Gov. Paul LePage tours fire sites in downtown Lewiston

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Gov. Paul LePage, left, and Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald, center, look up at two burned-out apartment buildings on Bartlett Street in Lewiston on Tuesday morning. Lewiston fire Chief Paul LeClair, right, talked about the recent rash of fires that have plagued downtown Lewiston.

LEWISTON — Gov. Paul LePage on Tuesday counseled city residents fearful after a week of dangerous fires to keep calm and carry on.

More coverage of the Lewiston fires:

"You take one step at a time, and move forward," LePage said during a visit to the city. "These are disaster times and you do the best you can do with what you have. The encouraging thing is that there are a lot of people willing to help."

LePage walked with Lewiston city officials, including Mayor Robert Macdonald, City Administrator Ed Barrett and police, fire and city staff, on a tour of the sites of three major fires within a week in downtown Lewiston.

LePage said he had little sympathy for those accused of starting the fires. Police have arrested Brody Covey, 12, of Lewiston in the April 29 fire that destroyed buildings at 105-111 Blake St. and 172 Bates St.

A second 12-year-old has been charged with setting fires late Friday that burned four buildings on Pierce and Bartlett streets. The court has declined to release that boy's name until his arraignment on May 13.

No arrests had been made Tuesday in the most recent fire on Bartlett and Horton streets Monday morning.

"They ought to be put away," LePage said. "Do they realize how much devastation they've caused? I mean, I've been on the street at (11 years old), and you know what you are doing. I'm sorry, but those 12-year-olds need to be handled to the fullest extent of the law."

LePage said he was going back to meet with state agencies to see what kind of help was available for the city, but he doubted there would be much money. He said he planned to quiz legislators to find out whether money was available to help fire victims.

"If there is discretionary funding available, I haven't found any," LePage said.

However, Lewiston lawmakers said the governor has the authority under state law to allocate as much as $350,000 from his emergency contingency fund. The governor could, in consultation with the state budget officer, allocate up to $750,000 from this fund.

“We hope the governor will use his authority to release these funds today to help a community in need,” said Rep. Peggy Rotundo, D-Lewiston.

“We are urging him to declare this situation an emergency and to access all state and federal funds," Rotundo said. "The Legislature created the governor's contingency fund for emergency scenarios just like this.”

The people of Lewiston need help, Sen. Margaret Craven, D-Lewiston, said.

"Hundreds of people have lost everything and are homeless, and if this doesn't qualify as an emergency, then I don't know what does," Craven said. "If the governor has access to any funding, it needs to be released now to help these people get their lives back together."

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett later in the day released a statement affirming that the governor has the discretion to spend up to $300,000 per year on emergencies. So far, he has spent $18,000 on domestic violence electronic monitoring, she said.

She said the rest of the fund has not been spent and LePage hasn't made any decisions for further funding.

Bennett said L.L. Bean has given $50,000 to the Lewiston Fire Department Relief Fund and an anonymous donor has agreed to match donations, up to $10,000, until Friday.

The governor sees Lewiston as a generous community where people and businesses are rising to the challenge, Bennett said.

She said the governor met today with Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew about extending the 60-month limit on benefits for fire victims.

LePage is “committed to working with city officials to lessen the burden,” Bennett said. In the short term, the governor is waiting to see how much aid the community and businesses raise before releasing additional funding.

In another release later Tuesday, Maine Senate Republican Leader Michael Thibodeau, R-Waldo, scolded Democrats for asking the governor for financial aid for the city.

“The problem with that approach is that, currently, we don’t know the full extent of the damage from these three fires and the associated costs,” Thibodeau said in a prepared statement. “We do know that the damage is extensive and people are hurting from it. But the last thing we should do is turn this into a political football. That is not helpful to the victims."

The three fires caused more than $2.5 million in damages, destroyed 77 apartments in nine buildings and left more than 200 people homeless.

Deputy City Administrator Phil Nadeau told the governor during his tour of the fire scenes that the city planned to get "very aggressive" downtown, particularly with out-of-state landlords. Many of the old buildings need attention or they need to come down, Nadeau said.

