Bill would require ex-legislators to wait 1 year before becoming lobbyists

AUGUSTA — Maine lawmakers who look to take up lobbying after their state service would be subject to new rules in a bill approved by the Legislature is signed by the governor.

The Senate on Tuesday gave final approval to the bill and sent it to Gov. Paul LePage. It would prohibit a former legislator from engaging in activities that would require registration as a lobbyist or lobbyist associate until one year after that person's term as a legislator ends.

The restriction would begin with the next Legislature.

The bill does not prohibit uncompensated lobbying.

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JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Tit for tat

It should be two years like their term. It is obvious that the majority of legislatures create donors and alliances and use that to create a marriage of interest for themselves from that point forward. Many would lose that relationship and caring the knowledge and information they acquired from the peoples house.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


carrying the knowledge....

Andrew Jones's picture

One year seems too short. A

One year seems too short. A lifetime ban seems excessive. I think a ten year ban would be best.


should be 10 years

It should be ten years or better yet banned forever form becoming the lowest form of human sludge.

 's picture

Weak, very weak

How about a lifetime ban.


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