Agitated LePage says he will move governor's office from State House

AUGUSTA — To protest not being able to have a television display outside his office, Gov. Paul LePage says he will move out of the State House.

Christopher Cousins/Bangor Daily News

Gov. Paul LePage posted this television monitor outside his office in the State House recently, which scrolled messages about how long it's been since the governor presented legislators with his biennial budget proposal and plan to repay hospitals millions in past debt.

File photo

Gov. Paul LePage

Democrats said LePage was angry because he was not allowed to have a television screen outside his office displaying the number of days since he submitted a budget to the Legislature and the number of days since he offered a plan to pay off an approximate $484 million debt to hospitals.

Those at a meeting between LePage and legislative leaders confirmed the governor said he would be moving his office, but their accounts of the exchange varied.

Senate Minority Leader Michael Thibodeau, R-Winterport, said Democrats were making "much ado about nothing. The governor expressed to them that he was disappointed that, again, he feels like they are trying to censor him." 

The Appropriations Committee Senate Chairwoman Dawn Hill, D-York, on Sunday did not allow LePage to testify during a committee work session on the Maine Department of Health and Human Services budget.

Adrienne Bennett, the governor's press secretary, said LePage had been working from the official governor's residence, the Blaine House, for the past two days. The Blaine House is across the street from the State House.

Democrats say LePage has been invited to make a request for his screen display to the Legislative Council, which decides what is appropriate for display in the State House Hall of Flags outside the Governor's Office.

“In government and in life, there are rules that need to be followed. It is disappointing and frustrating that the governor thinks he’s exempt,” Senate President Justin Alfond, D-Portland, said in a prepared statement. “The governor’s ongoing pattern of behavior is embarrassing and not helpful to getting things done for the people of Maine.”

House Speaker Mark Eves, D-North Berwick, said, "This action by the governor is unprecedented, but nonetheless consistent with his pattern of behavior. Storming out when you don’t get what you want is not leadership. He continues to be an unwilling partner at every turn and that is unfortunate for the people of Maine.”

The Legislative Council, which includes four Republicans and six Democrats, met Thursday afternoon, but LePage declined an invitation to appear before the council to request permission for his television display.

During the meeting, Alfond asked the council's executive director to come up with a "utilization plan" for the Governor's Office space should the governor actually vacate the office by July 1.

LePage's office issued a statement saying the 46-inch television he wanted to display was positioned to not interfere with foot traffic, nor did it create a safety concern.

“The repeated attempts by Democrats to stifle debate on bills and to prevent me from speaking in front of the Appropriations Committee is a disturbing pattern of censorship that should concern all Mainers,” LePage said in a prepared statement.

“Now they are saying that the governor of Maine cannot have a TV in the waiting area," he said. "Maine Democrats are taking their cue from the Obama administration in Washington, D.C., which has violated the free-speech rights of American citizens and used the power of the government to silence those who disagree with them. If I have to remove myself from the toxic climate of censorship by Democrats in the State House to defend the taxpayers of Maine, then that’s what I will do.”

LePage said he would continue to meet with Mainers around the state and that his staff would continue to work from the offices at the State House "until such time as the partisan leaders of the Legislature choose to evict them.”

After a news conference Thursday, LePage reiterated his intent to move his office. He then jokingly asked a reporter, "Do you know a good real estate guy?"

The Maine Democratic Party offered to split the cost of a moving van with LePage. Ben Grant, the party's chairman, said they would donate staff time over the weekend to help LePage pack.

Scott Thistle/Sun Journal

Rep. Jeff Timberlake, R-Turner, has his photo taken beside a television installed outside the office of Gov. Paul LePage. LePage said he was moving his office from the State House over a dispute about the television which counts the days since the governor presented a budget to the Legislature.

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Catherine Pressey's picture


It truly is a sad day in the state of Maine that this so called self made man embarrasses himself on the backs of the citizens of Maine. Some of us feel that he could have been an asset to the state. You would think that a person that was to have lived on the streets, would understand and know what it is like to choose between food and rent. Medicine or Food or heck even self medicating due to not being able to see a doctor. Look I think that the hospitals do need to be paid and this is a disgrace that they are not being paid. In the big picture the CEO's of those hospitals are fleecing the system like all the other greedy people that have and did take the jobs out of the state of Maine. LePage is not impartial, those that voted for him did so not with open eyes. Probably thought someone that grew up on the streets would work both for the people and the businesses/companies. Period. However first it was the stripping the workers history of the walls in the Labor Dept. We all want our state to be a safe good place to live. It is clear that what the issues are for the lack of good Companies that pay for the family insurance plans. Even offer the same, it is clear that those jobs now gone off shore, were done so out of greed. You only have to watch the series of Documentary's about the Men that built America. It was the greed that built America. And in those Doc. Ford was a fair minded smart employer who believed it would be good for business to pay his workers high enough wages so they could afford a Ford vehicle. In doing so those workers were insuring themselves work. The benefits to paying workers a livable wage with Insurance made a healthy economy. We are all American's to bad that LePage would not work with both the parties. For Maine for the people, those people he should care about. Clearly he has a chip on his shoulder, and is way off base in his attitude and behavior. I did not support him in his bid for Governor, I am yes a Democrat and still vote for the person, not the party. Even before he was elected he made comments that put me aback. We all had warnings before the fact. I have to believe that if there had not been so many running, he would be back on the streets pushing the workers around at some company. Now we have him, and we many wish he would stop with his rude behavior. Just because he came up hard ,he does not have to act like a, (as my mum would say.) Rough ion, Abe Lincoln carried himself in a dignified Manner and he taught himself out of books. The difference here is those people that put Honest Abe in office. (those that financially backed him thought they could run the country) they figured he would be their puppet. Honest Abe was for the people and by the people. He spoke very well and cared deeply for these United State. Now we have come full circle we have Paul LePage type persons that forget what they are there for. To promote a healthy happy citizenship, economy etc. You do not get there without turning up your sleeves and rolling up you trousers and wading into the cure with your eyes wide open. LePage is narrow minded and child like in his attitude. Heck I bet if when he was a kid, he rather see a toy on the dump than give it to another kid. That is my opinion. Maine needs to bring back companies that pay a livable wage offer medical insurance, Maine needs to have Doctors and hospitals that are not greedy. This is not the case, I was just told a story about a doctor that has gotten so big for his breeches that he does not offer his patients a place unless they pay him two thousand dollars to have the honor of being one of his patience’s. That means yaw got to buy a spot to have him treat you. Than on top of that he charges the insurance companies for what care he gives besides. Greed in the hospitals too! Nursing staff making $30.00 per hr. While the people here in Maine and the average person not making $10.00 per hr. People working with the Mental Health group homes are lucky to make $8.00 to start. And no full time positions, and do not pay employee hospital ins. Most Companies used to pay for the employee this all has, and is part and partial of the problem IF HOSPITALS have to pay far more per hour than those person they are caring for, the back is going to be broken. Those making $8.00 per hr. are not among the insured. And can not afford insurance. Yes! I maybe on a ramble, however I am sad to see those on here that would support LePage on the backs of those hard workers that are just as valuable as those that are the haves with the $30.00 pay per hr. LePage will not lend his hand to his fellow man, he places his hand in the pocket of the Employers and Companies and shows nothing but hate towards we at the bottom and those that are not about his party. He needs to loose his bias and work with the Democrats, they have offered him a solution that can work will work. It is just not his toy, like most employers if you do not like the way the owner/boss wants it done than, ya get fired. LePage would love to fire all the Democrats and send all those poor citizens out to sea on a boat. Funny how that works, like our ancestors came here to have a better life. And, and for a while it looked good, than they took away the jobs, Free trade, lost the tariffs on imports. AND HOW THE HECK IS THAT WORKING FOR US. The Doctors and Hospitals charge so much, just one big circle, that Greed has created. My opinion. I sometimes think I am watching Our Gang or the Bowery boys, when I see LePage in action. Yep! cjp