"We can't risk loss of life," LePage said. "Hopefully, (the worst) is over."

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The governor said he plans to do nothing until the next election and apparently he is good at it. Certainly the culprits should bear responsibility for what they did assuming it is proven in court and the parents too.And it is wonderful that so many people have come forth to offer assistance I disagree that the State of Maine has no responsibility to help a community that experiences a disaster of this magnitude. His visit is apparently as helpful as the Bush flyover New Orleans after Katrina. He should be working with the Housing Authority and the DMV to help people get housing and lost documents. He should also be helping the city with demolition money and DHHS should be helping to renew lost prescriptions. He should be doing more than offering his sympathy and telling us to do what we can with what we have when those folks have nothing because they have lost everything. We can be thankful this guy was not in charge during the Ice Storm. Some of us would still be waiting for electricity.


I have been listening to the

I have been listening to the governor's comments. The 12 year old boys have been charged not convicted...don't invite the full arm of the law on them until they have been convicted. There may be more to this story then we are being told and there may not be but until they have their day in court people, especially the governor and anyone else in a position of power, should be using the word "allegedly".

 's picture

Well, thanks anyway

Glad you could pop in for a visit. We'll take care of ourselves.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Tony, any relations to Dr. Morin off Montello Hill, son Greg and daughter Michelle?

 's picture


There's a million of us.

 's picture

Curfew Time

Curfew Time


This just came to my attention.....please share

Folks from the Lewiston area, please repost for fire victims. Loaves & Fishes of Sabattus has clothes, hoursehold goods, dishes, pots and pans, appliances, beds with bedding, furniture, etc. all free for the taking. Call Ellie at 577-9364 for pick up arrangements.


Well now we have proof that

Well now we have proof that someone is just out to disagree no matter what is said...makes you wonder if they can read?

David  Cote's picture

Tina, look at it this way...

For whatever number of people who had the nerve to disagree with your post regarding the info you provided, I'm sure there were othet readers who took positive action on it. Don't dwell on the negative. Take away from it that your post probably is helping people as we speak. And if I were allowed to push the agree button more than once you would have received a thousand of them.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Shallow and naive as they can get

It has to be one or a couple that that live in homes that leans so far right they don't have any sense or know how to put air in the tires.

Let me show you a few.... video is detailing...enjoy...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Cowards I tell ya

They are smart enough to debate or comment and just tag you because of who or what you stand for...that is why SJ should not have them being able to unless they leave a response.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Hey Jerry......

Who ever wants to agree or disagree has a right, after awhile you can tell the true Kudos from the angry ones. There are those who disagree just because a particular person wrote the post. The kudos, anonymous as they are, give some people an idea of whether or not, their barking up the right tree........

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I heard that;

I concur with the rights to, but goes to show you how low and immature some will be, to lurk in the shadows, like a roach feeding off their insecurities and low esteem.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Obviously, those who disagree

Obviously, those who disagree are pressing your button. Otherwise, why waste any time addressing the behavior.

Perhaps those people know you better than you know yourself.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ah look

We caught a roach....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

You are correct. L-A is the

You are correct. L-A is the welfare roach motel capital of Maine. Welfare class check-in, but they don't check out. Only the productive members move out. Good luck.


Actually I was sitting here

Actually I was sitting here thinking it was funny....and I hope somebody knows me because sometimes I forget who I am especially when I am busy with kids, doctors, an ill find me I got lost

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Sometimes it does a person good to lose themselves..........

I just moved to the boondocks over the weekend, I'm not sure where the hell I am, and I'm not to sure I want to be found.....................

MARK GRAVEL's picture

That is okay Frank, I don't

That is okay Frank, I don't think anyone was looking.

Gent Schevner's picture

Good Man/Lady

This is what I call a "solid". Good for you Loaves and Fishes of Sabattus. I tip my hat to you.

