R. Gagne: Historic structures define community

This is in response to Sun Journal online commentators who disagreed with my letter (June 10) regarding the preservation of St. Joseph's Church.

Lewiston and Auburn have distinct and unique features that define them. To keep their identities intact, one must look at how preservation can maintain their sense of place and continuity.

The Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lewiston is a prime example of preserving a historic structure. It helps to define Lewiston and its past, not to mention that it is arguably the most outstanding feature of the city's skyline.

I cannot imagine anyone suggesting it be demolished for some commercial use.

Richard Gagne, Auburn

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 's picture

Mr Gagne -

Come to Waterville and gaze at the hole in the ground that used to be St. Francis.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

First, St. Joseph's is no St.

First, St. Joseph's is no St. Peter and Paul.

Second, I'm having difficulty getting past the hypocrisy in this whole debate. Each and every individual in protest over razing St. Joseph's has not lifted one finger to financially support the crunch while it was in fair shape.

Yet there seems to be a number of individuals that want to save the crunch now, now at someone else's expense. Isn't that hypocrisy at its finest?

Lewiston's largest employer...

As Lewiston's largest employer, the people probably expected more than a parking lot.

It is human nature to expect that from our betters, our leaders.

MARK GRAVEL's picture

As one of Lewiston’s largest

As one of Lewiston’s largest employers, they have the upper hand in this negotiation. CMMC is a business. Yet another reason why business may want to not set up shop in Lewiston or even Maine.

Business friendly.

Interesting you should mention this. New Hampshire has done much to create a business-friendly climate, and is doing pretty well considering its lack of SeaCoast and other resources. The companies there seem to appreciate this and give back.

Like Brady-Sullivan which bought the old St. Anne's church, repaired it and donated it to the NH Institute of Art.

St. Anne's, like St. Joseph's was born in the crucible of the Know-Nothing Era.

Brady-Sullivan has a way different approach than CMMC.


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