Sheriffs join fight to oppose marijuana legalization in Maine

AUGUSTA (AP) — Four Maine sheriffs are joining community health care providers to stand against marijuana legalization efforts.

Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty, president of the Maine Sheriffs Association, said Tuesday that legalizing marijuana would damage communities.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said marijuana use has negative effects on a developing brain.

Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant and Lincoln County Sheriff Todd Brackett joined them.

The Kennebec Journal ( ) reported the sheriffs said marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to abuse of other substances. Liberty says many inmates at his jail on drug charges got their start with marijuana.

Bruce Campbell, program director at Wellspring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services in Bangor, said marijuana use costs Maine almost $1.3 billion annually for health care, social services, criminal justice and loss of productivity.

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 's picture

I wish...

...that you officers would do some research into this BEFORE choosing your position.
I am sure that a session of un-biased fact seeking would open your eyes to the falsehoods you currently believe to be facts.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Another waste of Taxpayers money

MaryJane would be a HUGE revenue factor and regulated. That would help eliminate the dealers, by cutting their profits and the outrageous prices that rip the buyers off, not mentioning the low life caliber that some of those dealers are removing them from your towns.
It would also eliminate the drug wars and trafficking from Mexico, and other countries, curbing smuggling, murdering and crime in so many ways.

The jails would be reduced with the court cost and processing would be a huge savings. The cops could spend more time on real crime and less on a bunch of small time users, whereas many of the users maturing and moving on, just stop using, for personal reason, since it is not addictive. Pot smokers are not violent people, who just want to lay back and enjoy life and for the medical reasons alone it is a win - win for all.

Alcohol is addictive and lethal for users, destructive in peoples lives in so many ways and it is legal, taxed and regulated. Alcoholism cost millions in so many peoples lives as being destructive, but they keep it selling and legal.....makes no sense.....

It will be legal in the future and people need to move forward....

Sandra Coulombe's picture

Of course the sheriffs are

Of course the sheriffs are against legalization, having it illegal is job security for law enforcement and wasted tax dollars for the rest of us! Alcohol is the drug that destroys the most lives but it's legal. Anything can destroy the life of the weak willed. Sugar is addictive but we are not outlawing that one even though excess use leads to diabetes and all the complications associated with it. To all good things let there be moderation and in the cases where no self control is used, if it isn't one addiction it will just be another. Lets stop punishing everyone because of the few who can't or won't control themselves!

Kristina Gailloux's picture

Negative Effects on Brain

It's not like if it's legal people are going to start having their kids smoke it...they are the only ones with a developing brain. I think there are a lot worse chemically made drugs out there we should be worrying about, rather than a plant that grows naturally :)


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