David  Cote's picture

Lots to be angry about

Three major fires within a week, two of which have been determined to be caused by arson, two twelve year old boys in custody charged with the arsons and over a hundred residents displaced. And lets not forget the firefighters and police officers who have to be near exhaustion at this point. Plus all those folks living in the general area wondering if they'll be next. Yeah, there sure is a lot to be angry and concerned about. Hopefully the Governor will offer assistance to those displaced and ramped up patrols will discourage someone from causing another tragedy. People are supposed to come together during times such as this, not rip each other apart with insults and displays of hatred. It's important to the victims of these fires to know they won't be abandoned. MacDonald and LePage need to make that their #1 priority. As for myself, I am sifting through my closet for some clothes I've outgrown that are still in good condition and I will also donate some food items. I really feel terribly for these folks and I wish I could do more for them. Everyone has a good heart within themselves. For those affected by the fires, let's all show them how good our hearts are.

Gent Schevner's picture


The victims of the fire should be supported. Those that caused it?- sorry, not a lot of sympathy for them.

The victims here must be supported. Is there a trademark on the phrase "Lewiston Strong"? I think not. Use it to rebuild.

The 12s? Not sure they can be rehabilitated. They REALLY blew this one. Jail.

David  Cote's picture

Not ready to give up on the 12's just yet...

After all, these boys have been accused and charged thus far, not convicted. The investigation needs to continue and due process must proceed before anyone casts them away behind a prison wall. And even then, I'm of the belief that a 12 year old, even in this situation, can still be reached. Maybe I try looking for something positive when the situation may be deemed hopeless, but it's still better than the alternative. And if the boys are found guilty then they should pay dearly for the crime. Many people's lives were threatened by these fires. Residents of the buildings and public safety officials alike. The results of these fires could have been far worse. And, if found guilty, they need to be held accountable for their actions. That's the only real chance they would have to fully understand what they did and- hopefully, helps them decide to take a better path to a more meaningful life.

Gent Schevner's picture

Defense Lawyer, eh?

These boys were just distracted from real life issues because their Dad is X and Mom is Y.

Really? The little jerks set fire to buildings with no care of those inside. Ever occur to you that they might just be jerks?

I think the Pollyanna goggles you have on need to be replaced. When I look through my glasses I see a building on fire, not "the misunderstood kids". Some people are just bad, and defense lawyers putting them back on our streets really isn't helpful.


Accused and charged are both

Accused and charged are both a far cry from convicted ....Do you know what happened? Were you there? Do you know the kids personally to know what their family situation is? Guess we now know who is really a negative person here now don't we.

David  Cote's picture

When I put my goggles on...

I see two innocent until proven guilty 12 year olds. Look, I'm a realist and I don't need to be remonded of the gravity of the situation. The investigation needs to be completed and all questions answered before we decide to "throw" these kids away. So I guess your glasses and my goggles disagree. As Gene Rayburn used to say, "No match."

JOANNE MOORE's picture


And the parents of these boys need to be held accountable also.

David  Cote's picture

You raised an interesting point, Joanne

If the parents allowed these boys to run amok then, providing the boys are found guilty, the paremts should be held to some measure of culpability. But let me ask you of a hypothetical situation. Say one of these boys come from a home where the parents, or parent is very much involved in the welfare of the child, or children. Say the boy has two siblings, one older and one younger. The older child is well adjusted, earns good grades, is studious and a happy person overall who shows everyone respect. Then let's say the younger sibling is also quite well adjusted and minds well. How then do we explain the behavior of the 12 yr old. Surely the parents raised all three within the same guidelines with the expectation they all would turn out fine. The question really becomes "What would make a twelve year old do this?", that is, if he did do it. I know a couple who raised four kids. Three grew up to be well adjusted adults with no real issues other than what everyday life throws at them. The fourth is locked up at Warren until he hits his 30's. Was it the parent's guidance that was flawed? No since the other three are ok. Emotionally, all of us are capable of committing good or bad deeds. We decide for ourselves which one we choose. Lots of questions and possibilities. Sorry to get long winded on you. I do agree if the parents showed no cari.g or structure then yes, hold them accountable as well.

Gent Schevner's picture

Good LePage

The Gov was exactly right.