Bravo!!!!! Very well said.

Bravo!!!!! Very well said.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Forgets where he came sad and pathetic

Here is a guy, that had a life of misery, having a life that many others can or could relate to.
This same guy who was welcomed into a home of good Democrats that treated him with respect and dignity.

Here is the same person that worked at a store called Mardens that is of low cost merchandise crappy store for those unfortunate folks that scrape by to purchase low cost made in China items.

He could see those of the elderly, the sick and those as he walked by them all high and mighty, those who could barely put dinner if any on the table for their families..

And this piece of work, unappreciative low life slams and denies the very people that could use that health care expansion and others needing assistance like he got.

That alone is grounds for his removal and to not ever be representing anybody anymore.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Oh, I forgot...

...Democrat legislators wearing clown noses to a public hearing. Showing their great respect for Mainers who attended the hearing.

It is interesting that when this story went national, the comments are very supportive of our Governor and what he is trying to do.

They know what he is trying to accomplish in Augusta for the people of Maine and they wish they had a Governor like him.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Who what and when, also what were they on???????

Amedeo, please elaborate on your post. Who, was so supportive, what were they supportive of, and when did they profess this support? Also whatever they were on at the time,may be more potent than my pain medication, please disclose the source of their obvious state of delusional bliss...........

Amedeo Lauria's picture


Those who posted to the articles appear to support a Governor of a state who:

- Pulled himself up from poverty.
- Prefers not to borrow to pay debts.
- Prefers self reliance over dependency.
- Asks not what the state can do for him, but for what he can do for the state.
- Prefers to support business people rather than demonize them.
- Prefers to offer a hand instead of a handout.

I would offer more, but you really don't care to hear just a waste of time in my opinion.

I just hope there are enough Mainers left who feel the same.

I could go on and on, but feel it would be fruitless based upon the obvious distain you hold for our Governor.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

My disdain for the Governor....

My disdain for the Governor is not of my doing. The disdain was instilled in me as a result of the actions of the Governor.
Your eloquent description would indicate one of two things. I am either misinformed, for which I would apologize sincerely, or, as is most likely the case, We are not talking about the same man.
There is no way in hell, the attributes you listed above, describe Paul LePage.
I am totally disabled, I take very seriously anyone's attempt to limit any services to the poor and needy. I don't rely on LePage, or the State for that matter, but I have been in a position to truly know how it feels to need help. It's not a feeling I would wish on my worst enemy. For that reason, I feel a certain obligation to call Lepage on every one of his "Right Wing" attacks on those in need. LePage has single handidly caused the denial of services to thousands of needy, elderly and disabled people. He could care less. His most recent veto has dashed the hopes of thousands more who may have been helped. Helped in a way which would have been no skin off his back, but possibly life saving to others. His only concern is financial, as long as the rich get richer.
Is that what you would consider "lending a helping hand"? I think you need to reexamine what Paul LePage is doing to the people of Maine, people guilty of nothing more than living in a State run by a raving lunatic. Then ask yourself if that crap about,pulling himself up from poverty, or, prefers self reliance over dependency, is really what this idiot is all about.
There are many thousands of Mainers who live by the attributes you seem to feel are important, Paul LePage is definitely not one of them.....................


-Bullied others as he was

-Bullied others as he was growing up.
-Takes from the poor to give to the rich.
-Gives tax breaks to those who need it least and expects the elderly, disabled, and children to pay for it.
-Throws a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his own way.
-Demonizes schools and then takes money away from them.
-Gives a hand to the rich instead of making them pay the same as everyone else.
-Lives off a salary paid for by state money. Has health insurance paid for by state money.
-Thinks his past is an excuse for his attitude and behaviors.
-Doesn't know the meaning of the word compromise.

I would go on but those who support him don't care to hear it so it would be a waste of my time.

I hope Mainers speak loud and clear and make this man go away.

You must be rich to hold him in such high esteem.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

The last comment is the most telling...

the left has apparently succeeded in conveying the idea of class warfare.

