Second suspect charged in Tranten's Too armed robbery

FARMINGTON — A Vassalboro man was charged Monday on a count of felony robbery in connection to an armed robbery at Trantens Too on June 18, 2012, in Kingfield. He is the second man charged in the case.

Somerset County Jail photo

Matthew Santamore

Somerset County Jail photo

Kaleb Bowring

Matthew Santamore, 22, is accused of driving the getaway vehicle during the robbery, Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. said Tuesday.

Santamore was issued a summons on the charge at the Somerset County Jail in Madison, he said. He is serving time on a probation violation unrelated to Franklin County charges, Nichols said last week.

He has a court date set for June 12 in Farmington.

Kaleb Bowring, 20, of Madison was arrested on May 13 at the Somerset County Jail on a felony count of robbery. He is accused of robbing the store with a pellet handgun. He is also charged on a count of felony theft. About $800 was taken in the robbery.

A judge set his bail at $50,000 or $250,000 worth of property on May 14 in a Farmington court.

Bowring is currently being held on a probation revocation in Somerset County related to a conviction of theft in November, assistant district attorney Joshua Robbins told the court last week. He received a sentence of two years and 45 days, he said. Bowring began serving a six-month revocation in April at the Somerset County Jail in Madison, he said.

A conviction on the robbery charge carries up to 30 years in prison and a maximum $50,000 fine.

Maine State Police Detective Randall Keaten and Franklin County Detective Lt. David St. Laurent received confessions from Bowring and Santamore prior to the men being charged, Nichols said last week.

Keaten and St. Laurent have been conducting the joint investigation that included knocking on doors and reviewing surveillance tapes from another store in Somerset County. The two suspects were interviewed by detectives at the Madison jail.

At the time of the robbery, both suspects were living at a campsite in Embden, Nichols said.

Both admit to splitting the $800 cash from the robbery, he said.

The weapon has not been recovered.

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David Rackliffe's picture

Great cooperative effort

Great work and cooperation between the Franklin County Sheriff's and the Maine State Police in getting this case solved. Keep up the exceptional work.


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