At 11 he knew the streets. At 12 you should certainly know. Ask yourself, why is it that the twelves didn't know? They knew- Who teaches a child that fire is good? Responsible adults teach "stay away". I'm sad to say that the most important lesson missing was the one from home.

Good kids join the Boy Scouts, not learn to burn a tenement.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


This coming from a guy who walked the streets of Lewiston, beating on other kids and humiliating them at every chance...give me a break...

Did you know this guy? I surely did and he is a hypocrite....I know who raised him and what his issues were coming from his adoptive mom! The little boy as you think was a bully and a punk....

Gent Schevner's picture

Wrong response Jerry

You meant to reply to someone else, as I never did anything you say. I have no idea who you are. But if you did not I must reply.

You wish to lie. Why do I suspect you wish to lie on purpose?

Were you the kid beat up every day by the bully you now delusionally attribute to me?

Kind of like your "Shore Patrol" comment. You are not from here, because any Mainer worth their salt knows that Lewiston is not a coastal community. I really hope your Mom's story of Dad being SP in Lew-Aub isn't the basis of your being. It might be though.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You must be really dense....

I was speaking about Le Page you dunce, but it appears you have problems of keeping up with the conversations.

If you can't keep up with the conversations, take notes.

And the comment you made about my mother and dad can only be that you must be confused and can't comprehend english.

But to think you might have of been my son, but thankfully, the guy in front of me had the correct change.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Lives in Brunswick, Norm Rocheleau, originally from Lewiston, Brault Park, retired for S & H Green Stamps...I made that up too...

David  Cote's picture

S&H Green stamps?!?

Man, you're bringing out the nostalgia in me, Jerry. Back to the days of Sparks department store, Bonneau's market and Howdy's all beef, (were they really BEEF?), burgers. And let's not forget Happy Jack's. Great memories. BTW, have you folks up there in MN had major problems with flooding this spring?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Amazing isn't Dave

Have you noticed the constant retard that keeps marking the Disagree radio button on about somebody that has issues...LOL

Thanks for the information and the follow ups...

David  Cote's picture

Some people just can't play it straight...

I saw the disagree on Tina's post regarding info on the free items. To me, people who disagree for the sake of disagreeing come from the same ilk as bystanders shouting "JUMP!" to a person on a ledge. There is a name for this condition. I just don't know how to pronounce it.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Happy Jacks, now that is nostalgic

Had tons of fun and learned a lot there. I started at 13 as a dishwasher, at 15 until I was a fry cook, sent to Larry's Fourniers Restaurant/Hotel in OB, having my first car and license. Learned to be a prep chef from Marco Ginacotti, Larry's brother in - law married to Carmen. Boogie (Normand) Bourgoin, was my idol and mentor to growing up and learning the facts of life.
The old Woolworths on Lisbon downtown next to the Barber School that Reggie ran. The old Nehi plant over in Thorns Craig. So many good memories. Bonneau's on Pine, is still there I think.

Flooding has been minimal, did have my well contaminated for a week long, but all is well. The May 1, snow storm of 14-15 inches of heavy white snow done tons of damage, picked up a new Stihl yesterday to start on it Friday. Fargo on the Red River made it through with no damages for a change.

David  Cote's picture

Oh yeah...

Hanson's Barber School. Hated getting my haircut there. I'd rather have my Dad put a bowl over my head and cut around it. But during the late 70's there was the Franco festival in Kennedy Park. Myself and my buds were all of 17 and we'd sneak into the beer tent, do the duck dance and get chased out by Officer Dick Avery. And as I type this a stupid grin has taken command of my face. I'd give anything to relive just one of those days. Glad to hear the flooding was minor. Cheers.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


I forgot Hanson's name...yet it was the days when I had a flat top and the old grease that is funny and I hated that cut until I became an altar boy at St.Pats. and Father Burns told my dad in my defense that I would grease up things...LOL....

I remember Dick and also Dick Cloutier who dated my cousin after Nam. My Uncle was Capt. Norm Poulin, Detectives, and I knew a lot of the guys on the force.

I too would like to go back and have those days back, playing baseball for Cote's Dairy out at Elliott, and skating at the rink.

Back at ya...what year did you grad?