In 2010 until now it is rich against poor. In 2008, it was race against race. Pretty soon Americans will wake up to this divide and conquer method of politics; if they don't it will be a sad day for our country.

We will soon become a country of people who continue to look over our shoulders instead of focusing on raising our families and pulling together as a country. I for one will not buy into that vision of America.

No, I'm not rich, far from it, I'm a citizen of this country and state who feels we have lost our way; and indeed we have.

Never let the facts stand in the way of a leftist narrative.

Feelings....nothing more than feelings.


And being a veteran you get

And being a veteran you get many services that most do not. While I appreciate service to our country I cannot stay silent when this governor is throwing temper tantrums at the expense of the people of Maine.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Depends on status

Not all Vets get the same entitlements.

DAV's like myself that have a percentage of disability of over 40% receive full coverage, to whereas those of 0 to 10% may just receive a monthly compensation of $120, to when -- I sold weapons to extremist, Ron Reagan was in it was $50 a month...But Ronnie boy, screws us Nam Vets and we were all attacked and reevaluated and nearly 70% of us, according to my VA Marine gunnery sergeant rep--- had it reduced to 0%.

It wasn't until Obama came in with the assistance of support from a Bush appointed Repub Sec of Def Gates, did we get re-evaluated. So I went 27 years without VA benefits since I was put at 0%. To now the damage to my leg attributed to my spine, which has multiplied 10 fold from the damaged leg.

So glad Ronnie is laid out for the worms...

Amedeo Lauria's picture

I went into the military during the 70s...

...when there was misplaced anger at those who answered their nation's call. I came from a middle class neighborhood, I could have sat by while others paid the price for my freedom, but didn't.

I watched as many of my peers left our country for Canada, only to be pardoned by President James Earl Carter. He said this was to heal America, funny...I don't remember any of my peers rising from the grave under his "healing pardon."

I also got to watch TV and listen to a Hollywood actress, who I won't dignify to name provide aid and comfort to the enemy. Who is the darling of the left and their causes.

I'm glad you appreciate my service and the service of others, part of that appreciation is displayed by the benefits received by those who served. I'm glad I still have my arms, legs, and despite the unkind comments of some here, my mind. Many who served were not so fortunate. I am sure anyone of which would trade their condition for their "benefits."

Many conservatives wish that the Governor would tune things down a bit, but that is easy to say when you don't have to deal with the political climate in America and Augusta today. A climate where win-win is no longer and option, but the bloggers stir the pot and flock to shout their latest political victory from every electronic hilltop in the most crude manner.


And yet from my understanding

And yet from my understanding Lepage did not serve....I once took a class on being tactful...he is in serious need of that class and until he gets some help for his anger issues the people of the state would be much better served to have someone else as governor. Someone who isn't throwing a temper tantrum every day. As an Independent voter I would like him gone. This has nothing to do with party politics...this has to do with what is best for Maine people.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Needs to read the correct books or try...

How to Win Friends & Influence People: Dale Carnegie ...

or "Art of War" SunTzu...


“Even the finest sword plunged into salt water will eventually rust.”

And LePage is not sharp enough to be classified as a sword.....

Military failed him...
He couldn't pass the piss test...he liked his pot too much....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Flip Flops

Never let the facts stand in the way of a rights narrative also...

You get your SS, so you don't care about others losing theirs, or going to the private market?

You or your party doesn't care that Public schools monies are being allocated to Charters so that the rich that do the investing, with its double returns in 10 years, off of the backs, monies of the taxpayers, whose children will never set foot into those Charter but only privileged ones.

CEO's are 400 times what workers are paid today, Profit shares are off the scales....

So your class warfare Tbagger rhetoric is plain crap....

Amedeo Lauria's picture


Many entered the Charter School movement to raise up the academics in our inner city areas. Look at the areas that are trying the hardest to start these schools. The union mantra is that these schools will destroy education in America, competition has given this country the highest standard of living in the world. It will do the same for education.

Many people confuse charter schools with private educational academies that restrict enrollment; it is a false argument put forth by teacher's unions. Especially here in Maine ANY family will be given a voucher to be able to shop for the best education for your child.

I've known men and women who owned companies, they work longer hours and harder to keep their dream alive and they SHOULD reap the benefits. We don't live under least not yet.

I will not even comment on your disgusting last comment. Rude and crude and unworthy of response.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Sorry Bucky

Your troopers put those Tbags on their Tri-hats hats and on their jackets....I didn't create the vision, your party did...according to Freedom Works that 60% of Repubs are of the tbagger family...

You need VIDEO for bought it, you wear it....

You see, you assimilate it to the sexual term, so you have the issue, not me pal....

Your Charter vouchers are robbing peter to pay paul for those that are selected for those schools and those same monies are being taken from the public school coffers. Whereas those public schools are not having the funds to commit to the greater good of the majority again creating separation.. Next thing you will want is taxpayers monies to fund religious schools also...
OH Wait, your favorite guv has proposed that also.

The rich want to make profits, so be it, use their own goddam money for the ROI for their own tax evading off shore accounts that you probably approve of, since you voted for Robme to....

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

In addition

-Believes in nepotism at a higher pay than those that have the trained experience.

-Believes that intimidation and fear works to his favor.

-Believes in insulting others, organizations and people-- not winning any friends or support from his own party.

- Believes in embarrassing the state of Maine and its people for gaining on his own personal personification.

We had a boss just like him for 4 years, with his minions pushing his same bullying, intimidating, insulting, fear tactics, yelling, screaming, stomping out of conferences, meetings and his own members that paid his salary.

Election time came-- he had his ass handed to him with his minions;-- with a 3 to 1 vote from 6000 members.

The guy is toast, just like our old boss...and deserves so...

Catherine Pressey's picture

Clown noses?

