The will of God

Like it or not, the United States was founded on biblical teachings.

The rules are set by the creator for his children. Man was created and was lonely. God made a helper suitable for him. It was a woman. Man and woman are to become one flesh. That's marriage. Same-sex couples cannot, by definition of marriage, be "married."

Christianity is a choice. If you are a child of God, you must go by his will and testament. No one has the right to change the will and testament of anyone else. A person who votes "no" on Question 1 is playing God.

As a preacher, people have asked me if they can divorce and still live together to get better financial benefits. God says no. Couples have lived together outside of marriage for years, but it is not God's way. Yet no one hates those couples.

Christianity is God's family. He is the head and the father of the family on Earth and in heaven. He made the rules, like it or not. When people don't comply, they are claiming to be better than God. When Christians don't comply, they claim to know better than God.

I hope that all my brothers and sisters in Christ will defend the will and testament of God, the father in heaven and on Earth, and will stand up for marriage by joining me in voting "yes" on Question 1.

God bless America.

Keith D. Hamel, Bethel

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Paris, you try to sound so

Paris, you try to sound so all supportive, but you know what, you sound like a smart ass bully. I put it right out there that I will vote Yes, but I don't condemn anyone else if they don't agree with me. I am voting on what I think is right, and absolutely know that what I think is right, someone else thinks is wrong--and I don't have to call anyone names, or mock their faith to put my point across. So in the end, it's people like you that think you are doing good, that make people like me feel the way I do. In most of the letters to the editor I am reading, the Same Sex Marriage supporters are way to quick to call someone else who doesn't agree with them bigots, buffoons, idiots and whatever other foolish names they can come up with--not that Yes people don't, but from my side of the fence, it usually all begins with the famous word "Bigot", if I don't agree with you. You think you help, but you only hurt.

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News, once I saw, I realized

News, once I saw, I realized the same thing, so you got me there and I agree. I guess my point was that I will always love my children, as I want them all to love others, but we can all agree to disagree, so yes, you do have me correcting myself..............there is alot more to coupledom then what goes on behind closed doors........

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Wow, Jami! One can tell

Wow, Jami! One can tell from your postings that you are, indeed, a deep thinker! So sorry your needle got stuck................

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Scene--last night at

Scene--last night at supper--news story about gay marriage vote--19 year old son states as he is sitting down at the table "I don't know what I would do if my kid said they were gay"--I said "you would love the child, no matter what, but you don't have to agree with their lifestyle choice-- I will always love you and be there for you, but I won't always agree with the choices you make." " Just as you don't want to know what goes on in my bedroom, I don't think I need to know about what goes on in yours. There is nothing that can't be said between us, but again, I may not always have the answer you are seeking. I can't approve what my faith has taught me is wrong, but I shall always love you." It was really that simple, I wish no harm to anyone, but I don't have to agree with what I feel is wrong. You can say I am wrong, but someday, I will hear the correct answer from my God. Those who say I am a fool for believing in God, again, your choice. But someday, we will all be made accountable, and for now, my time here on earth is spent trying to teach these lessons to my children, we can love, but we can have our own opinion as well, the only time we lose is when someone forces us to change what we feel is right for us. I will be voting Yes ....Marriage is between a man and a woman--Civil Unions are between same sex couples.

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Like it or not, freedom of

Like it or not, freedom of religion can also mean freedom from religion. Iran runs a theocracy, maybe that's where you belong.

"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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"Like it or not, the United

"Like it or not, the United States was founded on biblical teachings."
Wrong. It was founded on the thoughts of people like Paine and Rousseau and based upon the natural rights of man; ones inherent to our being, not bestowed by god or government. If I were to tell you a creation story from the Buddhist perspective, you would dismiss it even though it is, by far, an older religion. Read The Rights of Man by Tom Paine, get a REAL education, and get back to me.

It is the undauntable thought, my friend. The one that says, "I'm right!" ~Bobby Sands


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