David  Cote's picture

Actually Jerry....

I graduated in 1979 from Leavitt. Our parents moved us out to Turner in 75. I hated Leavitt. Filled with a bunch of clicky kids. We used to ride our bikes to Lewiston on weekends and when we got to driving age we'd stay at my buddy's apt. on Maple St. We used to scale the fence and go in the swimming pool in Kennedy Park on hot summer nights, get a pizza at Mamarosa's and just soaked up the town. Lots of folks trash Lewiston these days. I don't. Loke Burt Lancaster daid in the film Field of Dreams, "The memories are so vivid you have to brush them away.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

I am familiar with Leavitt and more.

I was out in Turner several times myself. I can't remember the name of the Disco out there in 77-78, but they got my old JBL studio monitor speakers and horns from my disco I owned out on the Lew/Lisbon town line. It was the old hardware building owned by Lefty Thibault, who was killed a few years later driving his real hot Cobra.

Don Dufour, old time friend and neighbor on Blanchette St was my business partner and we rebuilt it to a real nice joint, called the "Dew Drop Inn". Those days were great until he had a stabbing by a biker, to my school buddy Mark Thibault, that hurt the business from that day on. There was some rivalry with the old "Between the Sheets", that the Raymonds owned, on Lisbon St and ours went all south. Actually the owners of the club in Turner made out like bandits once the city of Lewiston ordinance shut us all down.

So Lewiston for me too had its ups and its down for me also.

David  Cote's picture

Aaaaaand the name of that club in Turner...

You're referring to the old Circle Electrik on rte 4. Al DeHayes owned that place. In fact, his house was right behind the club on Lone Pine. Al owned a DeLorean, his pride and joy. He passed away a few years ago but he made a mint on that place since he provided teens a place to dance and socialize from 7:30 -midnight or so on Friday nights, then catered to the after hours crowd after midnight on Fridays and all Saturday night. We used to hit Youly's Diner up the street after leaving the Circle for one of their lumberjack breakfasts, then would waddle home and crash until about two in the afternoon on Sundays. And, ironically, here we are discussing fires and I believe that ended up being the Circle's.fate as well. After that, I hung out with my Dad and brother who were musicians in country bands. Their best paying gigs wete the bottle clubs, such as the Roost in Buxton and Harmony Hall in Gray. I wasn't much into the music but watching the patrons half crocked during the circle waltzes, (a.k.a. the scavenger dances) was always entertaining. My Dad, a great jokester was a riot to watch on stage. I miss those days. And I miss my Dad a lot.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ah yes the DeLorean

Great car, made of stainless steel and cool, looking. I was out in Palms Springs, CA in 2001 on a Trustees annual training conference, and came across one in mint condition for 14K and was so tempted to buy it, but the wife wasn't convinced since we already had 4 vehicles. I was trying to convince her it was for the boy, but didn't work.

I was out at the Paramount Studios in CA. after another Trustees conference in Anaheim, in 2007 and got to see the real deal from the movie and I had the urge, I should've bought it then back in 2001 in Palm Springs.

David  Cote's picture

It was a chore to keep DeLoreans looking their best

If there were dents present on a body panel a specialist in brushed metal steel would need to pound out the dents then rebrush the entire panel. From what I gather it's a true art. When DeLorean went belly up, there were still enough stock parts to make another ten thousand, or so cars. Those parts were saved and are now housed in a warehouse out west that became a massive parts store for DeLorean enthusiasts. Body panels, light assemblies, interiors, they have it all and the presence of this warehouse means DeLoreans will be on the road for many years.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You nailed it

Circle Electric, as the times go by sometimes the old brain has its hiccups, thanks. Manyo are lucky to get that time with your dad, those are priceless moments. I did a bit of band roady activity in the days too. I had a bud Jerry Dubois, was friends with the band Oak and we got to help around on that gig. I and Jer where in the Pine Tree Warriors Drum & Bugle marching band corp, for snowshoers club, I was a drummer and Jer was a trumpeter. That was where I met my first wife, as the drum majorette and we won many of a few of the competitions.