Not sure what you talking about. But you see that comments from legislators, gave the Governor supportive backing, you see they all want the same thing when it comes to paying the bills, however not on the backs of the very poor nor the towns, seems the Democrats came up with a good idea that will work, and all LePage can do is WAH WAH about, its not my toy and I only play the game the way I want to play it. And the Bully is cutting the tax payers throats. They know as you say what he is trying to accomplish. Mostly for himself, not for the people in the way he is trying to take it. His message is lost in his child like tantrum behavior. Period, from him there is no justice and dignity for all.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Pad up the rooms, the crazies have left the station---

Man, if you claim that so many of your kind are in support of an out of control, unstable, anger management delusional person and I could go on----then you are all in dire need of counseling about backing or closely supporting any type of person with those calibers of traits and behavior...

In essence it doesn't say much about your kind and the party of NO-- when you follow a loony toon.....

But truly we love knowing that many whack a doodles like you all, stick together despite the writing on the wall of this man's shortcomings...

Jacqueline Libby DeLasso's picture


Well they should be careful for what they wish for....if they had to put up with his tirades, and bullying they would think twice..just saying!

Amedeo Lauria's picture

True...but I guess we do already put up with it...

...just think, if he was in the current administration in Washington he could have the IRS audit me if I spoke out.

Please, what a bunch of leftist baloney!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Ah Oui`

The babble of deflection of an irrelevant nature--but had this been a Bush admin, this would not be an issue with you, at all but so profound it would've been the typical Exec Privilege swaray---righty hypocrite....


Clown noses in public versus

Clown noses in public versus throwing a temper tantrum and threatening...hmmm let me see...equal weight....I think NOT. And the clown noses didn't stop work from being done.

 's picture

Moving to Florida...

...would be an improvement - but probably still too close.

FRANK EARLEY's picture

Has anyone ever seen????????????

Has anyone ever seen the episode of "Mash", where The actor Harry Morgan plays a General who arrives to inspect the troops. He is slowly seen for what he really is, a Blooming Idiot, Wacko. The episode then goes on to figure out a way to beak the news to the General himself. As bizarre as his actions are, he has no idea someone left the garage door open, and his sanity escaped.
We are at that point now. I would be curious to see just how long the powers that be, allow this farce to continue. We are talking about a State we all have a lot invested in, Democrat or Republican or Independent. We can't allow this guy to destroy what little we have left. It's quite obvious that he is incapable of performing his duties as Governor. I feel a thorough psychological exam should be ordered.
His actions affect everyone, which ever side of the isle your on. The longer he's allowed to continue, the more he destroys. I'm just afraid his volatility will explode and someone will get hurt. He's itching for a fight, If he can't find one he'll create his own.
He is not normal, it's not just funny any more................

Catherine Pressey's picture

Not Normal, and not funny

Did anyone ever hear the song their coming to take me away, to the funny farm. Yep! He is not normal and he is scary and I do believe he should get help. I agree with you Frank the volatility is frightening, I would worry about someone like him owning a gun. And guess what he is the Governor, Republicans should be concerned about his behavior I have a sense that this is just going to get worse. Unless something is done to get him help. Power and Greed and all that made this man poor on the streets to the Blaine House. Yes it's not funny any more....... your so right. They need to get him help, or someone may get hurt. cjp opinion, mine.


He DOES have a gun AND a

He DOES have a gun AND a concealed weapons permit.....and in my opinion he is a danger to himself and others

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

In reverse--

I think the gun could be an asset...they do have a tendency to accidentally discharge-- as he does drinks heavily and may use it to scratch his head....

David  Cote's picture

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Yes, Frank..."I'm General Steele, that's with three "E's" not all in a row." "Dance your feet on the Mississippi mud." Classic! Good reference and thanks for the midday chuckles!

Jason Theriault's picture

Once he was demoted

Once he was demoted to Colonel and changed his name to Potter he was all better.

Jacqueline Libby DeLasso's picture

Moving out of State House

Well once again our illustrious Governor is acting like the 2 year old temper tantrum throwing pompous child that he has certainly become known for! Really? A fricking TV????? People in lewiston with no homes, would love a TV...people in Oklahoma wished they had the luxury..of having a home never mind a TV.....this man needs to go..never mind moving out of the State house...just move out of office!!!! He is shameless, and an embarrassment to our state... and has been since day ashamed. Sadly the whole country sees his constant embarrassing tirades, sounds like someone needs to.grow up and stop being a ridiculous pathetic child, just saying

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


I have been on Huffington and other sites and you see those that are also highly embarrassed and want to see him go---they state they are Republicans also--where in later post and current those same people are really who they say by reading other posts by them on other issues.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

On the flip side

Let's be honest here folks. Being that we are all adults in the room, if this had been done by a Dem, Ind, or anybody (child) this would be viewed as a behavioral disorder, very unprofessional display, bad choice and way of decision making and embarrassing for Maine.


LePage said he would continue to meet with Mainers around the state and that his staff would continue to work from the offices at the State House "until such time as the partisan leaders of the Legislature choose to evict them.”

I'm he staying or leaving?? I would gladly help him pack if he would move far away from the state of Maine..

As far as having a TV in the waiting would be different if he wasn't using it to take the place of his big mouth. He acts so much like a child, and a bully at's and embarrassment for the state..I like the idea of counting down the days till his dead ass is out of office..I hope that he paid for that out of his pocket..

I wish he would just do like that other Governor did in Alaska....Quit!!!!! Enough is enough... His actions are not doing anything constructive for the state of Maine except to make for good bathroom reading material...and as far as him being disappointed because he feels they are trying to censor him???? someone has to keep him in his place and keep him from embarrassing us any further..when his actions make national news, it's not because they are watching him because he is doing or saying something great, but they are waiting to see what the BS he is trying to pull now!!

I think he is doing all of this stupid stuff mainly for attention, and if his wife would pay more attention to him, maybe he would stop...his actions are too much like a child not getting his way...who raised this idiot anyway??? They did a poor job at it..

Jason Theriault's picture

Uhh Linda

You do realize he ran away from an abusive father and grew up on the streets?

