Legislative hearings to discuss 3 abortion bills May 16

AUGUSTA — A May 16 date has been set for legislative hearings on three abortion-related bills, which are already drawing opposition from within the State House.

A coalition of female legislators and abortion rights activists held a news conference Thursday to condemn the bills as anti-choice.

The first bill bolsters Maine's law requiring informed consent about information, the second allows a wrongful death cause of action for the death of an unborn child, and the final proposal strengthens the consent laws for abortions performed on minors and incapacitated people. The Judiciary Committee has scheduled the hearing.

Committee Senate Chair Linda Valentino of Saco says she's confident the panel will reject the bills.

The Maine Right to Life Committee supports the bills and considers them women's issues.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Legislative hearings to discuss 3 abortion bills May 16

All 13.05.02 15:10 hst ?
It's - t h e i r - bodies guys. Let T H E M discuss it and decide what to do and how to proceed ?  Just a suggestion • /s Dr. dosh and ohana , HI usa

Jonathan Albrecht's picture


should be automatic

Bob Berry's picture


...we should reject the idea of informed consent and parents rights over their minor. Automatic? Me thinks not.


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