I didn't have much time with my dad very long since he was overseas in the Navy and then after HS I enlisted in 73 and went overseas myself. Didn't get to Nam, almost, had orders but got put on hold, since Nixon was pulling out the guys, we handled the traffic in Okinawa as they got ready to fly off the rock, to get to the hospitals stateside and handling the caskets on the tarmac to get back to Travis AFB. Years later my dad passed on Blanchette St, from massive heart attack shoveling after a big storm. Man the guy was on his deathbed twice, shot up bad during WWII and gets it from snow at 50.

So I too miss my dad as well.
Remember I told you about David Cote that was on Blanchette, his dad was a Dentist in Lewiston for years. I also was buds with Paul and Bert Cote, lived outside of Brault Park, both played ball on my Cote's Dairy team. Bert owned a car sales lot on the corner of Sabattus and Pond Rd across from my little brothers apartment building. Any relations?

David  Cote's picture

Nope, no relation to those Cotes

Cote is a very common name in these parts. It should be french for Smith. And please allow me to extend a big cyber handshake out to your Dad and yourself for serving and keeping the freedom we enjoy thriving. I'm sorry you lost him, and at such a young age. My Dad missed the big one but served in Korea. Till the day he passed six years ago he nevet spoke of his experoence there and our Mom told us never to mention it. We made sure he received full military honors at his funetal. My brother just missed Nam. He joined the navy in '73 and was stationed out of the Phillipnes aboard the U.S.S. Bausell. He said he hated "the hole." He served 4 years, went to work for the Postal service and retired at 54. He earned it.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Great Deal for your Bro being a Vet

Yep the USPS is one great way to go. I almost did the deal after 4 years in the carpenter's union, where I tested and was accepted to start in Norwalk, CT, but stayed the course and have fantastic pensions and retired at 55 three years ago. The Brotherhood has done us well.

Had friends buds out at the hole too and it was the pits, but a place to see and do when you are young. I even had a best friend Dennis Carney, was a bouncer at my club, from Lewiston, stationed at Hanson on Oki and we never knew it until we met at a party many years later...also his wife is with the USPS and Mike Raymond an old co-worker out at Cottles retired from there also.

Your brother being on a destroyer can be a tight quarters, but better than a sub any day. Been in a sub out at Pearl Harbour and man that has got to suck being crammed like a sardine.

David  Cote's picture

Oh man, you know Mike Raymond?

My wife has worked out of the Lewiston Post Office for nearly ten years and worked a lot with Mike. She always speaks highly of him. Actually, she depended on him a lot and he was always receptive and never said an unkind word. In the times I spoke with him he always showed respect and enthusiasm. Anyone who has the good fortune to call Mike a friend is a richer person for it.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

She must also

know, Colleen Carney, whose husband Dennis was a real good HS buddy, worked at my club. We had a lot of great fun in the years also with his now deceased brother Emile Carney, who was a bartender at the Cage like the both of us in the late 70's. Emile was the heavy weight lifting champion of Maine back in the late 60's. All great people....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Very Well, good old friends

Mike was my boss stocking shelves when I was 17 at Cottles. He gave me my dog Cleo, a CockaPoo. Mike was always telling Nam stories, as an Ex Marine and gave us detailed events. Mike was a straight shooter and kind. He tricked me big time, when he had one of the guys working on the crew to ask him how his sister rode a bike..Mike screamed..."You S_B, my sisters has no legs, I should kick your butt" and man I was just whooped and they died laughing...that was my initiation into the crew with Jean Sampson also....Jean was my mailman at my apartment building and I would see him when I was in town.

Small world....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Thanks for the handshake. I too, had my mom say the same about don't ask about the war with dad. I actually learned more after his passing and man he was in some nasty heartbreak ridge action. He had shrapnel wounds severe and a wound two times the size the shape of the old wood spoons you get with dixie cup ice cream. Mom would pull out shrapnel every year from his skull as it worked its way up and he had a metal plate. He was on the USS Hornet and the USS Coral Sea, carriers. He was shot out of a PBY savings sailors in the drink. He lied about his age at 15 and was on his deathbed at 16 and they found out he was under age but let him stay since he was severely wounded and retired after 22 years. We buried him out to sea in 76 outside of Boston 200 miles out. He was a great guy and my school buds loved him.