Not somthing I would really attack.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Him and

Many million others...too.

Still is not an excuse to behave or be in that type of position, period.

I knew Pauline Collins and Ed, that took him off the streets--gave him a good home--with high moral family values. All he did was continue in his bad behavior, bullying, drinking and a whole lot more. I worked with Jimmy their son and know about him, his character and he delusional antics.

My mom was Paulines best friend for over 25 years--at their camp at Tacoma lake, my little brother practically lived there with the Collins during the summers for years...

This guy had it better than the other 17 or so of his siblings and he kick that in their faces too...

Please this guy is a walking accident looking for a place to crash...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

It she was here today

Pauline if she were here today after 20 years would be pulling her hair out---not expecting less, with this guys actions and treatment to others.


We all have things in our

We all have things in our past that we would rather not have had happen. It is NOT an EXCUSE for bad behavior. I am so tired of him using that. There comes a point in time when you just need to get over it and move on and if you can't do that then you need to get professional help to deal with the emotional issues.

David  Cote's picture


From what I see, LePage has set himself up to be a one termer. It seems by design. He certainly doesn't appear to be very happy in his post. And besides, when, (hopefully), Mike Michaud announces he's running for the Blaine House then the writing will be on the wall. Michaud will garner the usual Democratic votes, the majority of the undeclared voters and the majority of the veteran's vote. In a two person race it should look like Michaud 67% to LePage's 33%. It's a no-brainer for Mike if he chooses to run.

 's picture

How about...

...a half-termer.


Unfortunately there cannot be

Unfortunately there cannot be a 3 person race for governor or LePage may just win again. It has been suggested that Senator Snowe oppose Lepage in a primary and then let there be a 3 way race. We need this to be a one on one race if Lepage is running for another term to ensure he gets voted out which is definitely what needs to happen. And while we are at it we need to hold the republicans in the House and Senate responsible as well for standing behind such childish behavior.

David  Cote's picture

Don't be so sure, Tina...

In my mind, there's a big difference between seeing Mike Michaud's name as opposed to seeing Libby Mitchell's name on a gubernatorial ballot. The 2010 election was a bummer for me. I didn't care for any of the choices. I've been hoping for a while Michaud would run, and being an undeclared voter, I'm sure there are others like me who feel the same. Plus don't underestimate the veteran's vote. Mike has done yeoman's work for our veterans through his time in office. Michaud is strong enough to stand strong in a three person race. In a perfect scenario, Michaud would run for Governor, Cutler would run for congress and LePage would return to the private sector where he really needs to be.


And the reality is that

And the reality is that Cutler already declared and I don't see him changing his mind. We also need to change the laws so that it takes 50% +1 vote to be governor and we surely need a recall system. This state is going to lose so much if we continue to let Mr. (and I use that term loosely) LePage stay in office even for the remainder of his term. And for all those on the LePage is God bandwagon I know many that voted for him and they wish he would just go away. He is proving to be nothing but an embarrassment to this state and its people. While I support what he did in regards to domestic violence I say he is not the right person to be its spoke person because with all these little temper tantrums that he has had he is just like any other domestic abuser...he is abusing the people of the State of Maine and should be criminally held responsible for this. He is intimidating to all, bullies all that do not agree with his words or actions, threatens people if he doesn't get his way, and is holding what Maine people voted for hostage....almost sounds like what my ex-husband did to me before he was arrested for domestic violence and terrorizing.

Catherine Pressey's picture

God LePage he is not.

I totally agree with your take on him being a spokesmen for domestic violence. Funny each time I see him throw a tantrum I would swear he is the my ex-husbands brother. And he was abusive too! Now that he has power, he cares not what the people want. Nor do those Republicans that speak on his behalf. Darn it is not them against the other they are all, against the people. Those on the so called bottom know quite well, what the term have not means. LePage is the biggest bully that, the world can ever know. On the News, he steps forward and says do you know a good realtor, and smiles. Thinks this is a joke, people are really struggling while he does his intimidation. And tantrums.

David  Cote's picture

Even if there were a recall system...

It would be a challenge for it to be successful. Only twice in this nation's history has a governor been successfully recalled by the voters. In 1921 Lynn Frazier of North Dakota was recalled and Gray Davis of California was recalled ten years ago over the state budget. Scott Walker also lost a recall, but he wound up being impeached anyway. I don't doubt enough people would sign a petition to initiate the recall election. The first thing to do is to get a petition together for the purpose of installing a recall system in this state. Obviously this would not affect the current situation but I do believe every state should have a recall system in place for instances that warrant it.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

You are correct to a degree

A low turnout--the reasons raises questions to questioning if or any malfeasance or illegal wrong doings--voters are turned off by the taxpayers money being spent---


In 2011, there were at least 150 recall elections in the United States. Of these, 75 officials were recalled, and nine officials resigned under threat of recall.

David  Cote's picture

And Jerry...

I wish to offer my sincerest remembrance in honor of, and for your Dad this Memorial Day. Give him a thank you from me, will ya? And thank you as well.


JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Monsieur, I think him daily and at night as well of others. Today and this weekend makes a heart break a remembrance of many---from my lost champion show dog and companion-- AKA --Cash -- Myamars Secret Funds --my prize winning Doberman that marks 14 years today of leaving me. To follow sadly my moms 5th year of passing on her birthday tomorrow of all days that I miss so dearly...

For all of those as well that have done their service to this great country and have done the same, my thanks and condolences to those good folks...


David  Cote's picture

You are correct, sir...

I did notice those #s. Mostly on the municipal level, I believe. Still, the deed here is for someone who wants to see a change to take the initiative and start a petition with the purpose of placing the recall question on a referendum ballot. This really needs to happen.



Means each side gets part of what it wants - in this case all off what it wants.

LePage and his Republican sock puppets get the hospital bill paid. A good idea since federal money kicks in to help once state money is committed.

