs bill that protects IDs on concealed gun

Mainers , ƒriday 13:00 hst ?
What did he use for an ID ?
1 ) Marriage licence ,
2 ) Pilot's license ,
3 ) Fishing licence ,
4 ) US Passport ,
5 ) Birth ceritificate ,
6 ) Hunting licence ,
7 ) Boat licence ,
8 ) Snowmoble licence ,
9 ) Driving licence ,
10 ) Deer - Moose permit ,
11 ) Crabbing - clamming - ice fishing permit ?
. . What a farce . Just register them and always remember that if marriage was outlawed only outlaws would have in - laws hth ? Steve ?

Noel Foss's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong...

But aren't all measures that are approved by the state either unanimous or lopsided? If a 2/3 majority of votes is required for these measures to pass, and there's one vote against, then it's a lopsided tally, right?

"LePage, who has a concealed handgun permit, announced Friday he'd put his signature on the bill, which was approved a day earlier by lopsided votes in the Maine House and Senate."

1) Leaning or inclined to one side
2) Greater in weight, size, or height on one side
3) Characterized by the domination of one competitor over the other; "it was a lopsided victory"

Steve  Dosh's picture

Noel . et., al., . We are

Noel . et., al., . We are not dis - agreeing with you at all
He's Maine's Chief elected Executive Officer , not our's
We live in Hawai'i •
Maybe our ^^ President Obama will invoke ^^ some E.O.s this US congressional recess period
Suggestions : a ) Guns , b ) Marriage , c ) Immigration
hth ? Steve

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

I understand free cell phones

I understand free cell phones and broadband internet for the 'poor and needy' are high on his list of priorities.

David  Cote's picture

And to that begs the question to be asked...

Exactly what was the count of that lopsided vote?


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