Gotta disagree with you

Gotta disagree with you David. I graduated from Leavitt in 1985 and it was definitely a much better school then Lewiston. After having a daughter go threw Lewiston and a brother who recently graduated from Leavitt I must say....anyone got a place for rent in Turner, Leeds or Greene?

David  Cote's picture

My sister graduated in 86 from Leavitt...

And she did well there. But there was a tremendous difference between the experiences we both had attending that school. My sister started her schooling at Leavitt and always attended school in Turner. By the time I hit high school we had moved ten different times either within state or out of state. So, new school every year and saying goodbye to friends I had just made. It's hard for kids to get accoustemed to a new town with a new school with new kids. It's torture when it happens to be the first year of high school. So it depends on the situation I suppose.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You don't know S

I went to LHS and graduated 73, Montello Jr High, grew up on Blanchette St. were my dad died and I joined the AF in 73... Have brother and sister and more relatives in surrounding towns.
Own property in Lewiston.

For your information Lewiston was a town of popular choice for the sailors back in the days, where my dad was a Shore Patrolman.

I know this since my Dad was stationed at NAS in 1952 and again 1961 before he retired after 22 years service, where I got my first helicopter ride on the same day I had my broken wrist set at the NAS, the same day my dad had old shrapnel removed from his arm.

Lewiston where my dad died shoveling the snow at 50....
Whereas my mom was friends, with Pauline, LePages adoptive mom for over 25 years, and I worked with her son at Cottles...

So why don't you just ram it where the sun don't shine...

If you have a brain and Googled my last name you could see this...

Bob White's picture

With your comments today " So

With your comments today " So why don't you ram it where the sun don't shine" and others that you have made sounds like your trying to be a bully. Just because you may not like or agree with somebody you don't have to try to intimidate people with using violence.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Agreeing or not

Sorry Pal, when an unformed or delusional person calls me or you or anybody else a liar and has no proof, that BS doesn't fly.... If you like defending that, so be can call it what you like and take a long walk on a short pier to get wet. I learned along time ago if you want to say something and can't back it up, keep it to yourself and your mouth shut or be prepared to pay the piper.

Bob White's picture

Sounds like your a bit of a

Sounds like your a bit of a wise guy or a person that runs his mouth then when somebody steps up you cry foul. Your a very angry and negative person ever think of getting help for that? Maybe you wouldn't have had so many run ins with the law if you had gotten that checked out

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

SO MANY with the law?

Maybe you wouldn't have had so many run ins with the law if you had gotten that checked out.

Really Bob, tell me how many did I have? Once for not signing a ticket....please so powerful Crystal ball gazer...tell us more?

Wow...You should forget about getting your doctorate on being a psychiatrist ...stick to your day job....

Negative, angry.... now is that the kettle calling the pot black....

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Well sir that is more then me

Well sir that is more then me I think somebody could use a hug. Is your glass half empty? You must have been pick on a lot when you were younger to be this angry of a person.

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Boys... boys... boys... just exchange email addresses or twitter handles and take this outside.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Always half full,

but Sigmund Freud, you are not. SInce I have no knowledge or proof of your record, I like a man will take your word for it....had my days of being small and picked on as a kid, good call, but later on I learned from the school of hard knocks, Dynamite comes in small packages, explodes when lit and can make a lot of damage. Nothing wrong with having to defend yourself unless you are yellow...

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Dude, have you been yanked for being a threat?

Jerry, Jerry....when did threatening to blow people up become a good idea?

And your response to me, unlike what you say here, was a total lie. You replied to me with total b.s. thinking I'd never see it. Wrong again.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Way over your head...LOL

The analogy of dynamite, being I was small and dynamite is meaning me as a small fiery package with a hard you are just plain ign___ant...Fill in the blanks...LOL...

You sure have not been around much have you!