The Democrats get Medicaid expanded to cover 70,000 more Mainers thus reducing the chance of running up a bunch of unpaid medical bills by uninsured poor people who have the chutzpah to get sick. How dare they! Furthermore the Medicaid is 100% paid the first three years and no less than 90% thereafter for ten years.

What part of a good deal don't the sock puppets and their bullyboy get?

It's time for LePage to get the bit about the TV - it's not supposed to be sitting in the hall spouting Republican messages. That is the rule of a bipartisan committee.

But he's not getting his way - Did he lie on the floor, scream and kick is feet? That would have been great video.

Yet another reason being a businessmen does not qualify a person to be Governor - or anything else in the State House. They're way too used to getting their own way and firing those who disagree.

Jason Theriault's picture

New Poll is out

Cutler in the lead in a three man race....

529 days to go.....

It makes sense for LePage to start packing now, saves him some time during the busy holiday season next year.

David  Cote's picture


Does this mean he's ready for the rinse cycle?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Don't change that dial--

I missed one-- he is in the spin cycle and making everyone dizzy--lol

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Dave, he is past the rinse cycle-- He is on his way, going down the drain off to the septic where all the waste belongs.

Good one..

As long as the mouth is open and gets the benefits of the wash and rinse cycle..LOL

David  Cote's picture

However, a step was skipped during the process...

No one bothered to add softener to the load...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Off topic

Dave, did you ever find out from your wife about her knowing Colleen Carney??

David  Cote's picture

Off topic, part deux...

Yes, Jerry. My wife knows of Colleen but has not met her. She believes she works where my wife works.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


They are dear close friends of mine and I will see them in August for our 40th reunion...thks

David  Cote's picture

My bad Jerry...

I forgot to ask her...But I will tonight. Sorry about that.


what idiots says Lepage

Remember the term Lepage used for protesters, Now the issue is on the other foot. So is he what he called those before, I think he is just a spoiled brat as his history shows that quite eloquently.

Steve  Dosh's picture

LePage says he will move governor's office from State House

. w t h ¿ 19:00 Thursday
When i first read this headline i thought your governor was moving out of Blaine House ( what ever it's called ) in what would have been a farily straight forward and possibly astute move to save taxpayer money , or something . . or other
Wrong • 
He's moving further - in to - Blaine House . Heavy nesting season ? Gonna' pull the shades and close the windows ? Celler dweller ? Is someone really tapping your phone ?
i bet he receives coded messages from Mars through the fillings in his teeth Yeah , that's the ticket . Area 54 . Hahahahah !
This guy's elevator really doesn't go up to the top floor , does it . ..
What next , Mssr. Napoleon ? Steve

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

The buffoon makes Maine a joke for the Nation

He is a total embarrassment for Lewiston and Maine...

Since Maine has not paid federal taxes in more than 4 decades - and since Maine currently gets $1.41 in federal dollars for each dollar the pay to the federal government - a 40% return -- how can they have any financial problems?

And for the class-challenged boorish LePage - since you have no money on the table - you have no right to comment on national health care reform - 35,000 Americans die needlessly every year for lack of health insurance - 500,000 died waiting for Republicans in Congress to do something - anything - in the 14 years after they killed health care reform in 1994 - and Republicans did nothing -- or really comment on anything having to do with the nation the rest of us pay to run.

No more representation without taxation.

 's picture

Just More Bread and Circus

The basic problem. The Dems are deadbeats. And any distraction will do just fine to help them get the focus off the fact that they refuse to pay bills due and payable for years.

Most Maine people pay their bills. Some, about 2 percent, do not. The 2 percent lack the moral fiber to own up to their responsibilities. In other words, they lack integrity.

What a way to go through life. Legislators are supposed to be community leaders. What an example they are setting.

Catherine Pressey's picture

Community Leaders:

And Responsibility hum! Bob Stone the deadbeat here is our Governor clearly he is the one holding up our state to embarrassment and like a lame Duck ass that he is. He refuses to understand what a Governor is supposed to do. One he is not the CEO of the state of Maine he is supposed to work with all those Dems that you insult. Guess he has your attitude as well. As far as moral fiber, now here in the great state of Maine we have a Governor with no moral fiber that is more than slightly off bubble. Out of balance with any integrity Gov. Paul LePage, thinks he owns the state so it is his way or, WAH WAH and storms out of meetings. Where he has no right to try to bully his opinions into the committee's, while as a governor he can not sway or inject his agenda. He is the one that is holding up any progress, as for the TV quite frankly I think he once again shows what a child he is. Apparently he stopped maturing at the age he became homeless. Hey I got a great Idea if he wants a move I vote to impeach the ass. Bully that I would not let own a firearm. Legislators are working for all the people NOT Gov. LePage and his agenda period. Deadbeats are what you call republicans that would rather go down with the ship than to take a bucket and bail out the water coming in. Your basic problem is your opinion and yaw got that right. lol Me too! cjp yep!

 's picture

When are the Democrats going to pay the hospitals?

That is the question. A deadbeat is a person who doesn't pay his/her bills. Other terms are: Delinquent, late, scofflaws. Some of the items on the overdue bill are six years old or so. You can bring up all the excuses, bread and circus and accusations you want, but I would like to know when people like Peggy Rotundo, Margaret Craven, Brian Bolduc, Mike Carey, Mike Lajoie and Nate Libby are going to pay their bills.

Was their a problem with the services rendered by the hospitals? Was the care given sub-standard?

The melded bill has been vetoed, and quite properly. Time to buck up and pay the overdue bill, Democrats. If they have any integrity, they will tend to their delinquent bills.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Short memory, but once again from iIna

The Dems DID vote to pay the
By Tina Hutchinson, verified user — Thu, 05/23/2013 - 20:34
The Dems DID vote to pay the hospital bill. They DID vote to expand medical coverage. LePage is the one stopping the payment. He is the one taking time away from other things by throwing his temper tantrums. But then again, he has insurance paid for by the state. He gets a paycheck paid for by the state.

