J. Baird: Try living on fixed income

OK, enough is enough. I am referring to everyone raising rates on everything.

Lewiston raising the water rates by how much? People in the stores asking patrons can you give to this group or that group? Now, the power company wanting to raise the rate for using electricity.

I mean, really.

I would be willing to bet that probably nearly half the residents in the state are on a fixed income ... yes, fixed. That means those folks have only so much coming in each month. Income doesn't go up but the bills do.

Those people who want more money should go on a fixed income for a while. Then they would find it just doesn't go as far as they think it does.

I am tired of giving.

Judy Baird, Lewiston

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Jeff Johnson's picture

Everyone is on a fixed

Everyone is on a fixed income. Some are just fixed better than others.

Jason Theriault's picture

Electricity rates going up?

I thought the standard offer went down this year.

Anyway, if you want to save, shop around:

Anyone on the list that is a supplier supplies electricity. Now, some only deal with larger customers, but a bunch will sell to residential customers.

I use Gulf energy because they are pretty low ($.064/kWh) and they give a gas card.
FairPoint has a system where you pay the market price.

Just an fyi

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Judy, First off, you don’t


First off, you don’t have to give to charity groups. They can ask, but just say no.

As for basic living expenses like electricity and water, have you considered sharing living expenses with someone in the same situation? That is, on a fixed income and could benefit from having a roommate.

Cost of living will not be going down anytime soon, so looking at alternative living arrangements may be the only option.

RONALD RIML's picture

Mark speaks some sense here.....

(gasp, gasp, choke choke) Did I really say that???

After my 'Ex' first moved out a number of years ago, I advertised for a 'Roomie' as I had a mortgage, taxes, etc. Things fell right into place. Of course, after being in the Navy for so long, I was used to sharing my living arrangements with about the full spectrum of weird shipmates - this guy was fairly mild by comparison.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Thank you for the complement.

Thank you for the complement. It would be nice to remain, let’s say independent for lack of a better word, but there are times when sharing expenses can make the difference between misery and sanity.


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