Jerry he has only been a

Jerry he has only been a member for 2 days under this name....(he may or may not have had others)....but you know sometimes you need a hammer, sometimes a mallet and sometimes it takes a sledgehammer and they still don't get it....he should fit in well with some of the others

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Tina, he is

A tool, but not close to being the sharpest of any in the shed, actually he's not sharp at all, more like a bowling ball that should be kept in the bag...

Gent Schevner's picture


Unlike you, I am not the man to hope for a Google hit.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Only a smart person would....

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"?

Gent Schevner's picture


An old quote- glad you can use it as your own, like you thought of it.

"Only a fool uses quotes they cannot attribute as if they were their own."

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Stupid is as stupid does, as you look in the mirror;

At least Lincoln was a lot smarter than you, could ever be.

Next time do your research and know or Learn the facts, instead of jumping into the fire, because you will get burnt, instead of you sitting on your head and try to talk through your gluteus maximus.

Gent Schevner's picture

Work on Grammer

First comma completely useless. Capital "L" a fail on "learn". No points for the obvious Latin reference- too easy- my 11 year old knows that one.

Gent Schevner's picture

Funny pals

I love how you and your pals can vote me down- disagreeing with what is clearly so correct.

Ironically this is exactly the problem I address.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

F- for Failure

If WE wanted or needed grammar or punctuation corrections, we would all be waiting in suspense for a grade along with your sounds of back pedaling your shortcomings. Not having to bring in an 11 year old for your defense...

 's picture


Instead of coming on here to bash on the elected official that you did not vote for, why not comment and add something to the discussion. No instead 4 people have come here just to show how much they dislike the Lewiston Mayor and Maine Governor. Have any of you donated items or volunteered your time to the aftermath? If not, then shut up!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Didn't vote for either

Gave $200, to Red Cross...what did you give??

 's picture

The Red Cross in Minnesota??

The Red Cross in Minnesota??

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Nope in Lewiston, where my apartment building is and family live....


I have donated..have you????

I have donated..have you???? Maybe there wouldn't be negative about the two men if they actually did something other than put others down and then take photo ops to act like they care when in fact they have both vowed to put a stop to welfare...well where do they think many who receive welfare is hypocrisy and if you read the article the governor said there was no money to help the victims...what does he think they need...the Red Cross has said they need money now and not the purpose of his visit is what exactly? And is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH...don't like what is said then don't read it.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ba Zinga

You go girl....


Both the mayor and the

Both the mayor and the governor have always been down on the poor and now they are taking a photo op to say they "helped and supported" the poor... hypocrites. And does anyone notice the downward turn of their they really want to help. And yes I am took 3 fires for either of them to come forward and say anything. They should have stepped up to the plate from day one not a week later.

 's picture

I would say that there is a

I would say that there is a difference between "being down on the poor" and being diligent to eliminate welfare fraud and abuse.

Noel Foss's picture


A photo of them all smiling and laughing probably wouldn't have conveyed the right message...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Picture tells a thousand words

Maybe the Guv could of had a photo of his arm around his brother (Dem) surrounded by the citizens doing an overlook. Instead of the Mayor rubbing his neck and LePage looking at a burnt building made of wood instead of embarrassing at all the flesh that survived.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


embarrassing was to be embraced, damn word correction.

Noel Foss's picture

Sun Journal chose the picture.

There's probably others, but this is the one the SJ chose to run.
I'm doubtful the governor or the mayor had a lot of input on that front...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

The Over Look

The two buffoons, listen as the Chief speaks and the bubble caption should be over LePages' head..."Yep, looks like a mess and as if I really give a shit about the homeless"

 's picture

A mug shot is all we get?

No comments on why he did not respond to calls regarding his brother and the first fire, or the second, and now he comes "to talk with the media and city officials to hear what their plans were to deal with the situation and offer state aid." What about all the people left homeless????



I hope he's here to offer assistance because I doubt downtown Lewiston is much in need of tourists.

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I hope so too, Claire...

These folks have been through the wringer and their lives changed forever. LePage needs to embrace these folks and offer up whatever is neccessary to bring about a real sense of comfort and the promise that they will be able to enjoy their lives again...and the sooner the better.


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