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Steve  Dosh's picture

Bob , Dead beats ? Them's

Bob , Dead beats ? Them's ƒighting words ! :D
Naah . The GOP just says no . We are the party of " Just say Mo ."
Most Maine people are Democrats . They dance , play , laugh , form and join social groups , eat healthy , drive Priuses ® and Subarus ® , enjoy music and pay the piper , regularly . They are not to be labeled " The Deadbeat Club " ( a song by the B52's , a rock group in 1980 -- the first openly gay - lesbian rock group in the U S A )
Dems are not undereducated , overweight & cynical , sarcastic + bigoted gun toting old male white coots who drive ' pick me up ' trucks and swill beer
We don't believe you are either
In fact , we are all in the 99 % We are white , black , brown , yellow ( asians ) , olvie skinned ( Bangaladesh or India ) , red ( indian ) Americans and there is choke room under our tent for more of US . Some of us are overweight , HAhHAHah ! We are the majority and proud to be American
Your governor is a mentally challenged TV watching bully who needs to step down . He's blocking the way
Maine Republicans ( on the federal level ) are rather foolish for not pressing for and accepting US money for more affordable health care , B I W contracts , federal reconstruction and rehabilitation money for bridge and road repairs for the Great State of Maine
It's going elsewhere right now . That's politics . hth ? /s Steve


The Dems DID vote to pay the

The Dems DID vote to pay the hospital bill. They DID vote to expand medical coverage. LePage is the one stopping the payment. He is the one taking time away from other things by throwing his temper tantrums. But then again, he has insurance paid for by the state. He gets a paycheck paid for by the state.

Amedeo Lauria's picture

Hmmm, let's recap...

A tempest in a teapot about a Labor mural...a judge rules against them.

The "Open for Business" sign is stolen from its place on I95.

The left proposed legislation to take away the Governor's pension.

The left proposed legislation to sell the Blaine house.

The Democrat Chair of a legislative committee refuses to let the Governor of our state give testimony at a public hearing.

The left sends a paparazzi to chase after the Governor.


The Governor puts up a TV in a doorway alcove, outside his office, reminding the legislature of its budget responsibility to Mainers.

OMG our Governor is out of control Seriously?!?!!?

Steve  Dosh's picture

Amedeo ? " The left sends a

Amedeo ? " The left sends a paparazzi to chase after the Governor. " Hahah
Q: How'd you come up wiith this one ?
We'd like to see the pictures , too , HahHAhahh !
Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you
Seriously ?  / s, Steve ;)

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

In Contrast;

The left sends a paparazzi to chase after the Governor.
They are called trackers, whereas all sides of the aisle share that duty to hired help for years.
Had you ever been involved with a political campaign you would know that, or seen on TV other trackers share that job.

The "Open for Business" sign is stolen from its place on I95.

How in the hell is that anyones fault but the person(s) that removed it?

The Gov has no privilege to walk up to any committee and ad hoc unless he has a seat on said committee. If that shoe was o the other foot the same would be said.

The Gov had (A) one, unanimous letter of a complainer and he removed it where it has been a part of labor history of Maine on the Property of the people, not LePages property... Heil....

Right there you lost your comparisons. You have as much idiot tactics on your side also, so step off your soap box.

Yes you are correct he is out of control with actions like a child, screaming, storming out of meetings with so much more....that is the true signs of an UNSTABLE person....It was Stalinist in so many ways...

Catherine Pressey's picture


FOR SURE NEXT THING you will see, a huge billboard lite up counting down those days. I vote Stalinist, NO Hitler yes. Hope he does not own a gun, scary thought.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

He carrys

That is why all agree that BG investigations need to also focus and put into law prevention of mentally unstable people like LePage.

Since the NRA is in agreeance to implement mentality instability of users or potential buyers, Lepage would be their poster tantrum child for the billboards--just like the show meth users before and after.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Jer ? You nailed it , again

Jer ? You nailed it , again •
Amadeo ( and Bob & Mark Gavel ) can - a l w a y s - enjoy their liberal L S J ® newpaper provided virtual soap box ƒreely , right after they falls off their high horses ?
How's the weather up they'ya ?
/s, Steve <-- not an endorsement

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

It comes with the territory...

Being a union carpenter for nearly all my working days, I have learned to swing a mean hammer with a very hard nail set. Although my real skillset is being a creator of fine woodwork and craftsmanship of smooth eloquent work pieces. So I guess I could be considered a piece of work myself...LOL

I have some great work pieces of display cases at the Mayo Plummer Bldg Museum--Dead Doc's Society room and also in the subways of the Mayo Clinic across from the cafeteria and the Gonda Bldg. Mayo has their own cabinet--woodwork shop -- we (my Union Brothers) have done and still do--some elaborate woodwork to match and keep the nostalgic beautiful decor of the Mayo facility. I miss those days-- still spend time in my Carpenters shop and do so furniture making and other items of interest. Spend most of my time renovating our home since I retired, keeping the wife happy with the new decor and woodwork--but more time here since I threw out my back and have to take things in stride.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Whom ever

You are and we have a very good idea, of who...if all you know how to do is mark each reply with your Disagree---on personal discussions--you have some serious issues and need to seek some counseling. Nobody loves you but maybe Christ and he is having his doubts too...


It's probably someone acting

It's probably someone acting on LePage's orders. LOL just shows that ignorance is why we are in this position now.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


If you did notice that the disagree mark is gone?

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

That is OK...

The SJ -- IT Dept can verify, qualify and track each footprint of users...were that has been pointed out....

I use to catch many of those types of users on our systems and Wham-O...Bye-bye...

This certain individual is what I coined years back in my IT days for the 150 users I maintained....MEU ( pronounced me-you) meaning -------Moron End User-------


AL PELLETIER's picture


Any chance we can move the Blaine House to Florida with him in it?

Jacqueline Libby DeLasso's picture


What did Florida do to deserve that? lol! I would not wish this buffoon on any other state in our country.....he ought to go back on the streets from whence he came...seeings though he likes to use his crappy childhood as an excuse for being a jack wagon....enough already..put on your big boy bvd's and grow up already there Guv...Florida don't need yer BS anymore than we do...oh this is not against you Mr. Pelletier, just at "Himself" lol!

