L. Hoy: Cascade of malfeasance

How do good people, and honorable institutions, turn bad?

Sociologist Philip Zimbardo notes in “Lucifer Effect” that “bad systems create bad institutions which create bad situations which create bad apples who create bad behaviors.”

In that statement, I see the story of the Obama administration and its relationship to the many bad apples behaving badly in its name. Federal firearms agents run guns to Mexico, seeking to discredit gun owners. Internal Revenue Service agents harass conservative groups and bully political donors. Federal attorneys pour through reporters’ phone records with misleading legal boilerplate.

Through bureaucracy after bureaucracy, faceless regime functionaries punish and intimidate innocent citizens they consider unsubmissive.

The system at the top resulted from an amalgam of Chicago-style political thuggery and shopworn leftist ideology: an unholy union of expedience and amorality.

Institutions that once governed to secure the national welfare now rule to secure the government’s power. Bad situations, from Solyndra to Benghazi, result from this unfortunate redirection of purpose.

Within those bad situations, bad apples take their cue, seize their chances to please the power czars and ideologues at the system’s top. Bad behaviors, once beyond the pale, now bring praise.

Thus, a cascade of malfeasance pours from the system’s top, corrupts instruments of governance and strangles our personal freedoms.

Finally, a startled lapdog press awakens to its own peril. It offers a pathetic little yelp as its choke collar tightens. The muzzle descends. Too late does the lapdog press rise to reassert itself as freedom’s vigilant watchdog.

Leonard Hoy, Greenwood

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 's picture

Delusional thinking is the result of expose of an uncritical

mind to propaganda.
"Federal firearms agents run guns to Mexico, seeking to discredit gun owners. Internal Revenue Service agents harass conservative groups and bully political donors. Federal attorneys pour through reporters’ phone records with misleading legal boilerplate." Who knows the motivation of Federal firearms agents? I don't. Mr. Hoy doesn't. The so-called Fast and Furious investigation by Congressman Issa failed. He found no wrong doing by anyone. Why did Fast and Furious fail - because Federal, note Federal, prosecutors concluded that the Federal firearms laws on straw purchasers (no federal agent ever ran guns to Mexico) were too weak to bring prosecutions after decades of NRA efforts to cripple the agency, its budget, and the laws it enforces.
"Internal Revenue Service agents harass conservative groups and bully political donors." Issa answered this claim last week when he said that he was "likely" to find proof - translation he's got nothing but the doctored transcipts on interviews that he released to the press and which show little or nothing. Let's not forget that this is a habit - Acorn was destroyed by doctored vidoe tapes that misrepresented their organization. An official at the Dept of Agriculture was fired after doctored video tapes were released that purported to show she was a racist. Undoctored tapes showed she was doing her job correctly. No conservative groups were harassed. Political groups applying for 504(c) exemptions were investigated along with liberal groups because its illegal for political groups to get that exemption.
Federal attorney's poured through the phone records of a few journalists in compliance with Federal law and the law was written and passed by the Republicans. Now they don't remember what was in the law.
These so-called scandals were ginned up to get the country's mind off the Mexican President's statement that 70% of illegal guns used by the drug cartels came from America and to get our minds off of the Newtown massacre and other recent mass shootings. Wonder who benefitted from that diversion.

 's picture

One person's harassment ...

The IRS sat on applications from conservative groups - in some cases, for years - while those from liberal groups zipped right through. They have acknowledged it in the typical Democrat manner: We didn't do it, and we won't do it again! (wink)

 's picture

Factually untrue

Of the three liberal groups that applied one was denied and the other two approved after a lengthy delay.
Why the lengthy delays? Citizen United. Karl Rove announced a new 504(c) group (quickly approved by the IRS) that would be able to protect secret donor's identities and spend money on political campaigns in violation of that status. A flood of conservative groups followed. At the time, Congress was cutting the IRS budget and they were laying off examiners. The IRS to ensure that they handled them properly and consistently with limited resources sorted the political groups out both conservative and liberal. They then tried to apply the Citizen United ruling to these groups. Unable to come up with a solution they passed on the decision to supervisors in Washington. It was after all a very senstive political and legal situation. They also sent letters to both conservative and liberal groups that had applied asking for additional information to determine how much political and how much social work the group was going to do. Some did not answer those letters and their applications were delayed because of their inaction. Others answered but waited for the supervisors to come up with policies that would weed out false applications. No conservative group was denied; at least one liberal group was. Most of the delay was caused by the groups themselves. A lot was bureacratic mismanagement. But partisan bias; no evidence of this at all. And Issa has confirmed that. If he had such evidence it would be all over the news. Instead he said he might get it. Six months from now who will remember that Issa owes us some evidence.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Kudos Leonard.

Kudos Leonard.

RONALD RIML's picture

Cooties, Leonard

and you also, Marcus....

MARK GRAVEL's picture

Cranky as ever!

Good to see that you can join us after your hiatus, or was that your hominoid removal?

RONALD RIML's picture

That was my DSL

Going to ZIP

 's picture

Your internet activity was always zip.

Your rest (coma?) obviously hasn't improved your commenting skills.

RONALD RIML's picture

You're a Noid.....

Obviously comment had the desired effect.......


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