Gov. LePage pledges $50,000 to Lewiston Fire Relief Fund

LEWISTON — The Lewiston Fire Relief Fund can expect a $50,000 boost from the contingency fund of Gov. Paul LePage.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Gov. Paul LePage, left, and Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald, center, look up at two burned out apartment buildings on Bartlett Street in Lewiston on Tuesday, May 7, as they listen to Lewiston fire Chief Paul LeClair talk about the recent rash of fires that have plagued downtown Lewiston. The governor came to Lewiston to talk with the media and city officials to hear what their plans were to deal with the situation and offer state aid.

Monday's developments:

More coverage of the Lewiston fires:

In a news release Monday, LePage announced the donation while lauding the efforts of other Mainers to help the victims.

"In times of need like this, we see Mainers pull together to make a difference and it truly is heartwarming. While we can't give the victims back what they had, we can help rebuild their lives as they move forward," LePage said in the release.

The Lewiston Fire Relief Fund is administered by the United Way of Androscoggin County. Including this donation, the fund has raised $176,108 for the victims of the fires, according to the release.

Among the 284 donations to the fund are a $50,000 challenge donation by L.L. Bean, a $10,000 donation from Central Maine Power’s Iberdrola USA Feundation, $5,000 each from the Oxford Casino, TD Bank and Brann & Isaacson Attorneys and a $2,500 donation from Central Distributors.

“The outpouring of support has been great from both individual donors and businesses from all over the Androscoggin County area and beyond,” Joleen Bedard, United Way executive director, said in the release. “I can’t tell you how many calls and visits we’ve had from folks wanting to make sure their gifts are received in time to help us make the match.”

For more information on the Lewiston Fire Relief Fund, call Joleen Bedard, executive director of United Way of Androscoggin County at 795-4000.

Donations to the Lewiston Fire Relief Fund may be made online at, by mail and in person to United Way of Androscoggin County, 66 Ash St., PO Box 888 Lewiston, ME 04243-0888.

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 's picture

RONALD RIML's picture

The Citizens of Lewiston pay taxes -

It was theirs in the first place.

Noel Foss's picture

My neighbors pay taxes

Of the Income, Property, and Sales varieties. They lost their home (and several pets) to a fire this winter; last time I knew they hadn't gotten a payout from the state.
I know a gentleman from Farmington who's paid taxes for roughly 40 years on his piece of property (which also happens to be his source of livelihood). When his farm burned last summer he didn't get a payout from the state, despite having lost both his home and his business all in one go.

These folks certainly pay sales tax, and possibly (probably?) income tax as well. But certainly not property tax, as they rent.

What makes these people more deserving?

Damned if I know.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Cheap Bast

Only $50K.....that is an insult for the massive loss for the City and the residents loss....what a slap in the face......

Noel Foss's picture


It's ten times more than what the Oxford Casino chipped in, and it's not like they're not making enough (much of it from Lewiston residents).

Steve  Dosh's picture

'Ey Jer, Yeah. .but coming

'Ey Jer, Yeah. .but coming from that skinflint ?
Good work firefighters and first responders .
You guys deserve it ? /s , Everyone


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