Steve  Dosh's picture

. . AL ? HAhahHAh ! Flori

. . AL ? HAhahHAh ! Flori - duh ? Yeah , big , F A T chance ! Like in the movie " Up " He can provide the hot air
We love your sense of humor
Blaine House . It sounds like it was built as a demo unit by a major appliance or cabinet maker or someone. .or other
i bet you dollars to donuts that yourHon . Gov. Paul Lepage regularly sampled the paste in grade school and sniffed glue as a child
Whadaya' think ? ./s , Steve :)


First...who paid for the

First...who paid for the tv?
Second....who gave the governor the right to put it in a common area where many groups get permission to hold events?
Third....he needs a timeout in the corner for having a temper tantrum
Fourth....he doesn't talk to the people he bullies and threatens much for transparency
Fifth....doesn't a person have to be an adult to be governor?

David  Cote's picture

He needs a lot more than a time out...

He needs to understand his overall roll as a governor of this state. Governors should be diplomatic, even keeled and receptive to every resident of the state he or she serves, and listen, with thoughtfulness and respect, to every idea and suggestion presented by those residents. There's no room for anger or strong armed tactics. That type of demeanor belongs in the movies, (reference the 1949 film "All the King's Men" starring Broderick Crawford). When I think of the word "governor", I think back to the days of Joe Brennan, who I thought was a fantastic leader. He was an everyman's person who was a regular Joe without the abrasiveness. He had moxie and swagger and a rock solid demeanor. But he never insulted anyone and listened to those who proposed their ideas to him. He also shoots a good game of pool. I also think of Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts who show exceptional leadership through the recent tragedy during the Boston Marathon. It is simply about respect. Governor LePage should be able to show respect to those he comes in contact with. It's in the job description. You disagree with a view then offer your take, but in respectful tones. Be a man about it.

David  Cote's picture


Did I actually type the word "roll" instead of "role?" Must be because it's getting near lunch time.

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Do you have

Google Chrome installed? If you use it as your default internet window-- it highlights grammar and words for spell check-- for quick reference to correct.

David  Cote's picture

Yeah, I'm a chromer...

I really did have lunch on my mind when I typed that. Still, better I use my PC rather than my smartphone for this. My fingers are too fat for the mini keyboard...

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

Its "O tah"

As Buckwheat would say-- we all have our minds type how we didn't want it to look like...My problem is spell check and quickly accidently select the other than what it was to be.

We are only human, except Bob--who is infatuated with the Disagree radio button.

Steve  Dosh's picture

. Tina ! 21:00 hst Thursday

. Tina ! 21:00 hst Thursday ( atill ) Full Moon
Welcome to our little " Dems " ( ^^ quoting Bob ^^ above ) mutual admiration society
Answers : 1 ) You did , 2 ) He , his heavily armed ( with concealed weapons ) guards and Maine state police protective detail , himself , and not me , you or your local TV installer , 3 ) Sí , sí , señorita , 4 ) Uh huh , 5 ) Yes . in theory , er > 18 years old , non - felon , no prior his story of mental illness , delusions of grandeur , oedipal or Napoleon complexes . Just the other day were saying , " If it looks like a duck , walks like a duck , quacks like a duck. ." We are drawing up the short list of candidates for " The Darwin Awards , 2 0 1 3 ." #1 " Agitated Lepage " Sounds good •  Correct me if i am wrong , Claire . btw - Let's just not break our arms patting our selves on the back , okay ? /s , Steve , HI :) The sweet jasmine tonight smell delightful here . .

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture


Throws a tantrum and grabs his toys and storms home for mom's milk... Johnnie Walker Red.......

Jason Theriault's picture

Is that a DVD player?

Seriously, what's stopping anyone from ejecting the disc and throwing in a prono?

That's why there are rules. Because if you just do stuff and don't think it through, you get unintended incidents.

 's picture




Please not in my back yard

Stuff like this used to come from the Ozarks. It would be hilarious if was the governor of another state putting on this show. Just to make it more fun the democrats could put one of those rolling neon signs outside the Blaine House that says how many days until we get a new governor.

 's picture

Any Chance?

Of the Gov stopping by 1600 Penn Ave there is an office there that also needs relocating!

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

So do other Tbaggers

Ted Cruz: 'I Don't Trust The Republicans' (VIDEO)

JERRY ARIPEZ's picture

It appears

that 51% of the country would disagree with you too...

Electoral Votes
62,611,250 Popular Votes

Electoral Votes
59,134,475 Popular Votes


JERRY ARIPEZ's picture count

Popular Vote:51%/62,615,406

Popular Vote:48%/59,142,004

Isn't this a breach of our statute?

If I am not mistaken under MRSA Title 2 section 1 it states "The Governor shall have his official residence at Augusta during his term of office, and shall keep his office at the State House open for the transaction of the business of the State during all normal working hours of the State House."

Here is the link to the statute:

Jason Theriault's picture


It's a good try, but the second part handles it:

In the absence of the Governor, his private secretary shall be in attendance and the private secretary shall devote his entire time to the duties of his office.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Cynthia , Yes ( at first

Cynthia , Yes ( at first blush ) . .and he can be impeached a lá in 2 0 1 2 . ..
The entire Maine State Goverment workers' union would be on your side , too , including his Attorney General and Inspector General , possibly , if she\he - they are Maine State Government union dues paying members
This is his , ( your Governor's ) , big problem when he alienates just about everyone in his small & discrete poltical universe
He is the CEO of Maine , they ( the employees ) are his workers and they work for and are paid for by you , the voting public
Has Governor Lepage ever been endorsed by your current and former US Senators ? One can easily imagine a scenario where Hon. Sens . Collins , Snowe & King censure ( for lack of a better word ) him and his actions publically
hth ? Steve


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