G. Carrier: A recipe for tragedy

This is in response to Mark LaFlamme's "Street Talk" column, "Warm weather drivers and people who hate them," printed June 5.

Boy, did he hit the nail on the head. I witness atrocious driving on a daily basis almost the minute I pull out of my driveway. You have really got to be defensive at all times.

The problem is that just too many motorists are inattentive in this day and age. They are distracted, they speed, run red lights, are indifferent and many show a lack of knowledge about road rules. For example, how many people know that the left lane on a one-way onto a two-way street is the proper lane to be in when making a left turn? And I have actually seen people turning left on a red light.

The other morning, I was returning home from a daily walk in the country, facing traffic, and had to jump into the grass from the shoulder because a young lady with a large dog in her lap and God knows what else was coming right at me. She waved to me from her open window as she corrected and drove past.

Who knows how many other drivers and pedestrians encounter people like that and are put at grave risk?

It is a recipe for tragedy.

Gerard Carrier, Auburn

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David  Cote's picture

Good letter, Gerard...

I read this morning of a double fatal on RTE 3 east of Augusta. A driver traveling eastbound crossed the center line, struck a Togus police car on the left rear then struck a second car traveling westbound head-on. No issues with the weather, unless the rising sun played a factor in this. All drivers were traveling alone. The only survivor of the three was the person in the Togus police car. Unless the eastbound driver suffered a medical emergency I would suspect he or she may have been distracted. If that's the case then that person not only cut their own life short, but the life of another person in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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