Maine House says 'neigh' to horse slaughter

AUGUSTA — The Maine House on Tuesday took a first step toward banning commercial horse slaughter for consumption by humans.

The House voted 94-49 for a bill, LD 1286, that would make any commercial horse slaughter for human consumption illegal in the state. The legislation also would ban the construction and operation of horse slaughtering facilities and make it illegal to transport horses through the state for the purpose of slaughtering them if the final intent is to have humans eat horse meat.

The bill faces additional votes in the Senate and House before it would head to the desk of Gov. Paul LePage.

“If not for a horse, would Alexander have been the Great? Would Paul Revere had spread the word? Can you imagine the Lone Ranger on the back of a cow?” said Rep. Lisa Villa, D-Harrison. “I would dare say they are very different from your average livestock.”

The bill would make horse slaughter a civil violation. Offenders would have to pay fines between $500 and $1,000.

Rep. Donald Marean, R-Hollis, said the bill is unnecessary. There’s no evidence that horse slaughter is a problem in Maine, he said.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Gary Knight, R-Livermore Falls, who proposed a similar bill two years ago that died before it reached the House floor. During a public hearing on the bill in April, Knight said Maine has become a prime route for transporting horses into Quebec, where they’re slaughtered. From there, the horse meat is often sent to Europe and Asia, he said.

If the horse slaughter ban becomes law, Maine would join California, Illinois, Texas and other states that have similar bans in place, according to the Animal Welfare Institute.

Scott Thistle/Sun Journal

State Reps. Elizabeth Dickerson, D-Rockland, left and Lisa Villa, D-Harrison, embrace after a vote in the Maine House of Representatives on Tuesday that would prohibit the commercial slaughter of horses in the state. Villa and Dickerson spoke in favor of the measure which moves to the state Senate.

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Jeff Johnson's picture

There's room on God's green

There's room on God's green earth for all animals.... Right next to the mashed potatoes.

Seriously... it's not the government's job to tell me what I can and can't eat. If there's a market for it, why not?

There are some ethnic groups out there that eat stuff a lot more weird than horse.

Personally, I think there should be a law against lima beans.

Steve  Dosh's picture

Maine House says 'neigh' to horse slaughter

Matthew 18:18 hst ? Tuesday , King Ka'meha'meha here day in Hawai'i
. . l o l . .
" Were you raised in a barn ? "
" NåaAaahhahhah " -- in a goat's voice
" NOOoOOOoOoº• " -- like a cow or a bull . /s Steve

Thomas Hamilton's picture

Is this necessary?

Is this necessary? This is another law we the people do not need! Why can't they keep working on the important stuff?

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

“If not for a horse, would

“If not for a horse, would Alexander have been the Great? Would Paul Revere had spread the word? Can you imagine the Lone Ranger on the back of a cow?” said Rep. Lisa Villa, D-Harrison.

Literally the most childish logic I've ever heard from an adult.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Notice the D after the comma,

Notice the D after the comma, Eric.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

*more than cows. Also look at

*more than cows. Also look at those arrogant women. Essentially laughing in the faces of anybody who disagrees with them. If this was ancient Rome they'd both be thrown to the lions for putting their own interests ahead of the people they represent.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

So because these nazis like

So because these nazis like horses more cows nobody else is allowed to consume them? I think it's time to clean house.

David  Cote's picture

Nazis, dude?

Kind of a stretch, don't you think? I don't agree with a number of Democratic ideals but calling them Nazis is over the top, by a lot. I agree with their argument. Horses aren't meant to be consumed. I could never bring myself to eat horsemeat. That being said, you sound like you have a real mad on for Democrats. Why does it bother you that they share a joke? A lot of us share a joke with a friend on the job. Lighten up for crying out loud. Just make yourself a Mr. Ed and cheese sandwich on rye and wash it down with a can of Busch.

Eric  LeBlanc's picture

No worse than chowing down on

No worse than chowing down on the cow that jumped over the moon. The hypocrisy of democrats is just mind boggling. That's all. Republicans are guilty of hypocrisy too, the democrats just take it to a whole other level.

 's picture

It wasn't that long ago that

It wasn't that long ago that we used to be able to buy horse meat in a shop in Lewiston. It tasted good to me at the time.
Don't the legislators have anything better to do, than tell people what they can or can't eat or legislate items that keep some folks from earning a living.
Just stuff to ponder.


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